Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts ramped up a bit.  My training time is increasing and I’m trying to find more hills for elevation. I feel like I’m slacking off on hill training so with about 6 weeks left in training, now is the time to step it up!


40 minutes Stepmill

60 minutes Strength and Mobility


52 minute run, 316 ft elev gain

Easy miles with Kyle in the daylight!  It’s so lovely how early sunrise is now.  The not so lovely part of our run was all the worms all over the roads.  At first I thought the road had little sticks everywhere.  Nope.  That would be worms.  April rain will do that!  I’m surprised we didn’t wipe out because of the squishy guys everywhere. Blech.


30 minutes Elliptical

60 minutes Strength and Mobility


52 minute run, 545 ft elev gain

After spending two days away with my kids at an indoor water park, eating none of my usual food, and having Lukas practice karate on me all night long, this run was destined to be not so good. Oh and not to mention that it was at 5 p.m. – my least favorite time of the day to run. Good times.

The goal of the run was to get as much elevation as possible in 50 minutes.  I did a few repeats on the mega hill in town which majorly sucked.  There was some walking involved – which hasn’t happened since training started. I felt super sluggish and just blah.  I’m not surprised one bit that it sucked.  I may have even sandbagged myself before I even started running just because I had a feeling.  Oh well. It’s done.  I now know not to go to an indoor water park the week of Mount Washington.  The wave pool trashed my legs! Who knew?!?!


Rest day!


1:20 trail run, 1089 ft. elev gain

You know it’s going to be a fun (and very wet) trail run in the morning when all night long you heard rain pounding against the windows. Andrea and I met up for some pre-miles before joining up with a larger group doing a preview run of a race the following weekend.  We didn’t think there would be so much stop and go explaining the race course.  Kind of a bummer but it was nice to run with some new faces. Most of the trails were nothing but mud and streams of water rushing down the mountain.  To say my shoes and socks were muddy and wet was an understatement.


50 minute run, 9:09 avg pace

This was supposed to be a 40 minute run but I met up with Kyle and some new friends and ended up running a little more than I was prescribed.  Whoops. It was lovely to see the sunshine even though it was chilly.  I’m so sick of gray and rain.  All I’m saying is we better be getting some AMAZING May flowers from all this April rain.

How was your week in workouts?

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17 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. YOU had a busy week! All of those hills…my hammies (still in agony from that all things running in my world) are wanting to scream from reading about YOUR hill repeats. What doesn’t kill us, right? Thanks for all your inspiration, though I’m bailing on hill workouts for a few weeks LOL Thanks for joining us on the WRD 😉

    1. Oddly enough, my legs feel great from the hill repeats. It’s the strength training and the waterpark slides and wave pool that had me hobbling. Lol!

  2. You’re getting rain…we got snow! This so-called spring is just ridiculous. Anyways, glad you got that hill workout in. And remind me how the waterpark trashed your legs?

    1. I’m so glad we didn’t get snow. That’s just cruel! I think it was mostly the wave pool that trashed my legs. I was crouched down to keep everything below my neck submerged in the water. And with the waves,it was like doing mini squats for hours. That and climbing the stairs over and over for the water slides. And walking barefoot. My feet killed! Waterparks are not my thing, obviously!

  3. We’ve had so much rain and mud here also! This week is only supposed to be worse. Even with water park legs, you still had some good hilly runs this week!

    1. Remember the term “water park legs” – you’ll know exactly what I mean once you experience it with your own daughter! 🙂

  4. So much awesome running for you this week. I am so over the rain and the wet and squishy running. NH spring can be so unforgiving. Love seeing you getting out with so many great running friends!

  5. WORMS!!?!?? OMG I think I would have hated that! i just get the heebie jeebies from worms, bugs, spiders, etc. BLECH!!

    I can imagine you are ready for the rain to be over for sure. What did they have to stop and explain on the course? seems odd. I mean don’t you just kind of run it or part of it to get the feel of it? I could see if it were one on one – I did that with my trainer before my last race, but that was more for discussing tactics.

    1. The stop and go was to show where the course would go along the mountain. And to make sure no one was being dropped.

  6. Love a workout week post! I have a rest week at the moment which feels nice.
    And you made me long a little bit for the wet and the chilly (well aware that you didn’t intent too :))… I am in Portugal and it is HOT!

  7. One year I counted the slugs on my fall running days. I hate slugs a lot more than worms. blech! I guess that’s what happens when you live in western WA, you have to deal with slugs.

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