Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comLast week’s workouts were kind of sort of a reverse taper. Let’s just call it a loose reverse taper. I took the week off after VT50k so this week has been easy intensity and low mileage. I even took Sunday off from running. Plan less is nice!

I will say that after a mega weekend of inspiration from Eulid Kipchoge, Roderick Sewell, the first bi-lateral above knee amputee to finish Ironman Kona World Championship on prosthetic legs, and Brigid Kosgei broke the world’s marathon record for women in Chicago, it’s hard not to go big or go home on my goals now.


20 minutes ARC trainer

10 minutes rowing machine

It was my first day back at the gym after almost two weeks off from lifting and cross training. After using the Stepmill at least 1-2x/week for the past 6 months, I thought I’d mix it up for cardio. The ARC trainer to start followed by 10 minutes on the rower. The rowing machine is an amazing full body piece of cardio equipment. Unfortunately, I get seasick on it. I wanted to give it another try today. Thankfully, my sea legs were worthy and their was zero queasy-ness

I was excited to get back to the weights. I knew I was going to be sore no matter what I did so I opted for lighter weights to ease back into it. My goal for the off season is to get at least 2-3x/week of strength training with increased weights, lower reps to build up a solid foundation for whatever comes my way next.

Strength training:

SL lunge matrix (front, lateral, reverse)

Leg press

SL deadlift

DB bench press

DB incline press

Decline pushups

KB renegade rows

Lat pulldown

TRX tricept ext

TRX bicep curls

Core work (plank variations, deadbug w/ stability ball, bridge, etc)


38 minute run, 4.17 miles

I opted for sleeping in rather than running in the dark and rain. My original plan had been to squeeze in an easy run around lunch but my eyes were still dilated from an early morning eye doctor check up. I couldn’t see anything close up even 4 hours later. Three hours later, I could finally see normal.

Usually, afternoon runs are a slog but today everything felt good. I originally had planned on a 30 minute run but got caught up in leaf peeping that I added some time and distance. Fall running is just the best!


30 minutes Elliptical intervals

Strength training:

Modified Bullet Proof leg circuit

Bench press

TRX push ups

Pull ups

DB SA row w/ SL balance

Core work

Last week's workouts }

My whole body was sore from Monday’s strength training but after a few sets, things started to loosen up. I upped the weight and finished with what I had been doing at my peak in 50k training a few weeks ago. It’s time to go up next week!


41 minute run, 4.6 miles

I fully expected it to be cold and rainy when I woke up Thursday.  Instead, it was low 50s, no rain but windy. As I set out to meet up with Kyle, I instantly was happy. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of the wind through the trees in the fall. It sounds different that any other time of the year.

Per usual, Kyle and I kept our mouths running just as fast as our legs. Especially when we start discussing Middle and High School trends/lingo that our kids will probably start using soon.  Ugh.

P.S. I wonder what people think when they see a headlamp and glowing arms coming at them in the dark?


Rest day!


30 minute run, 3.36 miles

After waking up to the amazing news that Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2 hour marathon mark with 1:59:40, I couldn’t help but be inspired. The human body is truly limitless. The best part was seeing how the pacers were genuinely thrilled for him as he crushed it. There’s zero chance that I’ll be breaking any world record but it’s a good reminder to tell yourself that there’s no limit on what you can do.


3 mile hike with the family

In case you don’t know, this weekend is peak leaf peeping season in New Hampshire. The whole state is flooded with tourists. So what did we do?  Join them!  The traffic was ridiculous (on and off the trail). But it was so pretty. The colors in the White Mountains right now are amazing. Heading to Mount Willard, the leaves were like a Bob Ross painting on acid. So vibrant and breathtaking. Even though I’m a summer-loving girl, Fall is a very close second.

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Our leaves are just barely starting to change, but with the freeze Friday night, that will soon be changing. I slept in on Saturday…the first time in I don’t know how many months. My body usually naturally wakes up anywhere between 5:15-5:30…but not this weekend LOL So, that’s how the rest of the world lives, huh? 😉

  2. So glad that you did a real recovery! I’m not sure what I will do this week – I think I’m just gonna play it by feel.

    Our leaves haven’t started changing yet because the weather here keeps going back and forth between spring/summer and winter, lol. I’m still looking for Fall 🙂

  3. Great week! Interesting on getting seasick on the rower. I used to get dizzy on the treadmill. You’re so lucky to have fall colors. We had such a dry summer our fall is supposed to be more brown.

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