Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had me feeling back on track.

I had a nice mix of gym workouts and running. Even though I’ve been still working out at the butt crack of dawn for the past few months while injured, it’s not the same as a run-rise (aka running at sunrise).  There’s just something magical about that time of day.  When you are sweating it out in a gym at that time, it’s not magical.  Unless you are lucky enough to have an outdoor gym. Then maybe it would be a close second.


45 minutes Arc Trainer

Mega squat session and as many of my rehab exercises I could fit in during my time at the gym before I had to scurry home to get ready for work.  Have I mentioned how much I’m loving having a gym membership again?  I really needed it to jazz things up.

Single leg calf raises – straight leg and bent knee – 2 x 20 each

Single leg squats – 2 x 20

Single leg line jumps 2 x 20

Single leg deadlifts 2 x 20

Side shuffle w/ black band (that I brought from home) 2 x 20

Core work with TRX

Egoscue exercises while watching House of Cards…it’s so good this season!


Run/walk, 38 minutes total, 3.57 miles

Bumped up to 8 minutes x 3 run with 2 min walk in between

A.M. Yoga Flow at Bending Bodhi

Egoscue exercises

I woke up to the sound of rain and temps in the 40s.  I had to check the date on the calendar.  Was it really June 6th?  It felt more like April.

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes Elliptical

15 minutes Stepmill

Total upper body strength session. I would share what I did but I can’t remember everything.  I was all over the gym using DB’s, some machines, pulley’s, body weight and TRX.  My arms were shaking all morning long!

TRX core work

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


Run/walk, 42 minutes total, 4.18 miles

Bumped up to 10 minutes x 3 run with 2 min walk in between – wooohooo!

A.M. Yoga Flow at Bending Bodhi

PT strength exercises

Single leg calf raise 2 x 20 (straight leg/bent knee)

Eccentric calf raises 1 x 20

Single leg ball squat 1 x 20

Single leg lunge on Bosu w/ 25 lb bar 1 x 20

Single leg deadlift w/ 25 lb bar 1 x 20

Rapid toe tap on step 2 x 1 minute

Single leg jump up onto step 1 x 20

Single leg jump down off step 1 x 20

Ladder drills – single leg hop, single leg side/side

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


20 min Stepmill

20 min Arc Trainer

TRX core work

Egoscue exercises


3.5 mile trail run with Kailey, Julie and Lyla (Julie’s chocolate lab)

Originally we had planned on meeting up for a run on the road but I’m so glad plans changed and we hit the trails instead. I should have brought Cooper along but wasn’t sure if he could keep up after a couple of miles.  Next time!

I’m so thankful for awesome friends who will do run/walk intervals with me. I was super stoked to be back on the trails.  The last time I ran trails I was wearing microspikes and freezing my tail off in February.  Even the million mosquitos couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! Especially when you try to nail a jump shot and fail miserably. Over and over again. I think the outtakes are much better anyway.

Egoscue exercises

Last week's workouts |


45 minute walk with Cooper before heading to the beach.  Because it’s totally normal for it to be 45 degrees on Tuesday and 90 on Sunday.  Who says climate change isn’t real?!?!?!

Egoscue exercises

Linking up with Hoho/Tricia for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?


19 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

    1. I have had some magical cycling rides in the early a.m. Since I’m able to go farther in less time, I can make it to the bay. The sunrise over the bay is always top notch. Makes my day!

  1. Being back on track is the best! I love the variety of your workouts this week :)

    I agree about the weather this past week, it’s been wacky for sure. It’s going to be really hot here from today until Wednesday, so I’ll be enjoying some indoor workouts, that’s for sure!

    Thanks for linking up for the weekly wrap!

  2. I would do run/walk intervals with you! I’ve been deserted by my running buddy–she doesn’t want to do them! I can do shorter distances without them but for the long run, I’m still a run/walker.

    Runrise…I may steal that term…

    1. Sorry your running buddy ditched you. I’m don’t think my friends would want to run/walk long term. Plus, I was the only one who knew which trails to take. They would have been lost without me. Lol!

  3. Yay! This makes me so happy to read this! And trails too! I’d totally do run/walk intervals with you any day. The weather though? Super crazy. So cold and now so hot. Even my kids are like, hmmm this global warming this is real, huh Mommy?

  4. Today in Utah it’s in the 60s, when normally it’s around 90 at this time here. So I totally get what you mean when you have to remind yourself that it’s June.

  5. Hooray for long run intervals – you are returning to running so strongly! The weather has been super crazy – definitely climate change. One day it’s hot and the next it feels like April. I love an early morning run, especially in summer when the sun is actually up early at 5 AM versus winter when it’s 7:30 AM and still dark.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: BalanceMy Profile

    1. I’m feeling pretty good with running. I’d love to do more but I’m trying super hard to show some restraint. The last thing I need is to be back in the boot!

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