Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Runner’s love to talk about the weather. Every single outdoor run revolves around it.  Even our indoor runs are usually dictated by the weather.

Shocking to no one, last week’s workouts revolved around the weather. It is winter in New Hampshire after all.


30 minutes recumbent bike

Quick strength training in the basement.  After staying up later for the Super Bowl, I opted for a little bit more sleep than heading into the gym.

Try this bodyweight tabata the next time you are stuck inside and need a quick sweat session.


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi – There was a sub teacher who loves to use ALL the props.  It wasn’t the yoga class that I had gone in for but it did leave me feeling more relaxed.

7 mile run, 8:39 avg pace, 334 ft elev gain

For years I thought I was the only crazy runner who would wake up ridiculously early to get my run in. Now, I love that I can put a plea out in a text to friends or on local Facebook running groups, I’m bound to find at least one fellow amazing runner who doesn’t mind meeting up in the dark and cold.

Last week's workouts |


6.1 mile run, 8:52 avg pace, 289 ft elev gain

Another dark and cold morning run with Kyle before the snow started to fly.  You know you are a mother runner when 1 mile into your run you get the phone call cancelling school and then proceed to discuss what in the hell you are going to do with the kids on yet another snow day for the entirety of the run.

Btw – when did school’s start cancelling hours BEFORE the first snow flake falls?  It didn’t start snowing till 11:30 at least.

Last week's workouts |

Picture from last week because this week’s pic was too dark!


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi – Prop lady was subbing again. One class was nice.  Two classes had me watching the clock.

The gym was a ghost town in the morning because of the snowstorm that turned to freezing rain overnight.  I’m glad I opted for a gym day rather than a run outside first thing.

25 minutes Arc Trainer

15 minutes Step mill

Strength training

Banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

Rope pull

Reverse grip bent over row

Monster walks

unilateral reverse lunge shoulder press

Smith press single leg squat off bench

TRX pike planks

TRX mountain climbers

Last week's workouts |

I had planned on a trail run with Cooper in the afternoon but Ron came home from work just as we were leaving so we opted for a trail walk instead. Even though the snowstorm on Wednesday night eventually turned to freezing rain, it left every thing sparkling (see first pic).


Rest day!


5.1 mile run with 3 hill repeats thrown in for fun, 9:05 avg/pace, 394 ft elev gain

I really wanted to get my long run in today but I ran out of time before the kids morning sports. And then in the afternoon we went for a little hike and some sledding.

Last week's workouts |


6.3 mile run, 8:50 avg/pace, 254 ft elev gain

This run was flawed from the beginning. I was supposed to meet a group of Six03 Endurance friends for 10-11 miles. But a scheduling snafu with Ron meant I missed it entirely.  I didn’t start out till 11 a.m., it was raining, 37 degrees, icy, slushy, the road was covered in puddles because there was no place for the water to run off and I don’t know how many times I got splashed by a car. Basically, a complete disaster. My mind decided I was done way before my body.  I think at mile 1 I said F@ck this sh!t!

I’m not training for anything so why am I putting myself through this crap?  So 10 miles became 6.3.  It’s funny that last week, 6 miles became 10.  You never know.

On a positive note, I’m in love with my new hat from Six03 and sweatshirt from Runner’s Alley.

Last week's workouts |

Live free and run…no matter what the weather is!

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  1. We really are dictated by the weather! We didnt have snow here this week but 2 days of freezing rain (Monday and Wednesday) and then a weekend of warm rain. I have no problem opting for the treadmill when the weather’s bad, plus it makes the nicer days when I do get outside more enjoyable. You got in some great workouts, especially considering the weather you had!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Back To The Normal WorkoutsMy Profile

    I used to be weather impervious but too many winter in texas hath softened this east coast woman.
    I wanna walk. It be too cold here right now 🙂
    carla recently posted..I have HOMO.My Profile

  3. I feel you on that last “long” run because that exact thing happened to me on Friday. It wasn’t raining, otherwise i would have bailed, but I had to stop on giant sheets of ice so cars could pass throughout the 12 mile slog!!!! This weather is absolutely killing me!!
    Love the hat and shirt!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – The Snow Must Go On!My Profile

    1. I hope you get a calm week of weather. Our forecast is looking warm and free of snow/freezing rain. Will this FINALLY be the week the kids have a FULL week of school?!?!

  4. So true- we are obsessed with the weather! Great week of workouts, despite the snow day and icy mess thrown in there! I’ve had runs like that too where it’s such a mess outside that there is nothing enjoyable about it.

    1. I wish I would have been able to meet up with my friends earlier in the day. When you have company, miserable weather doesn’t seem so bad but when you’re solo, it’s all you can think of!

  5. I have been watching the clock a lot at the yoga sessions I’ve been doing lately, so I am forgoing them. Just not for me. I hope I can find a studio I like. I have never been a bright and early runner. I gotta give credits for those who do, good job!

  6. That’s awesome how you have a community to find running buddies with for the early morning runs! Running in the dark alone can be so lonely (and a little scary). Our weather has two moods – raining and not raining – so thankfully I haven’t had to move any runs due to the weather.

    1. I was never afraid of running solo in the dark until I had a scary encounter with a creeper a few years ago. It still haunts me years later! I’m very fortunate to have a big running community around me.

  7. Great week of workouts despite the crazy weather. After reading about everybody’s freezing rain, I’m kind of glad for our 20″ of snow! I couldn’t believe they cancelled school the night before here. That has never happened. I suspect it was dictated by the bus company.

  8. This winter is certainly challenging all of us! You did the right thing, cutting it short when the conditions got too challenging. We’ll be having some of that ice this week. Personally, I”d rather just have the snow.

    Have a great week!

  9. Yes, we are definitely obsessed with and driven by the weather. Schools have become so proactive in our area. Even with just the hint of bad storms or tornadoes, they will call off school. As always, you get such a great variety each week in your workouts. Great job. Thanks for linking!

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