Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were purposely kept on the easier side because I had a race on Sunday.  Not just any race, a mountain race.  And the first race bib I’ve put on in 10 months.


4 mile run, avg pace 9:09, 156 ft elev gain

Since it was Memorial Day, everyone was home, it was cloudy and cool, and we were all being lazy, I took the opportunity to do a short 4 miler run.  Kept it easy and enjoyed the alone time.


Morning Yoga Flow @ Bending Bodhi

30 minutes Stepmill

strength training

DB bench press

DB pull over

single leg balance w/ tricep kickback

cable squat and bicep curl

cable reverse lunge with row

rope overhead tricep extension

pull up shrugs

banded pull ups

bench step ups with KB shoulder press

plank ups

Last week's workouts |


6.2 mile run, 9:28 avg pace, 766 ft elev gain

2 mile warm up, 4 repeats, 2 mile warm home

Kyle and I tackled the big hill today.  I wasn’t feeling super jazzed about the run because my legs were fatigued from lifting yesterday.  I thought for sure our times were going to be slower than previous but Strava let me know that we are trending up in getting to the top quicker.  It never will be easy but we are stronger than when we first started the repeats back March.  Back then, my fastest repeat was 2:18.  Today it was 2:09.  I call that progress!

Last week's workouts |


Morning flow yoga @ Bending Bodhi

One hour trail run, 5.2 miles, 12:09 avg pace, 332 ft elev gain

Lori was in town and wanted to meet up for a run.  She had just run Pineland 50 miler on Sunday so was looking for some easy miles.  We hit the trails for some soft dirt and morning chatter.

Later in the evening I got in some strength training:

bosu burpees

side plank to single leg balance

pendulum lunges

med ball slams

KB single leg deadlift

plank ups on bosu

Last week's workouts |




30 minutes Elliptical, 30 minute walk with Cooper, floating on a Unicorn raft

I woke up Saturday morning with itchy eyes and zero motivation to run (actually swim) in the humidity.  Instead I opted for some time on the elliptical followed by an easy walk.  The rest of the day was spent at kid sports and floating on a unicorn raft with a cold beer enjoying the gorgeous day.

Last week's workouts |


Cranmore Mountain Race, 6.2 miles, 1:36:41, 2,380 ft elev gain

Surprise!  I ran a race on Sunday.  The good news: I didn’t break myself (again!).  The bad news: I suck at running downhill. Race recap coming soon!

Last week's workouts |

Linking up with Hoho and Wendy for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Congrats on running your first race in awhile! That elevation is no joke. Looking forward to reading more about it! Also, great job with those hill repeats, it definitely sounds like you’re making progress!

  2. Cannot wait for the race recap!!! And, running downhill is an art form all it’s own. As much as you practice UP hill repeats, so too should you practice DOWN hill repeats. Little known fact and zero help to you today 🙂 LOL!! I’m sure you raised me up with this race mama! Proud of you for putting on that bib and going for it!
    Allie recently posted..5 Things I Would Hate to Run Without #JustRunMy Profile

    1. But downhill repeats are no fun! 😁 It was a spur of the moment thing to do the race but you better believe downhill repeats will be in the mix from now on!

  3. Nice post, Pictures are great. You passes Heavy workout week. Wait for next week update. I am walking 25-45 minute per day with my daughter, but don’t do any yoga.

  4. Great week of workouts for you! Congrats on running that 10k. Downhills are harder than uphills, IMHO. At least harder on the body. Looking forward to the recap!

  5. Still a really strong week for a race on Sunday- and way to go!! That elevation, yikes! Downhill is what started the knee issues for me so I have a healthy fear of it now… uphill is actually great for injury prevention though, and I plan to work more hill repeats in soon. Looking forward to the recap!!

    1. Downhill is so hard on the body but seeing other runners fly down like it was no big thing makes me want to work on the whole falling in control thing. Lol!

  6. Congrats on the race! I can’t wait to read your recap! I don’t mind mild downhills on the roads, but steep downhills on trails really slow me down. I would much rather power uphill!

  7. That elevation chart looks crazy!! Well done on a great week of workouts and on doing a race after 10 months. Looking forward to the race recap!

  8. I bet it felt wonderful to pin on a race bib after 10 months! That’s a very scary elevation chart! I can’t wait to hear the details. Also, I love your way of taking it easy the day before. Thanks for linking!

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