Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had me fully enjoying the taper for Mount Washington Road Race.  My running time decreased but there was still some heavy climbing. With all my spare time I was able to fully freak out over the fact that there were two snowstorms at the summit last week.  I spent way too much time Googling what would happen if there was snow at the summit on race day. I’m guessing the race would either be cancelled or the finish line would be below the snow line.  I’d be pissed with either option so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that neither one will be happening on June 15th.


30 minutes Stepmill Intervals

Strength training: Bullet proof leg circuit + upper body/core/mobility

My quads were still sore/fatigued from Saturday’s mountain climb so the Stepmill and strength training made me feel extra special.  And when I say special I mean my legs felt like bricks. Tired legs are good, right?


40 minute treadmill hill climb, 745 ft elev gain

It was a gorgeous morning but I opted for the treadmill for one more hill climbing session. The incline was from 3-7% and I kept the speed so I could still run. There was so.much.sweat. These treadmill climbs suck but I also know they are making me stronger. It’s hard to find a hill that will give me 4.3 miles of straight incline unless I’m mountain running. But it’s hard to get to the mountain during the week so the treadmill fills that niche. It’s a necessary evil but really kind of fun in a weird sick way.

Last week's workouts |

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

I love that Heather had us live in Pigeon for a solid 5 minutes.  MUCH needed and appreciated!


30 minutes Elliptical Intervals

Strength Training: Bullet proof mountain legs + upper body + core/mobility

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling really tired. I had planned on hitting the Stepmill but at the last minute I went to the Elliptical instead.  I just didn’t have the energy for the Stepmill.


47 minute run, 5.3 miles, 327 ft elev gain

I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and instantly hoped Kyle was going to cancel our run date. I hate running in the rain but at least the temps were around 60 degrees. A warm rain is WAY better than 40 degrees. Kyle’s training plan called for hill repeats but she was still recovering from last week’s Cranmore Mountain Race. I did that race last year and was 10x more sore from that than any other marathon. Downhill x 2 will do that to you! We took it easy and did whatever her legs would allow…which was more than what she thought.

I was too soaked after our run to pull out my phone so all you get is a pic of me. Just envision her to my right.


Rest day!


67 minute trail run, 6.2 miles, 585 ft elev gain

I “only” had a 60 minute trail run on my plan before a full afternoon/evening at a soccer jamboree. I didn’t want to go to far from home so I hit up a local trail for some dirt. I brought Max along for some company. Even though we’ve been regularly running together, this was our first time running the trails. I was a little nervous that I’d end up flat on my face or end up with a sprained or broken ankle since he’s still learning the whole run together thing.


There was no need for worry – he did great!

What was not so great that the bag containing Max’s poop sprung a leak while we were running. I happened to look down and saw my tank, shorts and forearm covered in poop. Very smelly, dog poop. Thankfully, we were near the river so I could wash it off as best I could. Little known fact – dog poop is really hard to get off your clothes. Gah!! So gross!


30 minute run, 3.5 miles

An easy paced recovery run with Max on another gorgeous day.  I feel like late spring weather that feels like summer is here and I LOVE IT!

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Say it isn’t SNOW! This weather is just ridiculous. I hope its gone before your race. Your training has gone too well to accept a cancellation!

    Glad your run today with Max was free from a Code Brown!

  2. Snow????? Total UGH on that…hope it’s a no-show. YOU have a lot more mental toughness (well, and physical, too LOL) to endure all that mountain work via the treadmill. I salute you!! Thanks for linking….

  3. I hope the weather gods smile on you so you can make it to the summit on race day. Ugh the dog poop debacle must have been miserable!

  4. Looking good on your taper! So excited for you to race – you’ve had such a strong training cycle!!! I hope there’s no snow!
    The dog poop incident sounds so gross! I’ll admit I’m terrified of that happening. Once on a trail run I double bagged and tied Ollie’s poop bag around his leash so if it burst, it wouldn’t touch me. Thank goodness for that stream!

  5. I can’t believe all these trails races that might be cancelled due to the snow! Insanity…fingers crossed yours is still on.

    You had a great week fo training! Glad the trails + pup was a success!

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