Last Week’s Workouts

last week's workouts |

Seven weeks to Mount Washington Road Race meant last week’s workouts started heating up.  Thanks to my new coach, this training cycle is all about time rather than distance or pace.  It’s kind of a nice change but I’m not going to lie – I still look at distance.  If I’m close to hitting 5 miles (for example), I’ll run past my prescribed time just so I can hit that even number.  Old habits die hard.  🙂


40 minutes Stepmill Intervals

Strength training:

Mountain Legs Circuit + Bullet proof Upper Body Circuit

Mobility and core


50 minute run, 8:52 avg pace, 311 ft elev gain

Sir Barks-A-Lot, aka Max, has become a tad bit obsessed with running.  I tried sneaking out of the house this morning but he heard me and started barking.  Rather than waking the whole house up, I leashed him up and off we went.  Another PDR for him with zero signs of being tired.

last week's workouts |

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

When class begins in Savasana, you know it’s going to be good.  Lol.


30 minutes Elliptical Intervals

Strength training:

Band pull ups

Cable skiers

DB bench press

DB pull overs

Bench step ups w/ shoulder press/balance

Lateral bench step ups

Split squat w/ off set DB press

Walking lunges w/ med ball Russian twist

Banded skaters + runners

Med ball slams

Mobility + core

last week's workouts |


51 minute run, 8:34 avg pace, 343 ft elev gain

Kyle and I were on the attack for this run.  Attacking the ascents for all the hills, that is.  I’m feeling stronger on the hills (and got another segment PR for a mega hill that always feels like a slog) but the very last hill we ran had me shuffling.  That’s ok because training is working!

last week's workouts |

After I snapped this pic, I just glanced at my phone as I put it away and said “Oh, cool!  I got the moon in the pic!”.  Clearly, I was not fully awake yet.  Moon = streetlight in my morning fog. 🙂

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

I could totally tell I hadn’t hydrated enough post run when we did King Pigeon Pose in class.  Or should I say, I attempted.  My hamstring completely seized up in a cramp.  Ugh.  Not fun!


Rest day!


70 minute run, 6.5 miles, 676 ft elev gain

I FINALLY found a chunk of time to run on some dirt.  With baseball and soccer season ramping up for my kids, the weekends are becoming less and less about mom and dad’s free time.  With the threat of an all day rain, I had a feeling all games would be off so I headed off to find some dirt.  The temps were around 70 degrees and humid AF.  It looked like April on the trails but felt like June in my sweat rate.  I loved it!  Lol!

While I was running, I saw probably 10-12 men running in groups or solo.  You know what I didn’t see?  Any other women.  I know trail running isn’t as popular with women for numerous reasons (fear of getting lost, wild animals, creepy people, getting hurt, etc) but it seemed super strange to me.  During my run and the ride home, I was brainstorming about how I can get more women out on the trails.


41 minute recovery run, 4.5 miles

Max and I went in search of Easter eggs but all I collected was a bag full of poo…thanks, Max. Happy Easter!

last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Looks like you’ve got an awesome running partner! Nice week of training. If I lived near you, I’d be happy to run on the dirt with you!

  2. I am such a mileage person, the timed-running would drive me crazy. I’d have to round up all the runs to finish off the miles. I thought that was the moon, too, at first glance! I have a street light near my house, and it often gets mistaken for the moon (or early sunrise) depending on the angle of the pics. Thanks for linking with us!

  3. Looks like Sir BAL is a great running bud! Awesome! There are plenty of women on the trails around here. Probably more than men. Go figure.

  4. That’s the best feeling when you can see and feel training working! I would run trails more with friends or a group of women… but am just not comfortable on my own.

  5. Another great week of workouts! Well done 🙂 A couple of years ago I got mugged on a trail run. That really shook me so trail running alone makes me very nervous! But it’s not fair is it, as I love trail running.

  6. Sometimes my coach has me running for time instead of distance or pace. Yes, I’ve also run over the time just to get the complete mileage instead of some weird number. I did some intervals on Thursday and total mileage was 4.91 miles.

  7. Max is becoming such a great running partner! I’ve been really enjoying running for time so far this year, although if I’m within about a 200m I will round up to the nearest mile.
    I’ve really come to enjoy trail running solo. I didn’t do it in Seattle much just because of how far I had to drive to trails. But here I do often, especially in winter when the frozen dirt trails felt safer than the icy roads. I try to encourage my athletes, male and female, to do the same – get out on the trails solo if they want!
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  8. nice that you are seeing / feeling results with the training! you know I am missing running when I feel jealous of your hill sprints (LOL – ask me how i feel about that once I’m allowed to run again!). I’ve done time AND distance training in the past; time was usually related to HR and distance, well, just getting the miles in at a certain tempo. I am like you though – I don’t want to run 9,6KM, I want to run 10!!

    I totally thought that streetlight was the moon! oh and your stripey pants had me a bit mesmerised!

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