Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

The weeks keep flying by.  It’s hard to believe it’s time for another last week’s workouts.  The good news is that I did not hurt myself this week like last week.  Oh wait a minute.  Scratch that.  I DID slam my finger in the door.  Ironically, it was my middle finger.  Thankfully, it wasn’t so bad.  I just have a purple finger nail now.  It could always be worse, right?


30 minutes Arc Trainer

40 minutes lower body and core

TRX curtsy squats

KB squat press

Leg press (single leg)

Lunge matrix (front, side, reverse)

TRX pike planks

TRX bicycle planks

KB planks

Ab wheel


50 minutes Arc Trainer

45 minutes upper body and core

Bench press

TRX push ups

TRX row

Battle ropes

Rope pull

Bar hangs 30 sec x 3 (pull up prep)

Eccentric pull ups

Physical therapy

Trampoline single leg balance with med ball catches

Ankle weight inversion/eversion

Single leg Bosu lunges

Last week's workouts |


Autumn Equinox 108 Sun Salutations at Bending Bodhi

Yes, 108.

I haven’t been to yoga that much since spraining my ankle because my usual time has conflicted with appointments. And then the bike incident last week left my wrist feeling quite sore.

When I did this for the summer solstice, I flew right through it with no need for breaks. This time, I  there were multiple times I had to stop to take a child’s pose.  But that’s ok, I’m glad I listened to my body.  Even with the rest breaks, my arms and chest were absolutely dead later in the day and for two days later. Doing 108 chaturanga push ups will do that.

Last week's workouts |

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45 minutes pool running

It was super awkward the first 20 minutes of my time in the pool.  It was just me and the life guard.  He was watching to make sure I didn’t drown.  While I was wondering, “Does he think I’m drowning?”

Physical therapy

Single leg balance cone touches

Single leg drinking bird

Single leg wall ball squats

Single leg Bosu lunges

Weighted ankle inversion/eversion


20 minutes Later X Elliptical

20 minutes Step Mill alternating 20 side steps left, 20 side steps right, 1 minute forward

Lower body and core


Hike with the family

The weather was gorgeous! It felt more like summer than fall all weekend long.  We did a super easy hike in the afternoon after all the kids stuff in the morning.  I kept it easy and didn’t hurt myself.  I call that a win.

Last week's workouts |

Acorn Man courtesy of Ron.  He makes one on every hike we do.  Lol!


20 mile bike ride

I finally got out on my bike again.  The weather was too gorgeous not to!  And no.  I did not get the bike down from the garage.  Ron wouldn’t let me.  Haha.

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Seeing you write down your works out makes me think I should do that…how do you remember it all LOL I’d forget what I did the minute I got home, well maybe.
    108 push ups is intense, my favorite part of the post? Acorn man!

    1. I make notes of what I want to do before I go to the gym. But sometimes I have to improvise. Acorn Man is a family favorite. We can’t go on a hike without him!

  2. Love the sweatshirt (and I spy the PR Soles too!), love the acorn man and really loved the summer weather this weekend…except on my run – ugh!!! I’m really hoping things cool off this week but it’s not looking good…
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Low GearMy Profile

    1. My fingers are crossed that I don’t lose the nail. Can you believe I’ve never had a black toenail from running? But slamming fingers in the door? Yup.

  3. That’s a beautiful stretch of road for cycling! Cycling in full on sun almost did me in this weekend. We’d cheer anytime we’d reach just the smallest patch of shade! I never pool ran without plenty of people in the pool. So, that awkward lifeguard thing wasn’t extreme — but still weird. I hope your ankle is improving! Thanks for linking.

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