Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were kind of a bugger.  With a pinched nerve in my neck, I had restricts on what I could do with my upper body. Rather than do more damage, I stayed away from the weights to let things settle.  As of right now, things are improved but still not 100%.  What a pain in the neck.  hahahaha!


45 minutes Arc Trainer

15 minutes Lateral X Trainer

Egoscue exercises


35 minute run

Physical therapy.  Originally my PT appt was for my ankle but my ankle is doing fantastic and my neck was killing me.  Instead, we worked on the pinched nerve in my neck. My prescribed exercise?  Making double chins x 20.  Seriously.  I laugh every single time and make a ridiculous noise with every rep.

You’re welcome for sparing you a picture of this beautiful sight.

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


After a couple of weeks off, I finally made a morning pool session.  It was a frigid morning but the 80 degree water felt good.

30 minutes pool running

15 minutes kickboard

Bodyweight strength training for lower body

Squats with resistance band

Lunge matrix – front, side, reverse

Hip hikes

Clam shells with resistance band

Single leg glute bridge

Single leg deadlift

And if you are wondering, I did not do these exercises in the pool or in a swimsuit.

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


40 minutes run

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |

And it was a snow run!  Just kidding.  This was outside the ice arena.  Hahaha!


30 minutes Arc Trainer

15 minutes Stepmill alternating 20 steps forward, 20 steps left foot leading, 20 steps right foot leading

Egoscue exercises


A quick 30 minute run before jetting off to a morning of kid sports.  At least I had some quiet before the busyness of the day started.

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


40 minute run

Core and glute work

Egoscue exercises

I hoping that this week I’ll be able to get back to lifting as usual.  I’m missing it so much!  At least I have running to make me happy until then.

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How was your week in workouts?

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  1. How frustrating that now your neck is giving you problems! My strength training plan actually has chin tucks as one of the mobility/warm up exercises. It feels (and looks) so weird but it definitely helps to combat the forward head posture most of us use all day long!

  2. Girl – I think you need a tropical vacation so you can relax and let your body just be. If that’s not happening…I guess you can continue those weird neck exercises – LOL!!!
    And you almost got me with the snow. I’m actually pretty excited for it to start…but not enough to close school or anything crazy like that!!
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  3. Another entry into the Why Is It Always Something file! I know you must be frustrated. Hopefully that pinched nerve will be short lived. In the mean time, I know you will find a way to work around it. Keep your chin up (ha ha). Thanks for linking.

  4. Interesting about the “double chin” exercises as well as other commenters saying they are a good warmup. Who knew?

    Hopefully your neck is feeling better next week. That sounds super painful.

    At least you have running!

    Thanks for linking with Jess and me!

  5. I was so confused by that snow photo!! ha ha. I’m sorry about your neck – I have a client with a neck issue that just flared up and I literally just finished writing chin tucks and neck raises into her program. I’m sure she’ll enjoy doing them as much as you. It sucks, I hope it goes away soon!!

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