Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were a bit all over the place.

At the beginning of the week, my motivation was low.  I felt like crap.  The initial high from being told I didn’t have a stress fracture the week before had worn off.  Instead I was focused on other things the orthopedic doctor said.

“A 20 year old could get away with running 5 days a week.  A 39 year old with your bone structure can’t.”

I was feeling like a washed up runner.

On top of that, my neck and lower back were really tight and sore.  I think I had a headache 7 days in a row.  I don’t know how people with chronic migraines function.

Tuesday, things started to look up.

I saw my chiropractor who adjusted everything from my head to my toes.  It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes especially in my pelvis and feet.

Later that day I saw my PT and gave him the rundown of what happened with the ortho.  He calmed my nerves and reassured me that I’m not a washed up runner.  My foot structure is unique but that doesn’t mean I can’t return to running like I was before. I just need to be super diligent on form and keeping my hips and core strong.

Here’s how last week went.


40 minutes bike trainer

25 minutes strength


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

60 minutes pool running intervals

Hip strengthening and core work in the evening

Last week's workouts |


30 minutes recumbent bike

30 minutes strength and balance training

Balance Exercises for Runners _


60 minutes bike trainer

I had a sick kiddo home with me so I was stuck inside sweating it out on the bike trainer.  With all my time spent on the bike inside, I’ve been watching ultra documentaries to stoke the running fires.  I still feel like I want to do an ultra…we’ll see. In the meantime, any recommended documentaries on running to watch?

Hip and core work with bands


Rest Day


60 minutes bike trainer

Core Work

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga at Bending Bodhi

20 mile bike ride OUTSIDE!

Last week's workouts |

It felt AMAZING to ride outside!  I’ve been craving exercise in the fresh air every since my last run. If I could go for a walk, it would at least make me feel a little bit better but I’m restricted on spending too much time on my feet. But cycling?  No problem!  I’m psyched that the weather is cooperating and it looks like I can be outside on my bike a lot more this week.

If I can’t run outside, at least I can ride. And that’s better than nothing.

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How was your week in workouts?


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  1. Glad you were able to get in an outdoor ride this weekend! I ran a little in the beginning of the week (but when I run on weekdays its still dark out) then after a whole lotta days indoors I went for a walk yesterday and it felt amazing, especially because the sun was out and it was warm! I hope you are seeing improvements with your injury and can get back to running soon!

  2. And what bone structure is that???
    If I listened to half of what people told me… but then again, I know I can’t run 5 days a week… except I’m doing it right now (I’m not doing crazy miles, but I still know better).

    1. A very wonky bone structure that likes to be injured apparently. Lol! The ortho was smart enough to know that there was no way I was going to “only” run 3 times a week. He said don’t run 5 days. He didn’t say anything about 4…

  3. Now you are speaking my language woman! I too was giddy to be outside on my bike on Sunday even though I had to go a little early and my feet were freezing – it was WAY better to be out there in the sun!!
    I’m telling you, you will be doing triathlons in no time – LOL!!!
    Allie recently posted..High 5 Friday!My Profile

    1. Can I compete in tri’s doing the doggie paddle? Or can I at least wear a life jacket? That’s about the extent of my swimming skills. Lol!

  4. Some doctors can be so insensitive! I once had an ortho who told me that anything over 20 miles/week is too much. You know and I know that a lot of doctors don’t know much about treating athletes. Just be smart and you’ll be back on the road.

    Ups and downs? I got those too…

    1. It was my first time seeing this ortho. Not sure I’d go back. And then I had to chuckle as I was walking out of the exam room. He told me he wanted to work with runners more so I should tell everyone in my running group to go to him. Lol. I don’t think so!

  5. So glad the chiro helped put things into perspective for you. And yes, I think one of the worst things about injuries is the lack of outside time and sunshine! All that cross training is typically indoors on machines. So glad it is nice enough to bike outdoors!

  6. I’m glad that you were able to get on the bike outside – I bet the sunshine and fresh air made a world of difference on that. The hardest part about cross-training with injured is being stuck inside in the gym. I hope you can get more time outdoors as your foot heals up! I’m saving that balance workout you shared!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: Running for FunMy Profile

    1. That’s the worst part! Of all the other times that I’ve been injured, I’ve always been able to get outside on my bike at least a couple of times a week. I need fresh air!

  7. The right chiropractor can be so super helpful! I was in treatment last year and it helped my hips tons. But you really need to find a good one and not overdo it I think. I’m not sure if age matters when it comes to mileage. If you take care of your feet by wearing the right shoes or insoles, have the right nutrition so your body gets a chance to recover well, I think age doesn’t matter. I think when our lives get busy, especially as Mom Runners we tend to neglect some important aspects for our recovery. Yes, we get the mileage in, but don’t give our bodies the break it really deserves after hard training days. I’m pretty sure you are one of those non-stop Superwomen and you probably always setting the standards for yourself very high, which btw is a beautiful thing to have!
    Keep taking it easy Angela, and do what you need to do to heal your foot! Have a great week!
    Ilka recently posted..Weekly Running Log Week April 2nd Treadmill Running, TRX and Some Beach TimeMy Profile

    1. I’ve heard many horror stories about chiropractors. My current chiropractor came highly recommended for athletes. I’m super impressed with him and how much it helps me out.

  8. I’ve had ups and downs since I tore my meniscus. I’d be happy with just being able to go for a walk now that the weather has improved!! Not all orthopedists know what they’re talking about when it comes to us athletes. If you’re washed up at 39, I’m NEVER going to make a comeback. Glad your PT has a good head on his shoulders. 🙂

    1. I once went to an orthopedic who was also a runner. It was so awesome to have someone diagnose and treat me who “got” what I was going through. My current ortho? He kept saying that he hasn’t even run 30 miles total in his whole entire life. And he’s in his late 50s. He obviously didn’t get me.

  9. Isn’t it crazy how much of a difference an adjustment can make? I felt “off” yesterday so I had one of my hubby’s docs adjust me and WOAH was I OUT. He told me I was “all sorts of jacked up” hahaha.

  10. Definitely try another doctor. Sometimes we have to try several doctors until we find one we mesh with. It is time consuming and not fun to wait in so many waiting rooms, but the end result is worth it to find someone who can help. The right chiropractor can make all the difference in the world too :-). Recently, my nutritionist recommended purchasing a small bottle of wintergreen essential oil- mix with olive oil or coconut oil and rub on. You will be surprised how is heats up the muscles around the site joints.
    Hope you find a new ortho and are back up to speed soon!

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