Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had me feeling like I was headed in the right direction with my PF flare up.  I cut back on mileage. kept the pace easy and made sure to not run back to back days. And to foam roll, ice and massage my calves/foot throughout the day. An added bonus was a chance for Ron and I to get in a hike sans kids.


4 mile run, 9:01 avg pace

Nothing too exciting about this run. Kept it casual and sweated like crazy on a humid morning in between rain showers. You would think a light misting rain would feet refreshing but it actually made me feel hotter. Thanks, humidity.

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes Stepmill

Strength training

Smith press step ups

Squat press

SL deadlift

Eccentric calf raises

Cable flys

TRX push up

Cable row w/ reverse lunge

Eccentric pull ups

Pull up shrugs

TRX mountain climbers

TRX oblique climbers

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


5 mile run, 9:00 avg/pace

It was another super soupy morning so Kyle and I took things easy and enjoyed the miles.  My foot felt great throughout the day after this run so I’m taking it as a sign that my PF is going away.  Fingers crossed.

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes stepmill

bench pres

squat press

hip thrusters

reverse grip row

KB step ups

renegade rows

lunge matrix

eccentric pull ups

pull up shrugs

TRX bicep curls

TRX tricep extension

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

Last week's workouts |


5 mile run, 9:00 avg/pace

Another easy run drowning in sweat. Despite having sweat flinging from ever part of my body, my foot felt better than it has in weeks. Thank the goodness!


3.6 mile hike

We went up north for some camping and hiking.  Ron and I had plans of hiking a longer hike sans kids but the day ended up being fuller than we had anticipated.  And with the threat of severe storms, we decided to keep it short and sweet.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get a couple more hikes in while my parents are visiting. It’s been way too long since we’ve been able to do more strenuous longer hikes because…kids.

Last week's workouts |


No formal exercise other than lots of walking and swimming in the lake.  Have I told you lately that I love summer? Because, I really, really do!

How was your week in workouts?

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13 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I saw your runs on IG and I’m so glad your PF hasn’t escalated. Fingers crossed it goes away completely!

    How fun that you and Ron got in a hike!

  2. Great job playing it smart with the PF! I hope it continues to improve. What a fun treat to go on a hike with the hubby without the kids. Is the top photo from your hike? It’s beautiful. Thanks for linking!

  3. It has been SO MUGGY LATELY. Thankfully it cooled off on Sunday (and was way less humid) but I was traveling so didn’t get to run :/

  4. Summer is the best! That’s exciting that the PF is healing. I have to be careful with shoes in the summer- too much barefoot walking around our wood floors seems to flare it up for me too.

  5. So glad the foot is feeling good!!! And this weather is THE WORST! I actually enjoyed running on the treadmill yesterday because I just can’t with this weather anymore!!
    Love that you got a hike in with Ron, even if it was too short. You have to take what you can get, right?

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