Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had me feeling blah…still.

I’m not sure why but I slipped into a running funk.  No races sound exciting.  No distances sound intriguing.  I’m still running but I don’t have this burning desire to run hard or to push myself.  Isn’t that odd considering I spent the majority of 2017 wishing I could run all the races? I’m sure this funk will pass so right now I’m showing up and putting in the miles.


30 minutes Stepmill

Strength training:

DB bench press

Renegade row

Single leg DL w/ DB shoulder press

Goblet squat

Bench steps ups

Cable row and squat

Cable tricep overhead extension

Eccentric pull ups

Pull up shrugs

TRX mountain climbers


6 mile run, 8:44 avg/pace, 302 ft elev gain

This run felt like garbage.  It was 70 degrees at zero dark thirty with 80% humidity.  I was absolutely soaked.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


6.2 mile run, 9:06 avg/pace, 320 ft elev gain

It’s amazing the difference 24 hours can make!  It was 52 degrees when I woke up to meet Kyle for our run.  I almost wore a long sleeve just because it felt so much colder than the day before.  The air was crisp and cool and made for the perfect summer morning run.


6.1 mile run, 9:06 avg/pace, 670 ft elev gain

My point in this run was to hit as many hills as I could.  I did 2 repeats of the mega hill in town plus another two on a more gradual but still steep hill. Mission accomplished!


Strength training:

Bench press

DB pull overs

Renegade rows

Cable single leg reach and pull

Cable curl and press

Pull up shrugs

Eccentric pull ups

Walking lunges

Bench step ups

TRX plank oblique

TRX mountain climbers

Sunset yoga hikes are back!  My yoga studio does this once a month during the warmer months.  It’s an easy hike to the summit for a 20-30 minute class just as the sunsets.  It truly is magical to listen to lay on your mat with nothing but the sky above you, the mountain supporting you and the sound of the wind through the trees.


4 mile run, 8:32 avg pace, 216 ft elev gain

I procrastinated quite a bit before heading out for this run.  In doing so, I had less than 40 minutes to get in a run before heading to Avery’s last soccer game of the season. It was ridiculously humid so I wasn’t too mad that I “only” ran 4 miles.  That felt like enough.  And I still had time to snag a selfie with Cooper before jumping in the shower.


6 mile trail run, 12:52 avg/pace, 1163 ft elev gain

I wanted to run a mountain race this morning but it didn’t work out with the family schedule.  So I opted for another mountain that is closer to home with less elevation gain but still has some vert to it.  I was super proud of myself for not falling, tripping or rolling an ankle once on the gnarly single track.

Once I got home I did a sequence of squats, lunges and single leg deadlifts to tire out my legs even more.

Linking up with Hoho and Wendy for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

How do you shake the blahs away?

11 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Gorgeous sunsets.
    Your Tues/Weds was yesterday/today for me. 65 and overcast yesterday, magic. TOday a skanky 70 and 92% humidity. So glad today’s run was shorter

  2. It’s been a tough week for so many of us. I wonder why? Looks like you did a great job of shaking off the blahs! That mountain sunset is everything. Hopefully, this week coming up will be better all around.

  3. I think its normal to feel that way this time of year as the heat starts to get the best of us. I know as injured runners we always say we will appreciate every single run when we are back (and I think we still do) but it’s still part of the process to go through ups and downs of running. That sunset yoga looks amazing!

  4. I think the summer has a lot to do with the running blahs. I feel it too and just want to kind of take it easy and do all the summer things!! You have been getting some stunning photos so that probably makes it all worth it, right? LOL!! And that sunset yoga? OMG yes, please!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – A Mile HighMy Profile

  5. I so feel you on the blah running. I try to think of races that would really motivate me and the truth is nothing really does….unless I can get into Tokyo or pull off something really far-fetched like Patagonia….haha!
    Actually strength and speedwork are more appealing to me right now. Your sunset yoga hike sounds amazing. What a creative idea!

  6. That sunset yoga hike sounds amazing and looks so beautiful!!! Good job on getting your runs in….I have weeks like that too where I just feel blah about everything! But you’ll get out of the funk, I’m sure the summer heat has something to do with it too! 🙂

  7. Looks like you had a good week of running despite the blahs! I go through brief running funks after some races where I don’t want to do anything long or hard, I just want to do simple and short runs. I usually just embrace it to shake off the blahs, since trying to force a race never motivates me. The views from that mountain run look amazing!

  8. you still got a lot in. I think it would be amazing to do yoga on top of a mountain. well, if I could do yoga!

    my week’s workouts were good, I was a little disappointed in my mileage but it worked out fine in the end. I have been through the kind of funk you are describing and all I can say is, eventually you just get out of it if you keep going. Just make sure you take rest that you need That DOES make a huge difference.

  9. Sunset yoga hikes sound amazing! I’d definitely sign up for that. I think the summer heat has a lot to do with the running blahs. Also, sometimes it can be a sign of fatigue for me. You were rewarded with such a beautiful view on your trial run! Thanks for linking.

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