Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

This may be the last running picture you see of me in awhile.

Let me get this out of the way first.


I’ve got more to say but I’ll keep it PG. If we were chatting in person, I would probably let out every single swear that I know and would even make up some.

Good news first. The original pain in my right foot that sidelined me from running earlier in the month is feeling much better.

Bad news? The newest pain in my left fibula is feeling horrible.  I’m making an appointment today to see an ortho for diagnostics.  I think a boot is my near future.  I’ve got all the symptoms of a stress fracture.


I’ve never had one before and it’s the last thing that I thought I’d get. I’m so sick of thinking and talking about my freakin’ injuries.  Put the damn boot on me and let’s get the healing process going.  I just so happen have a left boot from almost exactly two years ago.  I even wore it on Saturday to see if it made a difference.  Like it would miraculously cure me in a day. It didn’t.

As you can tell, I’m quite angry too.  I’m considering temporarily changing the name of this blog to Angry Injured Mama until I don’t feel like ripping everyone’s head off.

There isn’t much to share from last week’s workouts but here goes.


45 minutes recumbent bike

20 minutes strength training with this quick workout.

quick 20 minute BOSU strength workout


Morning Yoga Flow

3 mile run

This run wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible.  My right foot felt a little better, stronger but I still felt like my foot was slapping the ground.  My left fibula pain showed up after the run.  Later that day I had an appointment with my PT.  I described what happened with my run.  He did some tests and he started to think that maybe it was spinal related more than my calf/ankle problem.  It was weird how I could get rid of the pain in my right foot simply by doing 10 back extensions (like doing cobra in yoga).  He wanted me to try another run before my next appointment on Thursday.


50 minutes bike trainer

30 minutes strength training

Last week's workouts |


2 mile run/walk

This run sucked.  I actually ended up walking the majority of it because my left fibula started to hurt during the run.  I got a shot of pain every time my foot hit the ground while running. Later on when I had my PT appointment, I knew what was coming. Matt said if it didn’t feel better by Tuesday, it was time to get it checked out by X-ray/MRI.  The dreaded words, stress reaction or stress fracture, were mentioned.  I wanted to cry.

My regular monthly scheduled deep tissue massage was later in the day.  Jess poked around a bit and thought she was felt a small bundle of soft tissue on the site of the pain.  She tried to work it out but the thing kept bouncing around. In addition, she found that my pelvis and back were a mess.  I was jacked up on the right side making my right foot turn in.  She ordered me to get in to the chiropractor asap.


Rest day

My Chiropractor got me in after work and was like, “What the hell happened to you?!?!”  I wonder the same thing.  How could things go from great to horrible in such a short amount of time?


45 minute recumbent bike

Have I told you that I have begun to loathe the bike.  C’mon good weather so I can at least get outside to ride!

Last week's workouts |


45 minute recumbent bike

Morning Yoga Flow Class

Angry Injured Mama needed that yoga class like whoa.

prAna Liana Sweater |

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Linking up with Ilka/Angela and Hoho/Tricia for the weekly workout wrap up.

Have you ever had a stress fracture? 

How do you combat the anger when you are injured?


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  1. Oh no. Sorry to hear about the leg. 😞 I have not had a stress fracture and fortunately not any injuries that kept me sidelined​ from running very long (don’t hate me). But tonight, I am an angry runner. Someone kicked my ankle during my soccer game today and my ankle is now the size of a baseball. 😡 Keep us posted on your prognosis. Sending you positive thoughts!!

  2. That is so awful and frustrating! I haven’t had a stress fracture, but I have had just about every other injury. I am pretty sure they all stem from terrible alignment in my back and hips and then overcompensating with certain areas. I really hope the treatments you got this week help and you recover quickly!

