Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comLast week’s workouts saw the most climbing I’ve done this whole training block. And with that climbing, I got a boost of confidence that my fitness is going in the right direction – UP. The elevation runs were hard work but I felt strong.  Three weeks till Mount Washington Road Race!


40 minutes Stepmill

Strength training – Bullet Proof Mountain Leg Circuit + upper body TRX, DB and KB

If you want to see someone sweat a ridiculous amount, come see me at the gym when I’m on the Stepmill.  It looked like I had dumped a pitcher of water down the front of my shirt from all the sweat.  But you know what?  That beast is prepping me for Mount Washington and Upper Walking Boss at Loon Mountain. Bring it!


50 minute treadmill run, 9:31 avg pace

Last week I mentioned to my coach that I didn’t feel like I was getting enough sustained climbing.  Even though I’d much rather run outside, I knew I had to make at least one of my runs during the week on the treadmill to get the climbing.  This run was actually enjoyable…hard AF but fun because I felt pretty good about my speeds.  The incline varied from 3-12% and I adjusted the speed as needed.  That meant 12% felt like a crawl but I refused to slow to a walk.

last week's workouts |

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

Thankfully, the class was back to regularly scheduled programming and there was not 30 minutes of breathing exercises and Skull Shining. #PraiseBe


30 minutes Stepmill

Strength Training:

Mountain Legs Circuit (Barbell squats, lunges, SL deadlifts, step ups, lateral lunges, etc)

Bench press

Decline push ups

Band pull ups

Single arm cable row/tricep extenstion

Renegade row

TRX fall out


52 minute run, 8:44 avg pace, 343 ft elev gain

You gotta love a run where your feet move as fast as your mouth. Kyle and I inadvertently hit up some fun hills and chatted the whole way.  Of course, it had to start sprinkling during the run because we can’t go a day without some rain.

FYI – this pic is from our run on Sunday morning where we had a lot less clothing on and it was a lot later in the day but oddly enough, a very similar picture.


Rest day!


1:50 trail run, 2,252 ft elev gain

After a million days (or so) of clouds and rain, the sun came out for a picture perfect, blue bird day.  Jen, Kevin and I met up at Gunstock mountain to chase some vert up part of the BRT.  There was lots of climbing for a fun filled morning on the trails.  We went on a portion of the BRT that I had never been.  It was so beautiful with vibrant green moss, a cushy trail of pine needles and the sun filtering in through the trees.  I can’t wait to go back again!


44 min run with Kyle + 1 mile run with Max, approx 9:00 min/mile

My quads, glutes and calves were sore from Saturday’s trail run and my stomach was a little off after going out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary Saturday night. I kicked off the morning with another chatty, easy pace run with Kyle. Once I got back to my house, I ran a super chill mile with Max to let him burn up some energy since we’d be gone all day at the Red Sox game.

It was the kids first Sox game and hopefully not the last.  It was pouring rain when we got to Fenway so we bought overpriced ponchos.  Of course, as soon as we put the ponchos on, it stopped raining.  Now we are the proud owner of $40 worth of Boston Red Sox garbage bags, I mean ponchos.

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Too bad you now have all of those ponchos…do they even have any logos on them, or are they just plain? I love baseball, but we don’t have any major league teams in our area (we do have the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines, a farm team for Chicago, though). All of that climbing is so impressive! It reminds me of all my stair training when I was doing the Fight for Air Climb. Of course, your climbing is a bit more extreme 😉 Thanks for linking!

    1. It was tough but it was good for me. If I would have been doing that incline outside, I surely would have walked rather than slowing my pace while still running.

  2. So glad the sun came out right when you needed it – both on the mountain and at Fenway!! At least it stopped raining for the game, right? And I can’t believe Mt. Washington is so close! I was returning my boys skis the other day (finally!) and the owner happened to mention how freezing it was at the top of Mt. Washington still and how much snow they have had in May. Of course I immediately thought of YOU and hope to God it’s not snowing there in June, although I know it can happen!! Keep up those awesome, sweat pouring workouts and worry about the weather later, right?
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Pain + SufferingMy Profile

    1. You are not the first person to mention snow to me. When I did Washington 3 years ago, there was a snowstorm the weekend before. Thankfully, no snow stuck around. I’m hoping for the same luck in 2019.

  3. 30 minutes on the stepmill is killer! I’d say youre going to be well prepped for your race! I so feel you on all the rain. May has been a total washout.

  4. i just love all your trail runs! That climbing is going to pay off for Mt Washington! I have to say this is the best I’ve seen you running in a while. Fingers crossed that this is your year!

  5. Some really tough workouts this week- nice!! And I’m glad the rain stopped for you at the game… we had ponchos on at the Phillies game two weeks ago, although I had extras leftover from my 5 pack I bought for the race that morning, restocking my poncho supply, so we didn’t have to buy those expensive trash bags!

    1. We would have brought our rain jackets but the hourly forecast had zero chance of rain. The forecasts have been so off this month. Oh well…you can never have enough ponchos right? Lol!

  6. Your trail run sounds so fun! You are looking strong just a few weeks out from Mt. Washington! We need more than a day without rain/clouds also. It’s too late in the season for this much constant rain!

  7. serious training this week! isn’t is a great feeling when you start to feel like training is working? I love that!!

    that would so be me to buy an overpriced poncho and have it stop raining…

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