Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Two things about last week’s workouts that stand out:

1 ) I ran two times

2 ) I joined a gym

After 8 weeks of no running and only one week of wearing a boot (but probably should have had it on longer), I’m feeling optimistic that I’m on the other side of this fibula stress fracture. I’m excited to get back to “normal” running.

I’ve been trying to get an answer to why I get injured every single year. It seems that it’s in my biomechanics somewhere, the question is where and how do I fix it? I’ve had gait analysis (numerous) and my strength tests good. I read an article over the weekend about how a difference in leg length can contribute to injuries that repeatedly occur on one side.  I was told I have a shorter leg at one time.  It’s definitely something that I need to explore more with all the specialists I’m seeing.


30 minutes recumbent bike

20 minutes glute strength workout

Egoscue Exercises


First workout at Planet Fitness.

It’s funny that I haven’t had a gym membership in 7 years yet the gym scene remains oddly similar.  While I was on the Arc Trainer, it gave me the opportunity to people watch.  Even though it was the no judgement zone, let’s just say that I may have been passing some judgement.  I’m looking at you guy who would do a 5 reps of biceps curl  and then would proceed to walk around the whole gym and make small talk for at least 10 minutes.  He repeated this numerous times in 45 minutes.

I don’t get it. Who has time like that to waste?

45 minutes Arc Trainer

30 minutes chest, triceps, core

Second PT appointment.  Dan killed my calves and ankles with oodles of strengthening and stretching exercises in addition to Graston.  I ended the session with 20 minutes on the AlterG starting at 35% bodyweight and ending at 100% bodyweight for the last two minutes with no pain.

Egoscue Exercises

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes elliptical

30 minutes leg and glute strengthening, core

My calves were so sore today. On top of the soreness from Tuesday’s PT appointment, walking around in the boot and in Dansko’s makes everything tighten up.  I spent the evening stretching, rolling and using The Stick to work it out.


45 minutes Arc Trainer

30 minutes back, biceps, core

Egoscue Exercises

Another PT session that focused on single leg balance, strength and stretching.  I had fun playing with the Rebounder.  I need one for at home! I wonder if I could make my own rather than pay $650 or more?

20 minutes AlterG @ 80% bodyweight

Last week's workouts |


20 minutes Morning Flow yoga followed up with stretching and Egoscue Exercises.


60 minutes Arc Trainer

10 minutes Stepmill

I got the OK to test out my fibula on the Stepmill from my PT. He wants me to stress the bone but not to the point where it’s pain. No problems, no pain. Woohoo!

Bosu Balance Exercises and core work at home.

Egoscue Exercises

Last week's workouts |


My kids’ gave me the best Mother’s Day present – I slept in till 7:45 a.m.! I can’t remember the last time I did that. Rather than slipping away to the gym for a workout I decided to hang out and lay low for the day. It felt wonderful.

Egoscue Exercises

Linking up with Ilka/Angela and Hoho/Tricia for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

Have you ever used a Rebounder?

23 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Yay for pain free running! Ive wondered about the leg length thing too. My injuries are mostly on the left side but I think anything that happens on the right is compensation. My hips are often out of alignment which can definitely cause issues.

    1. Every time I go to the chiropractor, he comments about my hips being out of alignment. I’d love for someone to give me some answers. Instead I seem to get different answers from different experts. Sigh.

  2. So glad last week was better and that you were able to test it out (with good results) at the end of the week. And sleeping until 7;45? Priceless! I also went sloth yesterday and did no workouts, sat on the couch with coffee and a book for about 2 hours. Amazing!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Allergic ReactionsMy Profile

    1. I’m not even sure how much an AlterG costs…$50,000? Whatever the case, I’m sure it’s out of my price range. Plus, the thing is HUGE!

  3. I’m with you — I keep trying to strengthen my weak areas, and while I haven’t had a serious injury, there’s still a lot of nagging aches I’d like gone — all pretty much on one side (and no one has ever really gotten to the bottom of it). It’s frustrating!

    Here’s to pain free runs!

    1. I agree. I don’t think I would waste my time using it if I was feeling good. Maybe just to experience feeling like you are running on the moon. Lol.

  4. So awesome that there has been no pain as you test the waters this week!

    Sleeping in sounds amazing. I’ve been up with the sun for weeks, it feels like! My body will not let me sleep in. But I had a nap which was also lovey. 🙂

    1. All of my sleeping in must have wore me out because I took a nap in the afternoon too. It was a gray, rainy day so why not? 😉

  5. Hooray for pain-free running!!! And for sleeping in!
    I find people-watching at the gym fascinating also. My apartment gym is small so it’s easy to people watch and see some people do a few exercises, play on their phones for several minutes, then a few more. Like you said – who really has that much spare time!?
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: Love of RunningMy Profile

  6. I’m SO happy to see that you were able to sneak in two runs and with no pain. I know that I need to continue doing my strength and PT exercises but I’ve totally fallen off the wagon lately. And people watching at the gym is THE BEST. Here’s to another pain-free week!

  7. I’m not even sure if we have an Alter G around my town! And a Rebounder… is that a mini trampoline thing? (Just Googled it). And finally, Arc Trainer – I think I always just thought those were the annoying elliptical machines that I could never get the rhythm of! Your post has been quite the learning experience. 🙂
    I’m glad you are heading towards the positive!!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..Training Tues – Mohican editionMy Profile

  8. I went to PT for three months last year. I enjoyed using the different equipment but don’t know all of the names. It was time and money well spent. Although I still do my PT home exercises, I’m thinking about returning this summer to clear up some back/hip issues. Anyhoo, I’m so happy to hear you were able to do some running and have come out of the boot. I too wish I had an answer to why my injuries of late? They seem to be related to marathon training and its higher mileage but I’m not ready to give that up. I’m glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day! Thanks for linking, Angela!

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