Last Week’s Workouts

Last week’s workouts saw another step in returning to running post PF.  I was able to bump up my mileage and run back to back days.  Way back in early September I was hoping to run a race over the weekend but with both kids having sports at the same time on Sunday, it wasn’t possible.  That’s ok.  There’s other races that I have my eye on this fall.  I’m excited to see what’s to come!


20 minutes Arc Trainer, 10 minutes Stepmill

Strength training:

DB bench press

Cable flys

Cable bicep curls

DB pullovers

DB rows

TRX tricep ext

TRX single leg squats

Hip thrusters

Single leg squats off bench

Lunge matrix with KB clean

TRX mountain climbers

TRX oblique climbers


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

5.1 mile run, 8:50 avg/pace, 251 ft elev gain

Progression run, 9:15, 9:03, 8:45, 8:21, 8:54

I was short on time so I tried to drop the pace 15-20 seconds each mile and used the last mile as a cool down.


30 minutes Elliptical

Strength training:

Bench press

Rope tricep ext

Rope bicep curl

Lat pull down

Single arm cable row

Squat press

Single leg squats

Single leg step ups

Single leg deadlift

Banded bridge

Med ball toss

Plank matrix


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

5.7 mile run, 9:05 avg/pace, 398 ft elev gain

I met up with Kailey and Kyle for easy miles in the morning.  It was great to introduce two of my BRF’s.  Hopefully we can get more miles in together.  Because we are stronger together, right? 😉


Rest day!


10 mile run, 9:00 avg/pace, 447 ft elev gain

I was kind of shocked at how warm it was this morning.  Temps were near 70 degrees but zero humidity.  It was quite breezy as Kyle and I started off with a headwind that had took our breath away at times.  Kyle let me choose the run so of course I picked a hilly route.  I did give her the option of hills at the beginning or the end.  She chose beginning so it was smooth sailing after the half way mark.

The things I ask my running buddies to do post run. #sorry

My heel felt great during the run but afterwards it was tight.  I stretched a bit before heading out the door to meet friends for apple picking.  I will admit that I had planned on doing more rolling and stretching once we got back home but I took a nap instead.  I was tired!


4 mile recovery run

I woke up to 45 degrees! It’s crazy what a difference in temperature.  I pulled out long sleeves and gloves but couldn’t say good bye to shorts just yet.  If it’s below 40, then maybe I’ll put capris on.  And that’s a big maybe.  My legs like to breathe!

I kept the pace easy and light to celebrate another successful week in running.

Linking up with Hoho and Wendy for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

20 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I went back and forth on shorts v capris this morning too. Glad I ended up in the capris for the walk from the train home via errands. Would have been a bit too chilly in shorts. Congrats on the healing heel

  2. Glad to hear you’ve been able to keep PF quiet. It really is the worst.

    Enjoy your cooler temps! I am too! Now if I could have that spring in my step back please…

  3. Back to back running days is awesome! I think you’ve kicked that PF to the curb. You know, I’ve never been apple picking. It’s on my bucket list. 😉 I love that you make your friends do weird things after a run…like jump. I make mine wave into my mailbox. LOL. Thanks for linking!

  4. Whoop! What a great week! I love your Thursday comment – we are definitely stronger together. That’s one of the biggest reasons I love running with others – I find 1) it’s harder to pull out of a run when you know others are waiting for you, and 2) it’s so much more fun and 3) I just seem to push harder.

  5. Ha – we were at 44 degrees when I set out yesterday and I was in two long sleeve tops and long capris!!

    I love what you make your running buddies do. Now I do my weekly wrap, I insist on forcing mine to take random photos and selfies when they’re with me!

    1. I kind of fell off the yoga wagon in August with vacations and my kids home from camps/school. But I’m back in full swing now. I feel so much better with it. Hopefully we can make a run date soon!

  6. Hooray for a successful week of workouts and getting past PF! I’m the same way with shorts – I’ll wear them until it’s 35 or 40 degrees and put on gloves before anything else.

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