Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

It’s been 6 weeks since I last ran.  To say I’m itching to run again is an understatement. I’m missing my sunrise runs!

I’ve been feeling rather lost in my workouts, like they don’t have a purpose.  Obviously, the Sugarloaf Marathon is not happening. The next race that I have on my schedule is Mount Washington Road Race.  I’ve got 8 weeks to get in shape for it.  I’ve been given the ok to walk a little but no incline yet. At least I’m tackling tons of glute strength exercises to build up the buns for that “one hill”.

I’m hoping that I get the green light to try run/walk intervals tomorrow when I see my PT.  I will have to take it very, very s-l-o-w-l-y.  From what I’ve heard from others who have had a stress fracture/pre-stress fracture, the recurrence rate is high. I’m guessing I won’t be in phenomenal shape for Mount Washington.  Everything is at a wait and see point from now on.


45 min Recumbent Bike

Glute strengthening exercises

Bodyweight Tabata with no Frog Jumps and walking lunges instead of jump lunges

Egoscue exercises

I’ll be sharing some of my glute strengthening exercises on Wednesday for the latest edition of Run It. Some are exercises that I’ve been doing for years but others have a slight twist to help fire the glutes up rather than my quads.  I’m such a quad dominant runner that it takes a lot of work for my other muscles to wake up.

Last week's workouts  |


Morning Flow Yoga Class at Bending Bodhi

10 minute walk

Recumbent bike 70 minutes

Egoscue exercises

The warm weather from last week left us (after Marathon Monday of course) and left us with overcast and 40 degree weather. I opted to stay inside rather than freeze my face off on the bike outside.


30 minute recumbent bike

13 minute walk

Glute strengthening + balance exercises


I started adding walking into my routine to feel out my foot.  There’s been no pain or soreness during or afterwards.

Balance Exercises for Runners _


Morning Flow Yoga Class at Bending Bodhi

20 mile bike ride OUTSIDE!

15 minute walk

Egoscue exercises

It wasn’t a super warm day but I couldn’t fathom another day in the basement.  I didn’t want to go to the pool to run either so I bundled up and hit the road on my bike.  Fresh air and a change of scenery hit the spot.

Last week's workouts |


30 minute recumbent bike

15 minute walk

Glute strengthening exercises

Egoscue exercises

Candlelight Restorative Yoga and Massage at Bending Bodhi

I’ve been to three previous Candlelight Restorative Yoga classes before but this one added a new element – massage.  O. M. G. You guys, this class was ahhhhhmazing. Two plus hours of basically snuggling with a bolster or a blanket and having your back, neck, head, arms, calves and feet massaged while in every pose.  Total relaxation. It was the best thing ever.

Last week's workouts |


45 minute recumbent bike

Egoscue exercises

I’ve been super faithful about doing the Egoscue exercises every day.  I can’t say I’ve noticed less pain but then again I didn’t really have intense pain before.  It was more of a tightness feeling here and there. I’m sticking with it though.


20 minute walk + walking around Boston for the day

Egoscue exercises

We spent the day down in Boston walking throughout the city.  I’m happy to report my feet felt great.  Woohoo!

Linking up with Ilka/Angela and Hoho/Tricia for the weekly workout wrap up.

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Im probably a lot too proud of myself for the fact I JOINED A NEW BOOT CAMP LAST WEEK!
    One day a week so far.
    All men.
    I was the worst/slowest/etc.
    Im going back again.

  2. So much bike time- I’m impressed! Fingers crossed you can start adding in walk/run intervals asap. I didn’t realize it’s been 6 weeks already!!

  3. Looks like you are making the best of it until you can run again. Speaking of which, when is that happening?

    PS your Garmin needs a charge! :p

  4. I know everyone’s injuries are different, but I’ve had an ankle and a metatarsal stress fracture. Both healed relatively quickly (compared to tendon issues I’ve had) and have not reoccurred (KNOCK ON WOOD). I’ve also had a “real” metatarsal fracture on the other foot which was not nearly as painful as the stress fracture. Go figure. Good job on keeping active! The 20 mile outdoor bike ride had to have felt good. It takes a special kind of crazy to pool run (oh, I qualify!). I hope you get the clearance to start running soon. Thanks for linking!

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