Last Week’s Workouts + EnduraPouch

Last week's workouts

Another week of training is done. I’m officially in marathon training even though I really don’t want to say it out loud. I’ve got big goals for myself and frankly, it scares the pants off me. But then again, isn’t that what goals are supposed to do?

My training has been weird so far. Like I said last week, the FOMO is real and I need to remember to do my workouts for my marathon. Time to get on it!

Fingers crossed. One workout, one week at a time. Let’s do this!

Last Week’s Workouts


30 minutes recumbent bike, strength training, core

Looking back on the week, I should have planned this day as a run day rather than cross training. My calves were feeling a little tight Sunday evening after the weekend’s events so I thought I’d be cautious. The yoga class I took Sunday night must have worked out all the knots because Monday morning I felt great.

The kids were off from school because of a teacher workshop so I was interrupted numerous times to referee. On the bright side, at least I got to sleep in a little because I was off from work too.

Last week's workouts


7 mile Fartlek treadmill run: 2 mile w/u easy pace, 10 x 1:00 5k pace, 2:00 recovery pace

P.M. gentle yoga class

I woke up to the sound of ice pellets hitting my window. I looked outside and found snow, sleet and freezing rain happening all at the same time. A minute later, I got the phone call canceling school. To the treadmill I went! I’d much rather run outside but a quality workout was not going to happen outside on unplowed roads.

Since my usual morning yoga class was cancelled I made the last minute decision to pop into an evening class. It was just what I needed to work out the kinks. I think I say that about every yoga class I go to.

last week's workouts


30 minutes recumbent bike, 10 minutes rowing machine, strength training, Bosu balance, core, wall running

I had some major – I don’t know what I want to do for a workout today – feelings on Wednesday. I still am not the biggest fan of the rowing machine (sea sickness on land sucks!) but I’m trying to play around with avoiding it.

Last week's workouts


12 miles Trail Running (2:41)

Ever have a run where you forget an important part of your gear but are too far away from home to go back to get it? That’s the story of my life. As soon as Lori and I parked at the trail head, I realized I had left my microspikes at home. Shit. Rather than scrapping the whole idea or wasting time going back home to get the spikes, I decided to go for it. There was a nice crust on top of the snow that I easily could run on. That worked out great till the temperatures started to warm up and the snow turned into mush. The last 2 miles were painfully slow like I was running in dry beach sand. And I was absolutely starving despite eating and drinking Tailwind throughout the run. There was a lot of swearing and I hate running talk. Why am I doing this to myself when I’m training for a road marathon?!?!?!

Thankfully, I had a massage planned for later that day that gave some major love to my poor calves.

Last week's workouts


4 easy pace recovery miles

I woke up stiff and sore from Thursday’s run so I took it super easy pace to loosen things up.

Last week's workouts


11 miles, 8:43/avg pace

It’s kind of amazing what happens when one person posts about meeting up for a long run on a group Facebook page and 25 people show up.

It’s kind of amazing how you can wake up feeling like shit (literally) and wonder am I going to be able to run today?

It’s kind of amazing how you can set out to run 8 miles and end up running 11 at a pretty great pace for most of it and feel fantastic for the duration.

Last week's workouts


Active rest/snowboarding

It was a gorgeous day on the slopes. I was having a really great day riding with Ron while the kids’ were in their lesson. Then it started to warm up, the conditions started to go down hill, my kids were losing skis and I was wiping out like I’d never snowboarded before. So much for a rest day!

When we hit the slopes, we always pack snacks and a lunch. If you’ve been to a ski resort lately, you know that it’s absolutely ridiculous what they charge for food. Plus, it’s usually standard cafeteria style food. No thanks.


My friend Laura and her husband Ryan, recently sent me their EnduraPouch Fuel Pouch to try out. It’s a brilliant reuseable pouch that holds up to 3 gels with an easy to open top. With a fill window, there’s no guessing how much fuel you’ve taken in. One of the best part of the EnduraPouch is the top. Trying to open a gel with cold hands or with mittens/gloves is not an easy task. Even when the weather is warmer, I still fumble around with those little packets. The EnduraPouch is a great alternative because of it’s easy twist off/on cap. It’s still small enough to fit in pockets or my SPI-belt.

EnduraPouch for kids

Besides being great for athletes, it’s great for kids. My kids are huge fans of squeezable applesauce or yogurt tubes. Using an EnduraPouch instead is a great money saving option and way better for the environment.ย  I fill up the EnduraPouch Fuel Pouches for ski days, hiking trips and even in the kids’ lunches.

I thought it was going to be super messy to set up and clean but there’s a convenient wide opening on the bottom for easy access to all the nooks and crannies. Quick clean up especially since it’s dishwasher safe.

You can find out more about EnduraPouch on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

I was provided product samples and compensation for a blog review of EnduraPouch. All opinions are my own.

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How were your workouts last week?

Have you tried a reusable pouch before for running fuel or everyday eating?






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    Off to explore it more for me and my loooong marathon training walks ahead and for my marathonning sister, too.

    1. I missed out on one of my usual weekly yoga classes last week. I totally felt it afterwards! I’m training for Sugarloaf Marathon and scared as hell!!!

    1. Thanks for introducing us to EnduraPouch. It’s a brilliant product! I think I’m still recovering from snowboarding yesterday. I’m exhausted!

  2. Did you sign up for a marathon? I’m curious which one you’re doing!! Great training runs this week! And I love the idea of the EnduraPouch!

  3. I was a little overzealous with the Russian Twists on Monday which landed me in rest land for the rest of the week….UGH!!! I have to say it has been super mild around here this month so I am craving a little of your winter weather! Never thought I would say that!!!

    1. Oh no! Take care of yourself Nancy! It’s been such a weird winter. We had snow but it wasn’t a good let’s play in it type of snow.

  4. I have a couple of pouches like this from a brand called Squooshi that I had when my kid was little! They have pictures of pandas on them but it’s the same concept! ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I was growing up and went skiing every other weekend my family always packed our own “lunchables”, we packed meat, cheese and crackers as well as fruit/veggies and cookies! We loved it and always looked forward to it.

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