Last Week’s Workouts

Last Week's Workouts |

This week’s workouts kicked off with my mantra for the week courtesy of Home Depot:

Let’s do this.

Simple but effective words. Enough of the FOMO. Let’s do this marathon training business.


I woke up Monday feeling like a million bucks. I didn’t need to have a death grip on the banister as I walked down the stairs first thing in the morning. Monday’s are reserved for cross training and that’s just what I did. Forty minutes on the recumbent bike followed up with 30 minutes of strength training that included my injury prevention essentials workout.

Last week's workouts |


Tuesday morning was a run with Annie and Lori. We had not run with Annie in a long time so it was nice to catch up over some miles.

7 miles

Morning Flow Yoga class at Bending Bodhi.

Last week's workouts |


What’s better than running hill repeats in the super early darkness?ย  Running hill repeats in the dark during a snowstorm! I was anticipating slippery conditions and having to walk down after each repeat but the road was actually not too slippery. I wore my Saucony Peregrine trail shoes just in case. Lori and I did an easy 1 mile warm up before hitting the hill 9x. My best time was 2:12 for the 13.81% grade climb two weeks ago. This time around, I improved to 2:11. I’ll take the one second given the snowy conditions.

Later in the day I squeezed in 20 minutes of strength training during my lunch break at work. A perk of working in a rehab gym.

5.51 miles

Last week's workouts |


I opted for sleeping in instead of running first thing in the morning. When I was ready to run after yoga class, I was hungry and not into the run. I ate a little something but it did nothing to power me through the run. Easy pace felt labored. The top of my left foot felt weird. I was hungry. Basically, I wanted to be done with the run even though it was a gorgeous sunny and warm day. Not all runs are meant to be heavenly!

Morning Flow Yoga class

8 miles


A glorious rest day!

Last week's workouts |


Friday’s rest day was much needed. I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat. Looking back, maybe that’s why I had a blah run on Thursday as my body is/was fighting something? I went into this run with a feeling of dread. The plan was to run a super hilly route similar to one we did a couple of weeks ago. I felt ok during that run except the last 2 miles kicked my butt big time. I was slogging. This time around? SO much better. I felt stronger and had much more energy. The bad part? My brand new watch shut off on my twice during the run. Wtf?!?!?! And then at the end of the run, I somehow deleted all the data that I did have. I’m not sure if it was because there was less than 30% charge left on it. It couldn’t have been because of the cold because I’ve run in colder temps with it and had no problems. Btw – the hourly forecast was way off again. Predicted: 20 degrees. Actual: 13 degrees. HUGE difference. Especially on my poor butt at the end of the run. Ouch.

13 miles

Last week's workouts |


I squeezed in some easy recovery miles before we headed up to the mountain for the kid’s last group ski lesson. My legs felt great running but I kept it super easy to flush out the soreness. I spent the rest of the day snowboarding and even got an hour of riding in by myself. It’s such a weird feeling to go out solo when I’m used to being with someone on the chairlift especially. Thankfully, this time around I didn’t get stuck with guys vaping like I did last year! Lol.

Btw – anyone want to guess how old my vintage snowboard is? ๐Ÿ™‚

4 miles

Linking up with Ilka/Angela and Hoho/Tricia for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?



21 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I had a bigassfall this weekend TRYING to nail a box jump and I TOO feel like yer last monday (!)
    a million bucks here too sister and IM HARNESSING THAT for my whole d*mn week ahead.

  2. What a great week and OMG 9x hill repeats at 2:11? Nice work!!! And yes, not all runs feel great but you made it so good for you! Love that you are able to hit the mountain so easily and I’m guessing that board is circa 1997 ๐Ÿ™‚
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – MahaloMy Profile

    1. It’s 1995. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s Ron’s hand me down board from when I first started. One of these days I’ll get in this century. Lol!

  3. Way to crush it – those hill repeats are awesome! One second is huge on shorter distances, especially in slippery conditions. And a hilly long run to top it all off? You are gearing up already for a strong marathon!
    You’ve convinced me to buy a pair of Peregrines for winter running. Enough of this treadmill nonsense for just an inch or two of very slushy, slippery snow.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Lake Sammamish Half 2017 Training Week 5My Profile

    1. Get the Peregrines and you won’t be sorry! Or you could get the Xodus Run Shield – trail shoes that will keep your feet dry. I don’t have a pair with the Run Shield but they are a close second to the Peregrines for trail shoes.

  4. Awesome week! Those hill repeats sound brutal… and the long run in the teens…brr! Definitely toughening your mental game all around!

    1. I’m terrible at snowboarding too but I still do it. I’ve come to terms that I’ll never be great at it because I don’t want to go fast. There’s just too many ways to get hurt! lol!

  5. Impressive hill repeats! I live in the south and haven’t been able to go snow skiing for a couple of years (sad face). So, I love your snowboarding shot! And, I’ve never run in the teens. 13 sounds pretty brutal to me. What marathon are you training for? Thanks for linking with us on the Weekly Wrap, Angela. I hope to see you back next week!

    1. I will admit that 13 degrees isn’t the easiest temperature to run in. But oddly enough, you don’t really notice it too much if you are dressed right. I’d still take a 70 degree run any day! I’m training for Sugarloaf Marathon.

  6. What??? You killed the hill workout! I can’t get over your views! Do you everget tired if it? I just cant’ imagine!
    Hope you have another great week! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Oh my gosh. I snowboarded for the first time in 12 years last weekend and I was so sore afterwards (being 40 doesn’t help either). I intended it to be a rest day, but it ended up being quite a core workout. Love that I found your blog.

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