Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

What to say about last week’s workouts? Fun. Random. Normal.


Rest day.  When my alarm went off Monday morning, I was not feeling a workout.  My body was tired and achy.  I blew off my planned workout and instead Cooper for a nice, longer than normal, walk. He was happy.  And so was I.


Hill Repeats.  I met up with a new to me group for hill repeats.

1 mile warm up with 4 strides, long steady climbs x 3 (was supposed to be 4 but we cut it short so I could at least do 1 short hill), 1 short explosive climb with 100 yard sprints at the tip of the hill. It was a shorter than I’d hope workout because we started later and I had to leave early.  Fun though! And I got to catch up briefly with a former co-worker.  That is until we started huffing and puffing up the hills!

Morning Yoga Flow at Bending Bodhi Yoga

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


Usually I plan out my workouts but today, I totally winged it.  Maybe it was because of the crazy dense fog? It was random and all over the place but I think I hit everything that I needed.  And it was fun.  I call that a win!

20 minute warm up walk with Cooper

Form drills – line jumps, rock hoppers, Carioca, high knees, butt kickers

Single leg hops, jumps, walking single leg lunges forward and back, lateral cross over lunges

1 mile run

Each exercise 1 min each – single leg squats, calf raises, tricep dip off the step, plank jacks

1 mile run

Repeat strength exercises

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |

This is a screen shot of a video I did while doing drills.  Just look at Cooper’s face!


The sunrise was amazing but this run sucked big time. 6 miles of crazy humidity and dead legs that did not want to run.  Nothing else to say about that other than I’m glad it’s over.

Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


My gym is open again!  I was so excited to get in and get back to all the equipment and weights I’ve been missing.  My excitement was evident in that I wanted to do ALL the exercises for ALL the body parts.  Another random workout!

30 minutes upright bike

Squat w/ overhead press with 25 pound plate

TRX plank pike

TRX push up

DB chest press

Bench jumps

Single leg balance with Y-T-L shoulder exercises

Pull up prep – bar hangs 60 sec x 3, mini pull up 5 x 3

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


55 minute trail run

I took my time before getting ready for my run.  I really, really didn’t want to run on the roads.  Instead, I hit the dirt for 55 minutes of happiness.  I just love the trails so much.  However, I do not love the pesky deer flies.  Those suckers bit me through my compression sleeves even!

Later in the afternoon we hit up the Discover Adventure at Gunstock. Is it sad that I was so cramped up after riding the Mountain Coaster over and over and over again? I was hobbling across the field when we were done!  Or is it more sad that I was so nauseous from riding the Mountain Coaster over and over and over again?  I can’t hang with the big kids anymore!

Last week's workouts |

A sign of a good workout?  A sweaty chin and cheeks.  I was dripping sweat everywhere.


10 mile run with Julie

I felt ready to bump up my long run mileage so I was thrilled to have company along for the ride.  And what better way to enjoy a gorgeous morning than along the coast of Maine with a pit stop at the Nubble and ending at bagel shop.  And then on my way home I also stopped at a new mini donut place.  So much goodness after a super sweaty run!

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |

I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at with my fitness.  I’m not rushing it and I’m kind of just going with the flow. After Sunday’s run, my left plantar faschia felt tight and a little sore.  I’ve been icing and rolling my calf like crazy with hopes it goes away as quickly as it arrived. I’ve been slacking on my rolling and it shows.

Linking up with Hoho for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. I am falling in love with the trails lately too. So nice to not really think about pace and just soak up the time outdoors.

    Nice work on those hill repeats!

  2. Great fun week of running! The only trails around here are a decent drive away, or are running through playgrounds. But I guess that could count. Either way I am destined to injure myself!

  3. Your workouts look great! Loved all your instagram pics you shared over the weekend – trail runs are the best! (And so much cooler than running on the street.) Cooper looks thrilled in that picture – dogs always have the funniest facial expressions! I love when they have their lip curled under, it cracks me up!
    Have a great Monday!

  4. Cooper does not look amused. LOL. You did capture a stunning sunrise on your humid run. That was your reward! I love amusement park rides including roller coasters. But, I admit I can’t ride them over and over and over like I used to!

  5. Looks like a good solid week of training. Runs go better with a friend, right? And Maine running scenery is beautiful. But I am partial to lighthouses.

    Thanks for linking up.

  6. Great picture! I love your blog, my wife always follows it and to be honest recently I have started too. Just reading your posts is really enjoyable thing to do!

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