Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts saw a down week but the hills and miles keep on piling up. I’m knocking on wood because everything is feeling good with 4 weeks left till Mount Washington Road Race.  It’s hard to believe it’s so soon!


30 minutes Bike

Mountain Legs Circuit + upper body strength training

I woke up Monday morning with a sore knee.  I assumed it was from the downhills from Saturday’s trail run that left my left quad tight.  I played it safe and stuff with the bike for my anything but running cardio.  The good news is that I didn’t feel any pain with strength training and the soreness went away all on it’s own.  Phew!


40 minute run, 4.7 miles, 8:30 avg pace

With no plan for this run other than to keep it easy/mod pace, I let Max dictate our speed.  Apparently, he felt extra energetic because we were hoofing it.

last week's workouts |

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi Yoga

There was a substitute teacher who devoted at least 25 minutes of the class to alternative breathing techniques.  I’m cool with some alternative nostril breathing and such but some of it was too much for me.  The rolling my stomach thing to breath was over the top.  And the Skull Shining wasn’t doing anything to make me sparkle.  I’m sure it works for some but I was not into it.  Especially since it made my nose run like a faucet.  Not a pretty sight.


30 minute Stepmill Intervals

Strength Training + mobility and core


40 minute run, 9:44 avg pace, 604 elev gain

Kyle and I hit up the big hill in town for repeats after a 1 ish mile warm up.  Training is working because I felt the strongest I’ve ever felt during those repeats even though I didn’t get up the hill the fastest ever.  It was more about leg and lung endurance than anything.  We did 4 repeats and then a 1/2 mile ish cool down.  It sucks doing the repeats but it’s an amazing feel to be done!

last week's workouts |

Morning Flow Yoga Class @ Bending Bodhi


Rest day!


63 minute trail run, 5.8 miles, 614 ft elev gain

With a full day of kid games (2 baseball and 2 soccer), I had limited time.  I wanted trails that would give me some elevation but I didn’t have the time to drive the 30+ minutes to get there. And for “only” 60 minutes of running, it didn’t seem logical. So I opted for a local trail that’s less than 10 minutes from home and concentrated on tackling the one big hill from multiple angles.  It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for what I had.  And I got to chat the whole time with Kyle on a gorgeous spring morning doing what I love.  Can’t beat that!

last week's workouts |


30 minute run, 3.4 miles

I kicked off Mother’s Day with an easy run with Max.  Mom’s Gotta Run! And then it was filled with finding clothing for my kids Ellis Island Day at school and two soccer games. So much for having a day off.  Lol!  At least I got a run in…and I got a carnation out of the deal.

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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14 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I’m with you on the pranayama. I don’t mind a little but that’s not why i do yoga. I like to move!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Awww…enjoy running with your dog! Mine is 13, so he can’t run with me anymore and I miss it. In fact, it’s getting to the point where he doesn’t even want a very long walk. Sigh!

    I am so excited for you for the Mt. Washington run. I am living vicariously through your hard work in training! 🙂
    Laurie recently posted..Friendship and a 5K Race ReportMy Profile

    1. Our dog, Cooper, who died in December, never liked running on the roads with me. He loved the trails but the last few years we walked more than ran. It’s sad to see them slow down.

  3. Your upcoming run sounds exciting! All of your hill work is fun to read about. It’s about time for me to get back into a regular routine of consistent speed work…thanks for the inspiration. I have several hills to contemplate in my area 😉 Thanks for linking!

  4. OMG all that yoga breathing would have killed me. I took a class like that ONCE (also a substitute) and never again. I just don’t get it.
    So glad you are feeling your hard work pay off on the hills!! So excited for you to run Mt Washington!!
    Happy Mom’s Day! Gotta love a good carnation – LOL!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – A Change Will Do You GoodMy Profile

  5. How great you’re feeling good and running strong as race day closes in! I’d feel the same way about all that focus on yoga breathing. Enough already. Haha!

  6. I would have not liked that yoga class either! You are absolutely killing it at your training – so strong on those hills! Max reminds me so much of Ollie – when the dogs want to pick up the pace, it’s hard to slow them down! And the opposite is true for when they want to go slow.

    1. It was quite a lot of breathing for 30 minutes. Next time I see that instructor is doing the class I’ll be sure to be absent.

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