  3. oh FU**!!!! I’m so sorry Angela. This is really awful and I cannot imagine how upset, frustrated and just pissed off you are. I wish there was something I could do to help. Just know I’m here for you if you want to talk or scream or just yell obscenities. I’m your girl. I will raise you up.
    Sending all my love and healing powers… 😘
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Birthday WeekMy Profile

  4. I am really, really sorry about the foot!! I’ve suffered through 3 hip replacements and enforced 6 month no running rules for each. UGH!! I hope and pray it’s not a stress fracture!!
    Is there any reason you use a recumbant bike vs. a regular position bike? Thanks!!

    1. OMG! I can’t imagine that! I have a recumbent bike and also my bike on a trainer. I’ve been using the recumbent bike more since my foot pain because I don’t push as hard on it compared to the trainer. I like using the trainer more.

  5. SO frustrating. I’ve had a stress fracture and a stress reaction, so email me if you want to talk about it. I’ve been there, and it isn’t fun. If the jump test hurts, then that is a pretty good indicator.

    1. Failed it. I had a PT friend poke around in it today and he had me do the jump test. Basically the only test that I passed was the strength test in my foot. No problems there. F*ck.

  6. Uggggggh. The worst. I had a stress fracture in my shin 5 years ago now? And I still panic every time I feel anything in that shin. So so sorry… it’s so frustrating to try to do everything right and still get hurt!

  7. Say all the swear words! I can’t imagine how upsetting this is for you. F*** injuries. I am so so sorry to hear about your foot and fibula! I really hope you are able to figure out what’s wrong, but I REALLY hope that’s what wrong doesn’t land you in a boot. Saying a billion Hail Marys for you and sending healing vibes that it’s all going to be okay!

  8. Oh, this sounds so f***ing frustration. I’ve never had a stress fracture (totally knocking on wood), but I’ve had numerous other things go awry in the midst of doing this running thing. I have never had much luck with chiropractic care, but I know so many others rave about it. I’m tempted to give it another try (with a different chiro) and see what they say about me. Currently not injured (knocking on wood again), but there may be some things they could tell me to be aware of to prevent injury based on my alignment. (Ignorance is bliss…at the moment LOL)

    1. Chiropractors are a touchy subject. I’ve had great luck but have had friends who refused to ever go to another again. My current chiropractor came highly recommended from runner friends that I trusted.

    1. I’m bummed that I’m not going to be able to run Sugarloaf but even more concerned about my Mount Washington status. F*ck.

  9. Oh Angela. I’m so sorry. That just sucks and I would be swearing right alongside you. I can only imagine how angry and frustrated you are and you have every right to be. It’s flat out not fair. I hope that you get some solid answers soon. Hang in there. I know – easier said than done. xo

    1. The earliest I could get in to the ortho is Thursday. Until then I’ll be speculating and fearing the worst. But I’m pretty sure it’s a stress fracture. 🙁

  10. It’s just simply not fair. You’ve done your time with the injuries and that’s that. I am really, really sorry this is happening to you. I get it and it makes your heart drop to the floor.
    Man! I will be sending some serious healing vibes to you friend. Please (I really mean it) let me know if you want to talk, vent, cry etc.
    It freakin sucks. SUCKS.
    Rooting for you – rooting for a fast recovery. xoxoxo

  11. IT JUST PLAIN SUCKS. Having been injured in back to back years, I can so sympathize with you. I’m tired of wondering/whining WHY ME? I’m back to running now and have been told my foot (newly healed fracture) may hurt for up to a year. Why me? My road bike has gotten me through two lengthy time off injuries. Her name is Sanity, by the way. I agree outdoor riding is much better than anything indoors. Hang in there! I hope you get much better news than you are expecting! Thanks for linking, Angela!

  12. I’m right there with you Angela – coming to a complete standstill due to injuries is awful and hard to digest as an avid runner. It feels like my running is almost non-existent at this point. This week I have started to feel a bit better, but nowhere near my usual running-self. I almost didn’t want to write up my weekly log….
    Rest, find alternative exercises and training until all pain has subsided.
    Feel better soon! hugs!!

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about your injurie. If I was in your shoes I would be angry too. I think that yoga would be good for you now, you can still be fit mama with just yoga. Angel

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