Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week, I felt like I was on my way back to running.

This week, I’m run/walking.  Yes!


40 minutes Arc Trainer

30 minutes legs


Egoscue Exercises


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

PT – One of the first things, Dan, my new PT said during my initial eval was that he treated aggressively.  He wasn’t kidding! The session started out with stretching and strengthening followed up with me running on the treadmill.  Not the AlterG.  The treadmill.  All my own bodyweight.  It was awesome!

Single leg calf raise 2 x 20 (straight leg/bent knee)

Eccentric calf raises 1 x 20

Single leg ball squat 1 x 20

Single leg Rebounder toss (tossing from left and right side) 2 x 20

Single leg lunge on Bosu w/ 25 lb bar 1 x 20

Single leg deadlift w/ 25 lb bar 1 x 20

Single leg balance on Wobble Board -front/back, side/side, clockwise, counter clockwise

Rapid toe taps on step

5 min run @ 7.1/0%

3 min walk @ 3.6/0%

5 min run @7.1/0%

3 min walk @3.6/0%

Met Ron at the gym in the afternoon.  We haven’t worked out together at a gym in over 7 years.  It was so fun!

20 minutes Arc Trainer

10 minutes Step Mill

Shoulders, chest and core

Egoscue Exercises

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes Arc Trainer

25 minutes back, biceps and core

Lat pulldown 2 x 10

Seated Row 2 x 10

Assisted pull ups with band 2 x 10

Rope pulley 2 x 60 sec

Battle ropes 2 x 60 sec

Plank/side plank

I skipped Egoscue exercises for the first time in weeks.  Whoops!

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comThursday

20 minutes Step Mill

20 minutes Elliptical

25 minutes triceps and core

PT – Today’s session was all about getting out of my head.  I’m so worried about getting injured again and searching for a reason why I get injured so much.  Every session I blast Dan with these concerns and questions.  He finally told me point blank that I’m setting myself up for failure with those thoughts.  I’m fine.  The bone is healed.  I am strong.  Injuries happen.

The exercises today were to show me that I am fine.

5 min warm up run on treadmill

Rapid toe tap on step 2 x 1 minute

Single leg ball squats

Single leg deadlift with 20 lb DB’s

Single leg jump up onto step 1 x 20

Single leg jump down off step 1 x 20

Ladder drills – single leg hop, single leg side/side, and then he wanted me to get some fancy foot work that I couldn’t grasp.  Again, I over thought it all!

5 min run, 3 min walk, 5 min run, 3 min walk

After all that hopping, jumping and running with no pain, I got clearance to wean myself off the boot.  Woohooooooooo!!!


A.M. Stretching/rolling – my legs were so sore after Thursday!

Candlelight Restorative Yoga and Massage class at Bending Bodhi

Last month I raved about this class to Ron.  When I saw that it was offered again this month, I asked Ron if he wanted to go, expecting him to say no.  We used to do Power Yoga classes together years ago pre-kids.  This was quite different than Power Yoga.  There was no sweating. In fact, we barely moved for 2 hours.  But it was ahhhhhh-mazing.  Ron was glad he went.  Obviously, he thought the massage part was the best because, it is.  There’s nothing better than a scalp or foot massage, am I right?

When the class was over, we were all blissed out yogi’s. I swear we stumbled out of class like we were drunk. It was even more funny that we went to a bar afterwards for a drink with our friends.  There’s nothing like going from a calming, serene yoga studio to a loud AF band playing at a bar.

Last week's workouts |


I had planned on getting my workout in first thing in the morning but plans were side tracked when I had an allergic reaction to something.  My arms, chest, ears and knees broke out in a rash.  Needless to say, after taking Benadryl, I was a zombie until I could sleep it off.  So weird.  In the afternoon, I did get a 30 minute walk with Cooper chasing the kids on their bikes.


Sunday Funday! 45 minute walk on the bike path with the whole family to get coffee and treats downtown.

Last week's workouts |

Sunday was supposed to be the day that I ran Sugarloaf Marathon.  It didn’t even phase me until pictures started popping up in my social media feed of friends who were running.  They all kicked ass and had an amazing day.  I’m so far removed from even thinking about marathons right now but that sparked a little fire in me to get back to there. Probably not this year and maybe not even next year.  But one day.

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How was your week in workouts?


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    1. He let me have it when he saw how much I froze when he said to hop up onto step/off a step. I was so stuck in my head. It’s a work in progress for sure since I’ve been babying my left foot for years. Even when it’s feeling great, I will purposely do most of the work with the right. So weird and so mental.

    1. Candlelight yoga is really amazing when it’s dark earlier in the evening. It’s kind of hard to get that mood effect when it stays light until 9 p.m. and class is at 6. Lol!

  1. I love the mantra your PT had you say about injuries happen and you are strong and your foot is healed! You KNOW how important the mind body connection is so I hope you’re believing those words!! And I really love that you completely forgot about the marathon and are just moving on.
    And the fact that you can walk to coffee and treats with the family is amazeballs.
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – My First Triathlon of The Season Is When?My Profile

  2. Sounds like Dan the PT knows his stuff! Hopefully, he’s working on “prevention” so you don’t end up back in the boot again. I’m glad to see you running.

    I don’t think I’m going to be sad about missing Grandma’s either. Isn’t it great, once you’ve made up your mind to be at peace with a decision like that?

    Onward and upward!

      1. Oh Angela. I am so sorry. What is the plan for that?

        I have to get a dexa scan and I’m dragging my feet on scheduling it.

  3. I am the same way after an injury- terrified that it’s going to come right back! I’m glad he was aggressive with your exercises and able to help put your mind at ease. So fun that you and Ron got to work out twice together this week!

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