Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comIt’s time for last week’s workouts yet again!  It was a solid week of activity that had me feeling good.

The big news of the week was that I found out that I did not get into the Mount Washington Auto Road Race this year.  I’m so freakin’ bummed! I was banking on that being my goal race for the year but now that it’s not happening, I’m kind of fumbling about what to do.

Maybe I should do the New England Mountain Series so I get a guaranteed entry for Mt. W in 2019?  Maybe I should make Loon my #1?  Maybe I should do something totally brand new that I’ve never heard of before?

I’m feeling the itch to train for something.  I know what I DON’T want to do.  The problem is I don’t know what I want to DO. Hmmmm…

Last week’s workouts


20 minutes Arc Trainer

20 minutes Stepmill

Strength training

Banded pull ups

Eccentric pull ups

Pull up shrugs

Rope pull

Turkish get up

TRX lunges

Smith press bench single leg squats

Squat press

KB single leg deadlift


TRX single leg mountain climbers

TRX pike plank


Ski/Snowboard Days

I had planned on running at least one day while we were at Sunday River for our mini vacation but our condo was kind of in the boonies with no roads except a pretty busy highway.

Besides, my legs were so sore from snowboarding.  Riding in mashed potato snow will do that to you! Even my forearms were tight.  But you can’t beat bluebird skies and temps in the 55-60 range.  It was amazing!

Last week's workouts |

Riding alongside my kids is so fun!  Even when we take them down a double black diamond on the first run of the day.  Whoops.  We had planned on taking a blue trail down but we found out it was closed when we got to the summit.  The only way down was double black.  It was crazy steep but both kids took their time and made it down like champs.  Phew! 🙂

And there was the time that we lost Lukas for 15 minutes out on the mountain too.  Whoops.


7 mile run, 8:43 avg/pace, 319 ft gain

After three days off from running, it felt good to get the legs moving again. And with the sun shining and the birds singing, it totally felt like spring.

Last week's workouts |


3 mile run, 9:13 avg/pace

Have you ever tried to run after a strength training session?  I felt like Bambi for this quick run in the wind and rain of the Nor’easter that slammed us on Friday.  It’s crazy that we got boat loads of rain while places to the south of us got snow.

strength training

banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

pull up shrugs

battle ropes

kb plank rows

reverse grip rows

front squat


single leg step ups with KB curl/press

single leg cable extension and pull

Last week's workouts |

And still no unassisted pull up for me.  I feel like I’ve been on the cusp of getting it for a couple of weeks.  I really think having a pull up bar at home helps too. Every time I go in the basement to do laundry, drop off the recyclables, clean the cat’s litter box, etc, I do something on the bar.  Consistency is key!


4 mile run, 8:38 pace, 220 ft gain

I enjoyed sleeping in and had a short amount of time before it was time to jet off to gymnastics and a day date with my daughter. So I squeezed in what I could and called it good enough. A perk of not having a training plan to follow – no stress over missed mileage in runs!

Last week's workouts |


12 mile run (8 with the girls, 4 solo), 8:59 avg/pace, 721 ft. gain

I met up with Kailey, Nicole and Julie for a tour of ALL the hills in town.  This was my longest run since July 2017 and longest run post ankle injury. I felt really good for the duration of the run which had me thinking that I really need to find something to train for soon. The question is, what?

Last week's workouts |

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17 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I’m sorry about Mt. Washington. That is a total bummer. PLEASE let me know if you do a mountain run/race in VT so we can meet up!! And I feel you on skiing/snowboarding with the littles. Mine are so fast now and just race down the mountain with me trying to stay behind (in case they pop a ski) but also trying to keep up!!
    And congrats on the 12 miler!!! Nice job! You need a race woman!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – “Tough As Nails” Half Marathon Recap!My Profile

    1. Really?!? There’s a couple of races I’m looking at in Vermont or western MA. Let’s meet up!!! Or maybe the Under Armor Mountain Series at Killington? I’m sure we could get Sarah and Sandra too. Hmmmmm….

  2. Way to tackle all the hills on the run with the girls- so fun! But a bummer about the race. Maybe a distance you don’t do often, like a 10k? Or some kind of local relay or trail run for something new?

    1. It was fun to run with the girls since it had been months since we’d all been together. And for a race…I’ve got to look around but I might have an idea for something fun.

  3. Looks like a fantastic week for you! It’s so nice to see you having some good runs. Yes, what will you do?

    Have a great week!

    1. I really can’t remember the last time I went down a double black diamond myself so I was a little hesitant too. But we took it easy and made it down just fine.

  4. That’s a bummer about Mt. Washington! You crushed that 12 mile run – I hope you do find something soon to train for! I remember feeling so sore with snowboarding last season, as with skiing I don’t really feel too bad the next day. Although I also fell down a lot with snowboarding and barely ever wipe out on skis.

    1. I usually am not sore from snowboarding but Sunday River has much longer runs than our usual mountain. And with the mashed potato snow you have to work so much harder to move. It just trashes your legs!

  5. Sorry you weren’t chosen in the lottery for your race. (I wasn’t chosen last week either!) The snow skiing looks fantastic. We couldn’t get ours and our kids schedules to mesh so won’t be going snow skiing this year. I’m so sad about that. It’s fantastic you are already back up to running 12 miles! You definitely to need to find a race. Thanks for linking!

    1. Sorry you didn’t get into your lottery either! I know there’s other races but I was really looking forward to Mt. Washington.

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