Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts


30 minutes Arc Trainer

20 minutes Stepmill

strength training

DB bench press

DB pull over

Bench step ups w/ shoulder press

Bench plank rows w/ leg lift

Cable single leg reach and pull

TRX single leg row

Eccentric pull ups

Banded assisted pull ups

TRX lunges

TRX pike planks

TRX single leg mountain climbers

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

7 mile run, 9:29 avg/pace, 442 ft elev/gain

My friend and training partner from last year, Lori, was in town so we hit the roads dark and early just like old times.  She’s training for the Vermont 100 so we stuck to an easy pace with some hills thrown in for fun.  It was great to catch up but I could have done without the bun freezing temp of 15 degrees.  Happy first day of spring!

Last week's workouts

This pic is from a 12 mile trail run in January last year.  Did I mention I did it without spikes and was absolutely dying at the end? 😉


20 minutes Arc Trainer

20 minutes Stepmill alternating front, side, and double steps

strength training

Cable push press

Eccentric pull ups

Banded assisted pull ups

Pull up shrugs

TRX pistol squats

Bench step ups with shoulder press

Front to reverse lunges

Side lunge push press

TRX pike planks

Last week's workouts |



Morning Flow Yoga

10 mile Tempo Run: 2 miles easy w/u, 4 x 1 mile @ 7:45-7:50 (reality 7:33-7:49), 2+ easy miles c/d, 8:24 avg/pac, 220 ft elev/gain

That was the plan but I made many mistakes about this run.

First, I did it in the middle of the day when the predicted Nor’easter was winding down (but really wasn’t a big deal at all).  I had a small snack before hand but my stomach started to growl 4 miles into the run.

Second, I was too obsessed with my watch rather than my effort for pacing.  My watch was saying I was running way slower than I was aiming for so I picked up the pace.  When the mile beeped, I was a good 15-20 seconds faster than I had intended for the first 3 mile repeats.  I finally stopped looking at my watch for the fourth repeat and went with effort which had me right on target.

Third, running the last 5 miles into a headwind and being mostly forced to run in slushy snow on the shoulder of the road because of traffic made me extra grumpy and hungry.

I spent the last few miles of the run dreaming of what I’d eat once I got home. As soon as I did get home, I knew something was wrong.  Cooper was not at the door to greet me and I smelled poop.  I’m sure I stunk but not of shit.  😉

I followed the smell of poo and ended up outside of the bathroom door.

Side note: Cooper is 12 years old and just realized that we have a garbage can.  We’ve since had to close up the kitchen garbage into the bathroom every time we go somewhere.

I opened the bathroom door and Cooper popped out, excited to see me and thrilled to be free. As I opened the door further, I was met with the most horrible smell ever.  Apparently, Cooper got scared shitless that he was locked in the bathroom.  He then proceeded to step in it and spread the poop ALL over the bathroom.


Let’s just say my bathroom is so stinkin’ clean now that I could have eaten off the floor if I wanted to.  I didn’t.  But I could have when I finally was able to eat what I had been dreaming of devouring during my run.

Running and pets are fun.

Last week's workouts |


6.6 mile run, 8:58 avg/pace, 332 ft elev/gain

Easy miles with Kyle to kick off Friday.  I love our early morning runs because we solve the world’s problems.  Or at least we think we do!

Last week's workouts |


I slept horribly for most of the week and was feeling it Saturday morning.  I had planned on doing some sort of workout before the days events kicked off but I opted for more sleep.  And then I spent the rest of the day snuggling baby bunnies, ducks and goats.  How cute is this two day old baby?!?!

Last week's workouts |


7 mile run, 8:52 avg/pace, 374 ft elev/gain

Another bun freezing morning run with a headwind that would not give up.  C’mon spring…can you at least give us 50 degrees?

Last week's workouts |

Linking up with Hoho and Wendy for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

8 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. That sounds like quite a scene to come home to after your tempo run! Looks like you got in some great workouts this week. I feel like winter just won’t give up. I’m so tired of the wind and freezing temps!

  2. They say the 50s are coming this week down here so I hope the same for you guys! I’m really looking to get out on my bike so we shall see.
    When I read the whole saga with your run and then Cooper and the bathroom on FB this week I was horrified!!! There is nothing worse then when you have been dreaming of food and come home to that! OMG woman. So,gross. But, like you said, back to solving the worlds’s problems. 🙂
    Allie recently posted..Road Tested Reviews – Breakfast Recommendations from Registered DietitiansMy Profile

  3. My girls are begging for a pet lately but this is one of the reasons why I am just not ready for that kind of commitment!! Nice work on those tempo miles! Let’s hope we get some spring like temps soon- this week is looking better.

  4. Cocoa was having “issues” a few months back and left me a plethora of poop in my living and dining room. She completely ruined 2 rugs. Turns out she had giardia. But still…it was so disgusting. It’s a good thing she’s so cute, that’s what I say…

    Yep, the wind is just brutal right now. At yesterday’s race in Chicago, I was near tears while we were waiting to go. It felt like someone was pelting me with ice. The wind off the lake is no joke. Come on spring!

  5. OMG the Cooper story! I can empathize just how gross it is because that’s happened to me as well. One time we went for a hike, came home hours later, and found that Charlie had pooped himself and smeared it all over his bed and favorite stuffed animal (the bed we were able to wash, but the stuffed animal had to go in the trash). He even wiped some of it in his eye and had an eye infection that we had to treat. I still have flashbacks of it happening.
    I hope the warm weather arrives your way soon! Great job on that tempo run.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: Spring TrainingMy Profile

  6. I am so sorry, I giggled when I read about what you walked into after your tempo run with Cooper! Obviously not funny at the time, but hopefully you can laugh about it later 🙂 Looks like a great week of workouts!! I’m excited to see your progress on pull ups!
    Erinn recently posted..A Go-To Winter OutfitMy Profile

  7. That’s a crazy poop story. I’m not sure I could have eaten after that. I recently put one of my dogs in a diaper Boy did that make my life easier! I’m ashamed it took me so log to think of it. The baby goat is adorable. Nice week of training! Thanks for linking.

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