Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Before I kick off last week’s workouts, we need to talk about yesterday’s NYC Marathon.  What an unbelievable day for long distance running!?!?!

I had all the feels watching the race from explaining to my 7 year old kids what Kathrine Switzer did for women running 50 years ago (she was interviewed while running the race and a backstory played before it) to watching Shalane Flanagan take the lead and win, 40 years since an American woman has won the race.

So many goosebumps, tears and my new favorite mantra, “f*ck yes!”.  Let’s hear it for the ladies!


When my alarm went off Monday morning I heard heavy rain and wind rattling the house.  I didn’t think it would be safe to drive to the gym so I headed to the basement for a workout.  Good think I didn’t go because the gym didn’t have power!

40 minutes bike

20 minutes strength

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes Arc Trainer

Full body strength training/core

Restorative Yoga Class at Bending Bodhi

Mental note to self: Restorative yoga at 9 a.m. means you will want to sleep the rest of the day.

Physical Therapy

Ladder drills

Toe aerobics

Alter-G 30 minutes ladder speed drills @ 80% bodyweight


30 minute pool running intervals

10 minutes easy

1 minute hard, 1 minute easy x 10

2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy x 10

15 minutes kickboard laps

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comThursday

Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

Physical Therapy

Ladder drills

Toe aerobics

Easy plyometrics working on running form

30 minutes Alter-G treadmill ladder speed drills @ 85% bodyweight

Last week's workuts | happyfitmama.comI thought running on the Alter-G made me sweat a lot.  See Sunday’s workout instead.


30 minutes bike

Strength training total body circuits


R-U-N outside!

I’m increasing my run intervals

Dynamic warm up

5 min warm up walk

6 min run, 2 min walk x 4

5 min cool down walk

It was a crisp morning and I was giddy with excitement to be running outside again.


Julie and I wanted to get together for a yoga class.  Originally, we had planned on going to my yoga studio but then I casually threw it out that a local Bikram Yoga studio was having free classes all day.  There was an 8 a.m. so we’d be done in time to watch the NYC Marathon.  Let me preface this to say, Julie had never done Bikram before, I did one class a really, really long time ago.  I could say sooooo much about this class but I’ll leave it at this – I have never sweated so much in my life and I’m a serious sweater.  Doing yoga in 103 degrees is not for me.  I will say that the teacher had a great intensity to her.  I loved her little mantra’s throughout class.  The best was, “We don’t want pancakes!  We want muffins!”  when describing butts.  I applaud anyone who does Bikram.  Go on with your bad self!

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comThis is the look of, “What just happened for the past 90 minutes?”  Notice our hair…drenched.

Linking up with Hoho and Triciaand Jess/Jessfor the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

Did you watch the marathon?

Bikram yoga – yay or nay?



29 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Yay for running outside and increasing your intervals! Ive never done Bikram yoga. Ive taken plenty of hot yoga classes, but they never seen too hot, although I do sweat alot. The worst part I think is sliding all over my mat.

  2. LOL! That last picture is too funny!! I actually love hot yoga but it’s super intense in that heat. You may want to try it again in the deep of winter when you’re craving warmth! And OMG the NYC Marathon and Shalane!!! I was dying. It was AMAZING!!!! #F**KYES!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Off to the Race(s)My Profile

    1. I’ve done hot yoga before and loved it in the winter to finally feel warm. But bikram is just too hot for me. I’m more of a 90s type of girl than 100s.

  3. Yeah, no to hot yoga. I sweat more now than I ever have…heck, I sweat when I’m sleeping!
    It looks like you had a great week and I’m so happy to see you back running again!

  4. I’m not sure how I would feel about that yoga class! I like to be warm but that is pushing it. Yay for outside running intervals!

  5. I did hot yoga back in grad school and I sort of loved it, sort of hated it. It was way more fun than regular yoga for me but I sweated like crazy and the temperature was only in the 90s. I would probably melt if it was in the 100s, especially now that I live in the PNW and have no tolerance for heat.
    So happy for you that you are back to running!!!!!

  6. I’m also working on building back mileage after an injury, and last week was the first week where I felt like a real runner again:)
    I did watch the marathon and I was so, so excited for Shalene!!
    I love some flow yoga, but Bikram isn’t my style.

    1. I’ve heard from others who said you do get used to the heat. But it still doesn’t entice me especially since it’s the same Series of poses every single time.

  7. I would have been so mad if I went to the gym and there was no power. Good call. I am not a huge fan of yoga because I feel like I don’t get enough of a sweat on when just breathing in and out. So I am sure I would like Bikram Yoga.

  8. The marathon was incredible! Both Katherine Switzer and Shalane are so inspiring, and so are ALL of the runners.

    I’ve tried Bikram yoga a few times but it’s just too sweaty for me, I’m uncomfortable the whole time!

  9. Bikram yoga is ridiculous! I have so much respect for people who do it on a daily basis…I took a class when we lived in Florida and if you can believe it, it was hotter outside than it was in the class! I did feel like I got an awesome workout though.

  10. I’ve never tried Bikram yoga and think I probably already sweat enough just sitting still being over 50 and all… 😉 I’m so glad to see things are improving for you and you are able to run outside this week. The marathon was so awesome! She’s always been my favorite. Thanks for linking.

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