Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

I’m happy to report that there were no dumbbells, weight plates or other gym equipment mishaps in last week’s workouts.  I think I may have redeemed myself from the week previously.  Or maybe it was because I only made it to the gym once last week? Stay tuned for next week’s workouts to see if I knock myself out.

Last week’s workouts


30 minutes Arc Trainer

30 minutes Stepmill

TRX, weights, core

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


Another jump in run intervals!  20 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, 10 minutes run. No problems!  The soreness that I was feeling in my fibula after my runs has gone away so hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here on out as I keep increasing.

Morning Yoga Flow at Bending Bodhi was a much needed flow followed with restorative.  It was just one of those days that I needed less rather than more.

Egoscue exercises


Summer Solstice 108 Sun Salutations at Bending Bodhi

This was my first time attempting 108 sun salutations on the solstice.  And I plan to do it every solstice from now on!  At first I thought maybe we’d go through Sun A and Sun B.  Oh no, it was all Sun A.  It’s monotonous but it puts you into a trance where I found myself going through the motions without having to think of what was coming next.  It was pretty cool

When we first started out, I immediately thought of where I was 7 years ago on the summer solstice.  It was the day I became a mother!  I got a little teary eyed because it never fails that I feel ALL the emotions during yoga.

And I sweated my ass off.  Like for real.  It wasn’t the day to wear my periwinkle yoga pants if you know what I mean. 🙂

Last week's workouts |


Trail run with Julie.  We covered almost 4 miles total no walk breaks.  It was such a beautiful day with the most amazing sunrise (see Friday’s post).  It put me in the right frame of mind as I tackled the first day of summer vacation with my kids.  You know I needed ALL the patience!

My arms, shoulders and back were unbelievably sore from Wednesday sun salutations.  I should do more chaturanga push ups!

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


Complete rest day.  A week of early morning wake ups and not sleeping well caught up with me.  I had planned on getting a workout in at the gym but opted for an hour more of sleep instead.  A wise choice!


It was a busy day so I made sure I set aside time in the morning to tackle my longest continuous run since March.  As I was running, I couldn’t help but think of the pre-stress fracture me thinking 30 minutes of running was a warm up.  Small victories lead to large victories with one step at a time.

Before my run I did a band workout to activate my glutes.

2 x 20 Squat with resistance band

2 x 20 Monster walks (forward and backward)

2 x 20 Side shuffle with resistance band

2 x 20 Walking lunges

2 x 15 Step ups with a hold at the top

2 x 15 Reverse lunge with a step

2 x 15 Cross over step with overhead press (10 pound kettlebell)

2 x 15 Balancing running (wo)man

Egoscue exercises

The third workout of the day was wrangling eight 7 year old children at my kids’ birthday party.  If you’ve ever played mini golf with a large group of kids, you know it’s a serious HITT workout!

Last week's workouts |


Sunday Funday kicked off with bluebird skies and a 20 mile bike ride to the bay and back.  Part of the route that I traveled was my favorite stretch of road for running and cycling during the summer.  I call it the green mile because of the canopy of trees.  It makes me happy!


Last week's workouts |

This week’s workouts are going to be interesting.  I’ll be adding a day of running AND I’m running a race. And when I say running, what I really mean is trying not to die on Upper Walking Boss. Because there will be NO running up 40% incline. I registered for Loon way back in February.  I already had serious FOMO for Mount Washington two weeks ago.  I’m not going through that again.  I know I’m not race ready but my plan is to walk as needed (which will probably be often) and take it easy.  It’s not a race but a slog with a group up a really, really, really steep ski hill.

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How was your week in workouts?







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  1. Congrats on getting back to running with no walk breaks! Its such a weird feeling to compare a “long run” now to what I used to think of as a long run. That yoga class sounds challenging but invigorating.

    1. My weekends so feel weird now. Before it was all about when I could get my run in and making sure I was done by xx time because we had stuff to do. Now it’s like, 30 minutes to run? No problem!

  2. I love the progress!!! keep it coming! And you are my hero with those sun salutations…and I LOLed at your pants choice 🙂
    Birthday parties are serious HIIT workouts for sure but looks like a big success. And I’m so happy to hear you’re tackling Loon on your own terms. So great! Looking forward to those pics… have a great week!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – AcclimationMy Profile

  3. Looks like a great week of workouts! That bike ride looks beautiful 🙂
    Congrats on building your running back up!

    My workouts last week included a lot of walking/running with my dog (I’m training her to run with me!), a couple solo runs, a kettlebell workout, and some wakesurfing (fun and a workout at the same time).

    Have a great day!

    1. How fun that you are training your dog to run with you! My Cooper hates to run on the leash. It’s more like a drag than a run. But off leash on the trails is his happy place. Good luck!

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