Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts saw another cutback week in my long run mileage.  It’s hard to believe that I’m 3 weeks away from VT50k.  I’m enjoying the down mileage and prepping for next weekends last long(er) run – 24 miles!!


6.7 mile run, 9:34 avg pace, 0 ft elev gain (Ha!)

30 minutes at-home strength training w/ the BOSU, mini bands and DB’s

After searching for hills exclusively since March, I have neglected my flat as a pancake beach runs. Such a shame! Kyle and I made a run date for the unofficial last day of summer to meet up for a sunrise beach run. The forecast said cloudy with a chance of rain but per usual, the forecast was way off. Don’t believe everything a meteorologist tells you!

Last week's workouts |

Later in the day, I attempted an at-home strength training session. I got it done but it was all over the place.  That’s what happens when you have two kids and a dog who want in on the action. How did I ever workout at home before?  Ah, yes.  It was 5 a.m. and everyone was asleep!


5.9 mile run, 9:24 avg pace, 374 ft elev gain

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

This was my fourth day of running in a row so I let Max dictate the pace. He was extra ‘stop and sniffy’ and I had no problems with it.


30 minutes Stepmill Intervals

60 minutes strength training

I skipped one day of cross training (Monday) and I paid for it. I was extra, extra sweaty on the stepmill as I climbed Christ the Redeemer in Rio (via the program on the ‘mill).  FYI – I totally had to look up where Christ the Redeemer was. I knew of the statue but didn’t know that was it’s name.  Thanks, Planet Fitness, for making me smarter everyday.

It felt good to hit my legs and upper body heavy with the weights.  My legs were feeling fatigued the post lift fatigue later in the day.


2 hour trail run, 9 miles, 1,030 ft elev gain (maybe?)

With the kids’ fall sports season kicking off, my trail running Saturday’s are getting squashed. There’s no way I can drive an hour or more to the trail head, run, and then get back in time for carting kids to the fields.

I decided to move my long run to Thursday because a trail run wasn’t going to happen on Saturday even if it was a cutback week.

It was a bluebird day with temps in the 60s.  Plenty of doggies to pet, one snake and one weirdo guy who commented that he wished he was half the man I was as I ran by.  Wtf does that mean?!?!

No falls, no rolled ankles. It was a good run.


Rest day!


6 mile run, 9:05 avg pace, 724 ft elev gain

The plan was to run a hilly route with at least a 1/2 mile hill climb. I decided to be an overachiever and did 3 of the 1/2 mile hill climbs and a 1/2 mile long gradual hill in addition to the other hills. Usually, when I’ve included those hills, I get at least 500 ft of elev gain. Imagine my shock when Suunto, Training Peaks and Strava said I got a puny 300 ft.  WHAT?!?!?!

Thankfully, something was calculated wrong and it turned out to be 724 ft of gain instead. Talk about feeling like you are losing fitness if from all that climbing I only got 300 ft.  Ugh!

It goes to show…technology is not always good!


4 mile trail run, 11:50 avg pace

As much as I hate to see summer go, the seasons are changing. The air feels different. It smells different. That’s one of the first things I noticed when I took off on the trail with Max Sunday morning.  There’s some color changes in the leaves and the air just smells drier.  I know that makes zero sense unless you’ve smelled the same thing.

I kept the pace easy and thought about what’s to come in the new season.  Kind of exciting, right?

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Great week for you! I Know what you mean about technology…my 15-miler was a tough enough run all on it’s own. I knew the general distance, so when Garmin verified it, I was good. Later, I checked the pedometer app on my phone…and it gave me 13.8 miles and 1 flight climbed. WTF???? I know the Garmin was accurate and the phone was off, but seriously?

  2. Wow, just 3 weeks away?! Time is just flying by. Your training has been really good so I know you’re gonna rock that race in a few weeks.

  3. Yay for a great week! Your sunrise run looks amazing. I love it when a bad weather forecast is wrong — but don’t like it if an event was canceled for weather that didn’t happen. Good idea to move your long run. Weekends sure do get packed with kid activities!

  4. Killer week for you! I totally know what you mean about the air. It’s like you can smell the drying of the leaves, and the angle of the light is just different. What a weirdo on the trail. Boo.

  5. The different smell in the air makes perfect sense to me!! I seriously completely understand that statement and it’s the same smell here 🙂 I can’t believe you’re only 3 weeks out from the 50K – woot woot!!!! And I have no clue what that weirdo guy meant but I feel like that may have been the least creepy thing he was thinking. Ew.

  6. Another great week for you – ultra training suits you well! Technical watch issues can be so annoying – and elevation always seems to be the one that reads weird!

    1. I know it’s pancake flat but there is ONE hill that you would think make the elevation at least 20 ft. Lol! Strava was giving me a better elevation readout (i.e. higher) up until a few weeks ago. Now I’m having the Suunto app and Strava be way less than usual. Do you know Strava has an elevation correction button on their website? It’s recalculated a lot of mine to more accurate numbers.

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