Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts 139 running with dogs | happyfitmama.comLast week’s workouts were full of fun, fall, and fear. You probably get the fun and the fall part but the fear is because I started getting a niggle on the top of my right foot. I immediately thought it was a stress fracture. Why?  Because I fear getting another one.

It turns out that it was not a stress fracture and not even an injury. My chiropractor, who is a master magician with my feet, put the bones back where they were supposed to be and I’ve been all good ever since.

So take it from me, don’t immediately freak out as soon as a niggle pops up. Assess and seek an expert opinion. It’s better that way.


30 minutes bike

Strength training:

Bullet proof leg circuit

Bench press

DB renegade row w/ push up

Cable row with reverse lunge

Banded pull ups

DB bicep curl/tricep ext

Plank matrix


8 mile trail run

Anya and I hit up the new trails again at Stonehouse Forrest for Trail Tuesday. The signage was much better than last week as we try to figure out the lay of the land. I wanted to try to get the crown back for a Strava segment but it turns out that we took a different trail in so we cut the segment short. Damn it!  Guess we’ll have to go back again. Haha!

Update: Anya went back over the weekend and CRUSHED the segment. She is now the rightful Queen. I’ve got some work to do! 😉

Last week's workouts 139 |


20 minutes Elliptical

10 minutes Stepmill

After consistently doing the Stepmill at least 1-2 week from March-September, I felt like that beast wasn’t so bad anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it still made me sweat like crazy and was hard AF. I haven’t done it since the week before VT50k. Today was the day to get back into it. Let me tell you, 10 minutes was hard! Sheesh. How did I ever do 40 minutes before?!?!

Strength training:

DB bench press

DB pull overs

TRX SL row

TRX bicep curl/tricep ext

DB thrusters

Barbell squats

Barbell curtsy lunges

Stability ball core: bridge, stirring the pot, plank roll ins


4.5 mile run

I woke up to 40 degrees and made the last minute switch from capris to long tights. Who am I? In years past, I would wear shorts till temps were in the 30s. Now it’s the 40s and I’m wearing long tights. I think I’ve lost my cold weather grit. Or maybe it just seems too dark and too early for this weather. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


Rest day!


I was up later than usual on Friday night so sleep won Saturday morning. We had a packed day with archery for Lukas and an end of season soccer jamboree for Avery so there was little time for me to have fun. I opted for a walk with Max and THIS mini band workout. That’s the beauty of the off-season!


5 mile run

I woke up to pouring rain and a forecast of even heavier rain as the day went on. It was only 41 degrees and just gray.  If you say you like running in the rain, clearly you haven’t run in a cold rain. My least favorite thing about fall – cold, gray and rainy days. Max needed to run some crazy off so he tagged along. Initially I was going to go to the trails but Ron reminded me that a wet dog is better than a wet and muddy dog. And Max would have been VERY muddy.

We kept things mellow and easy. I was done with the cold after 5 miles. )Thank you, off season!)  During the run, it’s not so bad. It’s the trying to warm up afterwards that’s the worst. I ate/drank all the hot things and took an extra long scalding shower and was still freezing all day.

How was your week in workouts?

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10 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Oh, brrrrr! We spent yesterday in Madison at my son’s rugby game and it took me hours to warm up! Definitely cold and I won’t lie about dreading winter. Maybe it’s old age, but I”m over it!

    I do love your red colors!!! And glad your foot niggle was just that. A niggle.

  2. I could not agree more about Chiros being master magicians! Mine has come through for me countless times. Glad your niggle was nothing serious. I find myself doing the same thing with tights where before I’d be in capris and shorts far longer. What is up with that??

  3. I love that pic with all the red leaves!!!! I was really skeptical when everyone was telling me the 65F temps with rain (for the MCM this weekend) would be “warm” (???). Because, 65F and rain (to me) does not feel warm…but it did feel surprising comfortable (bordering on warm LOL). The rain was a total buzzkill…honestly, do we really need all that precip in the fall? ANd, it’s currently snowing outside as I type…totally don’t need that in the fall either!

  4. The cold rain is the worst! That’s what I ran in from October to March when I lived in Seattle. Now I avoid it as much as possible! I’m glad your niggle was nothing more than that. My brain jumps to the worse also after a stress fracture.

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