Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

With the Mount Washington Road Race in the rear view mirror, it’s time to focus on the next race – Loon Mountain.  I love this race.  It’s got loads of mountain running vert but there’s a section of sweet single track that traverses the mountain too.

Of course, there’s everyone’s favorite, Upper Walking Boss, where you claw at the dirt to stay upright.  Type 2 fun, indeed!

Here’s how last week’s workouts went down.


The great thing about running Mount Washington is that you aren’t sore afterwards. I had fatigued legs on Sunday but a little recovery run did the trick so I was good to go on Monday. My knees did feel a little sore so I opted for no impact on the Elliptical just to be safe.

40 minutes Elliptical

60 minutes strength training: mobility + Bullet Proof leg circuit + upper body + core

Last week's workouts |


Treadmill incline run, 45 mins, 1,228 ft elevation gain

As much as it pains me to run inside during this time of year, the treadmill is a great tool for getting incline when I can’t hit the big climb outside.

Incline varied from 3% – 10% for 1/2 mile to 1 mile intervals. Running on the treadmill leaves me a super sloppy, sweaty mess. Today was no different.


40 minutes Stepmill Intervals

60 minutes strength training: full body + core + mobility

Back to the Stepmill for Upper Walking Boss training.


48 minute run, 8:39 avg pace, 290 ft elev gain

I had not seen Kyle since the Thursday before so we had tons to catch up. We needed more time because there’s so much that we didn’t cover. Don’t you hate when that happens!

Last week's workouts |


Rest Day!

My babies turned 9 today!  One more year till double digits…what?!?!


10 mile trail run, 11:09 avg pace, 1,287 ft elev gain

Saturday’s run was a benchmark for how to proceed with 50k training. Rather than running for time, like I had been since March, I had a mileage goal. I needed a off-road, runnable and hilly trail for a moderate/hard intensity run.

I ventured out to a new to me trail and did not get lost thanks to my friend Heather hooking me up with turn-by-turn directions. I can’t wait to go back again because it’s a beautiful trail system!

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comI felt great for the duration!  It’s the first time I hit 10 miles on a run since February and the longest distance I’ve run on trails since last summer. I’m looking forward to ramping up the distance soon.


41 minutes run, 9:18 avg pace, 325 ft elev gain

An easy recovery run with Max on road and trails. We headed out a little later than I wanted so it was quite warm, especially in the sun. Max was a pooped pup at the end. But recovered nicely on the cold tile floor once we got home.

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comAnd then the rest of us recovered at the beach!

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. I can’t believe you weren’t a little sore after all that climbing…what a BEAST!! (In the nicest way, of course) 😉 Great week; you bounced right back at it!! Thanks for linking!

  2. Oh, gosh that scenery looks amazing. I think your not being sore has more to do with your excellent conditioning rather than the course! You are strong! I agree that the treadmill can be a great training tool!

    1. True. I think hitting the weights hard this time around helped A LOT but there’s something about the grade of Washington that doesn’t put as much strain on the muscles so you aren’t sore. I wish I could find the article that I read that in to cite it. It’s interesting stuff!

  3. I have total trail envy when I read your recaps! It’s so beautiful where you run. Looking forward to reading more about your training. And happy birthday to your twins!

  4. You recovered well from Mt. Washington! Your trail runs are so beautiful and I look forward to reading more as you train for Loon and the 50K! Happy birthday to the twins 🙂

  5. AMAZING week after Mount Washington! It’s like you never even ran the race!! Your New-To-me trail looks gorgeous. I can imagine you will be getting some good runs out there again soon!

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