Last Week’s Workouts

If I could describe last week’s workouts in one word, it would be wacky.

We had such a wide range of temperatures and conditions that each day was different and brought on a new wacky challenge.


30 minutes on the elliptical followed up with 30 minutes of strength training doing THIS workout + BOSU balance exercises.

Last week's workouts included bosu balance work. |


I have a serious bone to pick with The Weather Channel on this day. I checked the hourly forecast Monday night to find out what the temp would be for my run Tuesday morning. It said 13 degrees. Heat wave! Actual: 3 degrees. Ten degrees difference is HUGE! That morning I secretly hoped my friend would text me to cancel. She did text me. But told me to layer up because it was f@cking cold out. Damn.

8 hill repeats going up a huge ass hill (13.81%) that takes over 2 minutes to climb + mileage added on the end for 5 miles total. Oh and I can’t forget the extra 1/2 hill repeat that we did to get back up to our cars parked at the summit. I felt good for the first 30 minutes but then my knees started to randomly get really cold. Those last few repeats were a really hard effort just to get my knees up and down at any pace.

60 minutes of a marvelously wonderful yoga class.

Evening core workout.

Last week's workouts

Doesn’t that look pretty?


My favorite Wednesday workout that’s quick and effective:

Run and strength intervals in the basement.

1 mile run. 10 reps each: Single leg deadlifts, fire hydrant, bridge lifts, clam shells, donkey kicks, monster walks, V-up, superwoman, plank (front, each side for 1 min). 1 mile run. Repeat strength.

Last week's workouts


The run from hell. It was another morning when The Weather Channel was way off on the hourly temps. It was supposed to be mid 40s. Reality: 36 degrees. We were originally aiming for 7 miles if it was going to be pouring down rain. It wasn’t so we switched to 10 miles.

The run started off on the wrong foot.

About 3/4 into the first mile, I realized I hadn’t started my Garmin. At about 3 miles in, the pavement turned to black ice just as we were running down a hill. A big hill. I held onto it for a few steps, hoping that I’d hit a patch of dry pavement. No such luck. The whole road was a sheet of ice. My feet went out from under me and I landed hard on my right hip, knee and hand. My friend was lucky enough to be closer to the edge of the road so she could slide off onto the dirt. That sucker hurt. I haven’t wiped out like that in a long time.

We started up again more cautious and encounter black ice throughout the remainder of the run that resulted in shuffling more than running.

Around mile 6 I started to get really hungry. And tired. And just over it this sucky run.

But wait! It couldn’t end that easily. A half mile from my house I twisted my ankle in a pothole. Gah!!!! Thankfully it was just a twister that I could walk off.

Needless to say, 10 miles did not happen because I ran out of time. I settled for 8.5 miles and called it a day.

I felt off the rest of the morning until I went to Morning Flow yoga. Thankfully my yoga teacher sensed we all need a chill class to work out all our kinks and issues.

Last week's workouts


Redemption run! Thankfully, this run was SO much better. The temps were in the mid 40s with NO ice and no drama. A fun 6 mile run under a full moon that even resulted in negative splits. Boom!

6 miles for last week's workouts



5 easy miles. I kept my total mileage low this week because things are going to ramp up for the next few months. I’m slightly afraid to say the actual words. Let’s just say that I have the date of May 21st marked off on my running calendar.

Morning Flow yoga class that was ahhhhh-mazing!


All of our snow melted this past week because of the crazy temperatures. That means no snowshoe running this week. Thankfully, they have been able to make snow at the ski resorts. We spent the day skiing and snowboarding at Gunstock Mountain.

Last week's workouts This almost didn’t happen for me when one of my bindings broke as I strapped in on the very first run of the day. I thought I was out of luck but thankfully the repair guys put a new one on in 5 minutes. Woohoo! Of course, it was the perfectly wacky way to end a very wacky week.

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How was your week in workouts?


20 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

    and not in the good “fitting in fitness” way I adore.
    The child home. And then my planning a long marathon training walk and TREMENDOUS RAIN.
    And then today the child home…
    I long for not wacky but ROUTINE.
    (who knew?)

    1. Lots of squat variations and planks are always in my Bosu workout. I should post a bosu workout. I don’t think I’ve shared one of those here. Stay tuned!

  2. 10 degree difference is huge – but then again, it’s all cold and I love that it doesn’t stop you from getting your fitness on. Your run on Thursday – don’t we all have runs like this once in a while, but you still finished at 8.5 miles! #likeaboss
    You still got rewarded the next day with an awesome run plus negative splits!! That’s how it goes, as long as we hang in there, it’s all paying off. It’s about rolling with the punches:)
    Love the snow pics – believe it or not, we really miss the snow here in South Florida! Have a great training week!!

  3. Ooooh, your description of the wipeout on the black ice took me back to my icy runs last week. I had a few of those how is this going to turn out moments as I skidded down the sidewalk. Fortunately, I stayed upright but I sure don’t know how!

    When I go to my parents’ house in northern Wisconsin, the Weather Channel’s actual temp is always off, and by a lot. I don’t know where their thermometer is–in the middle of the cold waters of Green Bay?

  4. Oh, really this is mind-blowing post!
    Weighted figure is boring for all time. Freely there is tough to do any work. If few minutes strength training is done, then there isn’t problem. Besides, exercise and yoga should fixed according to daily. Even I becomes fatty day by day and I also have to take right step. That’s why I love your post.

  5. That is wacky weather! There’s a HUGE difference between 13 degrees and 3… 3 is seriously nasty cold and it just feels like muscles don’t work at that close to 0 degrees. I am glad you weren’t hurt on your slip – that’s scary!
    And oooohhhhh that’s so exciting about May 21st! I cheered when I saw that! I’m working with a few athletes considering that one right now. The course looks so beautiful and fun!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Lake Sammamish Half Training 2017 Week 2My Profile

  6. Every time I see you on your BOSU, I keep saying to myself-Just order one already!! Geez, those icy runs are dangerous!! Glad you ended the week on a much better run! Weather here has been really mild lately, I am always missing snow! I had a great, solid double digit run on Saturday with my local run club! Some weeks I find those double digit runs go so much better with running friends!
    Kara A. Forrest recently posted..Finding Ambition on the RunMy Profile

  7. Wow, your first two workouts are probably the ones I find the most difficult. I can hardly balance on the floor, don’t even try introducing the BOSU with me. There will be tears ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And those hill repeats are very impressive. Super impressive actually. Nice one!

  8. Yea!!! I’ve been waiting to see what race you signed up for! That looks like a really neat one and a PR course for sure! You know I’ll be cheering big time!!

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