Last Week’s Workouts

Last week’s workouts were a mix of feeling out my ankle post long run roll last week and capped off with an amazing adventure in a van full of friends running, laughing and oh so many hills in Vermont.


20 minutes bike

20 minutes elliptical

60 minutes mobility/core/strength training

After rolling my ankle on Saturday, I wanted to do something that wasn’t any impact so I split my cardio up between the bike and the elliptical.  My ankle didn’t hurt but was still puffy.  I was able to strength train with no problems.  My legs were quaking after the Bullet Proof Leg Circuit.


45 minute run

Morning Yoga Flow @ Bending Bodhi

I had an easy run on the plan so Max tagged along.  I wasn’t feeling super into the run so I let Max dictate our pace.  Sometimes he likes to run nonstop fast. Some days he likes to stop, sniff, and pee on everything. Today was the later.

Later on in the day I hit up a yoga class. I haven’t been to class in three weeks due to vacation and family visiting so I was long overdue. There was a sub teacher for the day. I had been to one of her classes before and it was super low key.  I thought for sure it was going to be the same thing. It turns out she decided we all needed a hot yoga session. The A/C stayed off for the duration of the class. I was dripping sweat everywhere within the first 10 minutes. Not exactly the nice and easy stretching session I had envisioned. Nonetheless, it felt good to be back on my mat.  Albeit a very sweat mat after that class.


30 minutes stepmill intervals

60 minutes mobility/strength training/core

My gym upgraded a ton of cardio machines.  I was excited to see that the stepmills now had programs.  I chose the Eiffel Tower climb (which was only 25 minutes) and added 5 more to give me an even 30.  Has anyone climbed the Eiffel Tower – does it really only take 25 minutes? I find that hard to believe.


5.8 mile run, 483 ft elev gain

I had a hilly run on the plan but I needed to have at least one hill of a 1/2 mile length. A few came to mind but I wasn’t sure it would be long enough.  On a whim, Kyle and I decided to hit the BIG hill in town (the hill we did a lot of Mt. Washington training on) plus run up the observation tower at the top of it. Neither one of us is a fan of heights so it was quite comical once we reached the top.  I couldn’t let go of the inside pillars!

The sun was just coming up so hence, our very red/orange faces!

We successfully got a 1/2 mile steady climb in so I call that a win.

FYI – I haven’t done a repeat up that big hill since Mt. Washington and I could definitely tell it’s been two months.  How did I ever survive 7 of those things?!?!?


Rest day!


Vermont 100 on 100 Relay! Stay tuned for the whole recap of how I spent 14 hours in a van sweating, laughing and running the hills of Vermont with my friends on Team Air Supply.

21.79 miles, 2000 ft elev gain


40 minute recovery run

I opted to save my recovery run till after I got home from Vermont.  There was no way I was going to even attempt the hills around Allie’s condo!  My quads were trashed from flying on the downhills. Going down stairs or stepping off a curb is so much fun right now. When I first started off on my recovery run, my body was like, “WTF are you doing?!?!

But I took it easy, walked for a minute or two at every mile marker and things loosened up.  It’s funny how your body remembers what it’s supposed to do.

How was your week in workouts?

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24 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Your relay looked so fun! Congrats to ALL of you!! I know what you mean about ones’ body remembering what to do. I almost always try to do a recovery run the day (ideally in the morning) after a long run or race. I run it easy, and never go further than 2-3 miles. And, I always return home feeling better than when I left.

    1. I usually do it first thing in the morning too but there was no way I could run at Allie’s. It’s all uphill or downhill. My legs couldn’t tolerate either!

  2. Your relay looked like so much fun on Instagram! I hope your legs start to feel better soon. I always find that if I can get myself out for a really easy recovery run that it does help a bit with the soreness.

    1. My quads were so sore. Today, Tuesday, they are feeling almost back to normal. There’s still a little heaviness but I can get down the stairs without wincing!

  3. Obviously I’m SO sad I had to miss out. I loved hearing the recaps from Nat and Laura though and I’m sure we can win it all next year!!! You are smart to not have run from my condo – there’s only one way to go, and then reverse it and it’s a freakin ski mountain so… Can’t wait to hear your recap, even if I cry…
    GREAT JOB on your super hard legs of the race!!! I heard all about your heroic feats!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: 4 Vacations and A FuneralMy Profile

    1. You were SOOOO missed! I can’t thank you enough for letting us stay at your condo even after you weren’t able to join us. It was perfect! And next year…it’s so on! And like I said, I’ll do more speed work to prep. 🙂

  4. So glad that your ankle is feeling better this week.

    I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures from VT 100 Relay this weekend on Instagram – your team totally rocked it!

    1. I was concerned about my ankle going into the weekend. I didn’t know how it was going to feel. But it held up and actually I think it helped it. Who knew?

    1. We didn’t do the Ragnar trail race we did the VT 100 on 100 which was 100 miles along route 100. It’s funny that there were two different relays going on in Vermont over the weekend.

    1. We had great weather…if we weren’t running. It was hot and very humid. Not the best conditions for running an all day relay. And then there was a huge thunderstorm. But it was all good!

  5. I had the same quad soreness although not nearly as bad as last winter in VT … and I didn’t have nearly the elevation that you had! Way to rock that 2000 elevation gain!! I think I would have sat and cried in the middle of one of those climbs. 🙂 Looking forward to your recap!

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