Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

I sat here for a bit staring at the cursor blinking before I started typing.

Last week’s workouts went from the highest of the high’s to the lowest of the low’s.

Last Tuesday I had hopes of getting the ok to return to running from my PT.  I had not had any fibula pain for 2 weeks and was feeling ready to give it a try.  My PT agreed and got me on the treadmill right away. After walking for 5 minutes, I began to run.  It felt awkward and clumsy.  Definitely not how I remembered running to feel.  My right hamstring felt tight but thankfully, I didn’t have any fibula pain.

I ran for 5 glorious minutes and was on cloud nine.  I was on my way back!

And then it crashed down when I started to feel the familiar ache and bone pain that started this whole thing 6 weeks ago.


I emailed Matt and he said I needed to get a second opinion and more imaging.

Worst case scenario, it’s a full on stress fracture and I’ll be put in a boot or other device.

Best case scenario, my fibula wasn’t ready for running yet and needs a couple of weeks of laying low still.

I’ve got an appointment with a new orthopedic (hopefully one that does not tell me I am getting too old for running) this week. The ache and bone pain mostly went away by Thursday. It’s completely gone again so that’s giving me a little bit of hope.

Everyday is a different emotion.  This “in between” time is hard.  I go through feelings of itching to run and doing everything I can to get there.  And then feeling like, what’s the point?  I’m just going to get injured again as soon as I start running again. And then I feel like a big complainer because this is such a minuscule program compared to other issues in the world.


Oh well. It’s another week. Another week of workouts.



45 minutes recumbent bike

Glute strengthening exercises

2 x 20 Squat with resistance band

2 x 20 Monster walks (forward and backward)

2 x 20 Side shuffle with resistance band

2 x 20 Walking lunges

2 x 15 Step ups with a hold at the top

2 x 15 Reverse lunge with a step

2 x 15 Cross over step with overhead press (10 pound kettlebell)

2 x 15 Balancing running (wo)man

Egoscue Exercises

Last week's workouts |


Physical Therapy appt.

5 minute warm up walk on treadmill

5 minutes running on treadmill

Egoscue Exercises

Planned on doing a regular workout after my PT appointment but sulked instead. 🙁


30 minutes recumbent bike

30 minutes glute strengthening exercises

Stay injury free or rehab an injury with these glute strengtghening exercises for runners

Egoscue Exercises

Indoor water park with family

It was the kid’s April vacation so we spent a few days at a hotel with a indoor water park.  Who knew climbing tons of stairs carrying a tube or bouncing in the wave pool could make your legs sore?

Last week's workouts |


Hotel gym workout

Everyone was up at the crack of dawn so we hit the hotel gym for a sweat session.

30 minutes elliptical

Egoscue Exercises

Indoor water park with family

Last week's workouts |


Hiking with the family

The days of rain cleared up so we hit the trails.

Egoscue Exercises


Volunteering at trail race

If I couldn’t run, at least I could be an athletic supporter.

I packed up the kids and took them along for volunteering at the Six03 Dixon’s Revenge Trail Race. It was great to see Sarah and our kids had fun hanging out.

I was jealous of those running until every single one of them complained about how horribly hard the running was.  It was nothing but mud and running through standing water.

Last week's workouts |

This is what the 20k racers had to run up at the turn around point. And yes, that’s my friend, Jess (and my massage therapist), running in an 1800’s era costume complete with her own saloon music and a parasol. You need to read her full race report to appreciate how hilarious the whole thing is.

Egoscue Exercises


45 minutes recumbent bike

20 minutes walk

Glute strengthening exercises

Egoscue Exercises

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20 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

    Im so sorry that it all came BACK.
    When specifically is the appointment?
    Sending you lowstresshanginthere vibes until that day.

  2. Ugh I know all of those emotional highs and lows too well! Just yesterday post race my shin was acting up and I starting freaking out that it was a stress fracture…today it feels fine but I’m going to rest for a good week or two anyway. Fingers crossed for some good news soon. If it is a stress fracture, at least you’ve already done more than half the resting… and you can definitely come back and even come back stronger from a fracture.

    I love that gym pic of the four of you!!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how a little tingle can send us into a tail spin? I was on such a high for running 5 whole minutes and then it came crashing down when the ache and pain returned. Ugh. You are being smart to rest your shin.

  3. The fact that it didn’t come back immediate might mean that you just did too much all at once–I did the exact same thing after the stress reaction in my ankle, and I was told to pull back for a week and then start with run walk intervals, like 3:2, for a bit. That totally helped! I’m sure you already know it, but I thought it was worth mentioning!

    1. Thanks for you input Susie! I am completely clueless about stress fractures/reactions. It scared the pants off of me when I got the bone pain again after hearing so many horror stories. I hope it is only too much too soon.

  4. “If I couldn’t run at least I could be an athletic supporter!” LOL!!! At least you still have your humor my friend. And, as you know, I’m feeling your pain right now. I know I don’t have an injury but I just feel so “meh” about everything and it’s sucking the fun out of everything. Hang in there. One of us should be raising up anytime now…right? xo
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Searching for the Joy in My JourneyMy Profile

    1. Have we lost that raising up feeling? Maybe I’ll listen to Josh Groban tomorrow and get the feeling back. But don’t hold your breath because I’m not going to listen to Josh Groban. 🙂

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. Not knowing the exact problem or when it will get better can be the worst. Hang in there! I am just coming out the other side of a running injury, and know how difficult it can be (mixed with that guilt of it can always be worse and there are so many other problems in the world).

    1. Thanks Danielle. I’m glad to hear that you are on the other side. It really is the pits when you can’t do what you want to do.

  6. Oh no, I am so sorry to read this! Hopefully, like Susie said, since the pain wasn’t immediate, you just need a bit more downtime and not the boot. I hope your appointment goes well this week! Also, your friend’s costume and race report are so funny!

  7. Oh, Angela, I feel you. Hopefully, it’s just what the others say, it’s just not time yet… I know you’re going to see an ortho but have you considered sports medicine as an alternative? I had the best luck with mine–they treat anything non-surgical and they know a lot about mechanics. Just my 2 cents.

    I hope you get answers and are back on the road soon. It’s so frustrating when you can’t run.

    1. The Dr. that I saw originally is sports med. The ortho that I’m seeing this week is also a podiatrist and has come highly recommended. We’ll see what happens. I’ve never seen a podiatrist before so maybe he can give me some insight.

  8. I’m so sorry you are still dealing with fibula pain. I’ve had a couple of stress fractures and various other injuries too. People always dread the “stress fracture” diagnosis, but honestly they’ve healed quicker than any other injury I’ve sustained. Regardless, I hope you get an answer so you can move forward. That in between not knowing time is awful. Also, I love how Jess dressed up in period costume and ran despite having a shoe malfunction. Thanks for linking, Angela!

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