Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Before I get into last week’s workouts, I need to vent about Strava.  How come all of my runs average out way faster than my Epson watch?  For instance, my run on Saturday, I ran while my kids were on their bikes.  According to my watch when I glanced down at the first mile, my average pace was 9:30.  When the run got uploaded to Strava after I was done, it said my first mile was a 9:00.  That’s a pretty large difference!  I feel like my watch is correct because it definitely felt on the slower side.

I’m too lazy to look up data from two different Apps so for all the paces listed below, it’s from Strava.  The data may or may not be accurate.  Thanks for making things complicated, Strava!


30 minutes Bike

20 minutes Stepmill

Strength Training

DB bench press

DB pull over

Decline plank/crossover touch

Smith press bench step ups

Cable row/squat

Rope pull

Pendulum lunges

Eccentric pull ups

Banded pull ups

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga

5.1 mile progression run, 8:37 avg pace, 265 ft elev gain

I really wasn’t feeling this run. I hesitated waking up when my alarm went off.  It was super foggy and my glutes were so sore from Monday’s workout.  The first mile, like always, I was slow to warm up. When mile 2 beeped, I flipped my thoughts and said, “Let’s go!”. I didn’t have an intended pace, I just wanted to run faster with each mile.  I mostly achieved it except for mile 3 and mile 5 when I hit mega hills that slowed the pace a bit.  Not surprisingly, I felt a ton better by the time I was done.

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga

7.2 mile run on rolling hills and 1:00 pick ups @ every mile, 8:33 avg/pace, 464 ft elev gain

Kyle and I met up for a dose of ALL the hills in town.  To make it even more fun, we threw in 1:00 min pick ups at every mile.  We were having telemetry issues at work so I ended up with the day off from work.  Good thing…I was tired after this workout.  A nap was calling my name in the afternoon!

Last week's workouts |


5.2 mile trail run, 11:11 avg pace, 412 ft elev gain

It was an absolutely beautiful spring day so I took full advantage of some trail time.  I’m so glad I did because I got to enjoy the smell of sunshine baked pine needles.  If you have never smelled that smell before, you are missing out.  It reminds me of being a kid in Michigan woods.

Strength training

cable pull with reverse lunge

rope pull

TRX single arm row/reach

KB grocery bag carry

KB plank/pull thru

KB goblet squat

banded/weighted thrusters

med ball squat toss/jump plank

eccentric pull ups

Last week's workouts |


Rest day!


10.2 mile run, 8:49 avg/pace, 513 avg elev gain

You know the Sarah Marie Design Studios wine glass that says, “This wine tastes like I’m skipping my morning run?”

It’s very accurate.

I had a little too much wine, stayed up a little too late and had a whole lot of fun Friday night hanging with my mom squad at book club.  Yes, book club.  I know…#ThisIs40.  Anyway, I opted to sleep more rather than getting up super early before all the Saturday morning kid activities to get my run in. Once gymnastics, baseball and soccer were over with, I took a nap and eventually rallied myself enough to tackle a run.

The kids rode their bikes with me for the first 3 miles before I did 7 alone in the rain. Maybe running in the afternoon isn’t so bad?

Last week's workouts |


Rest day!

I slept in. We went out to brunch. We hung out at the beach. I ate ice cream.  I took a nap. I just wasn’t feeling a run today so I listened to my body and took another rest day.  I guess it was my Mother’s Day gift to myself.

Last week's workouts |

Linking up with Hoho and Wendy for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

18 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

    1. I’m kind of shocked I pulled that one off too! I think going slower the first three miles with my kids kind of help ease into the run. Whatever it was, it worked!

    1. I love that it makes me read books that I wouldn’t otherwise read. This time we read Radium Girls. It’s totally something I wouldn’t have picked up but I learned a lot…especially don’t mess around with radium!

  1. I love reading your workout recaps, always motivates me to get my butt in gear!!! Sounds like you had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday! <3

  2. I used to do book club but when people started asking us not to discuss the book because they hadn’t read it yet, I was kind of done! The socializing part was fun, tho.

    I upload my data to Strava via Garmin Connect, so I don’t see much of a difference. I don’t use Strava when I run because it drains my battery.
    Wendy recently posted..Deliciously Simple Strawberry Shortcake Paleo DonutsMy Profile

    1. Wait…a book club that didn’t want to discuss the book? Isn’t that just a drinking club? 😉 Epson has an app too. That’s where my data comes from to upload to Strava. I’ve only used Strava alone to track my run once when my watch died. I think it was during the lululemon challenge at the beginning of the year. I didn’t want to lose my mileage for the total count!

  3. Nice week!! And way to get that 10 miles in after book club and vino. When we lived in Maryland, I belonged to a book club and most people never actually read the book. We should have called it the “wine and cheese and chat” club. haha

    I don’t use Strava because I have my Garmin and Garmin connect but that’s so weird that the paces were so far off!

    1. I will admit that there’s more chatting about other things besides the book. But that’s what makes it so fun! I always used Garmin Connect before I got the Epson but then I decided to give Strava a chance. When I upload to Strava from my Garmin, it’s usually closer than the Epson. So weird!

  4. Sometimes I notice that Garmin and Strava report different elevation gains, but overall the paces are the same. That’s so weird about the paces being off! I’m impressed by your late in the day long run – it’s so hard to get out later for a long run, although I bet the nap helped.
    Laura recently posted..Race Recovery WeekMy Profile

    1. My Garmin is much more accurate for paces but Epson is right on for that. So bizarre. I think one day I’ll wear my Garmin and Epson on the same run just to compare what data Strava uploads!

  5. Occasionally I notice differences between my Garmin and Strava, but generally they’re pretty close. So strange yours was so off.

    I used to be in a book club and I was always diligent about reading the books, but no one else was 🙁 Starting to get a little annoying to be honest! But I liked the wine part. And happy to read another runner who admits to drinking 🙂

    1. Full disclosure: I didn’t finish reading the book! I was a procrastinator and didn’t get it until Wednesday and book club was on Friday. It’s all good because with our group it’s mostly about getting together to hang out AND we’ll discuss the book. But a lot of times we get sidetracked…because alcohol. 🙂

  6. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Mother’s Day!

    I’m completely perplexed by Strava! It gets the information directly from my Garmin upload. And…reports something different, elevation is especially different.

    PS…I know that pine needle smell! Thanks for linking.

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