Last Week’s Workouts

last week's workouts |

Monday is the most RUNderful day of the year!  While I have zero intention of running a road marathon this year, I still get all the feels for Boston.  My social media feeds were filled with blue and yellow all weekend long.  It’s hard not to get excited for it all.  Will you be watching on TV or spectating?  I’ll have at least one TV turned to the live coverage at work and I’m sure I’ll be fielding all the usual questions yet again.

Last week’s workouts were a cutback week.  Easy miles with some climbing, gym days and two days of Max miles.  I’m loving having a 4 legged running buddy again!


Strength training:

DB chest/shoulders pyramid

TRX inverted row

Band pull ups

Bench step ups w/ balance

Lateral lunge and reach

Reverse lunge w/ balance

Band skaters

Med ball slams

30 minutes Stepmill intervals – 1 min up/1 min down x 10

last week's workouts |


35 min run, 8:50 avg pace, 187 elev gain

Max wanted to run with me so we hit the pavement for some easy miles.  I’ve never had a dog that enjoyed running on the road.  Rudy and Cooper only loved the trails so this has been a nice treat.  I haven’t taken Max running on the trails yet.  He still needs to work on his leash skills and I don’t think we are ready to let him off leash just yet.  We’ve had some close calls where I’ve nearly did a face plant because he decided he wanted to smell what was on the left side of the sidewalk not the right. Having that happen on the trails would surely cause some damage…to me, of course.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


Strength training:

Mountain Legs Circuit

Bench press

Cable flys

Cable row w/ squat

Band pull ups

Med ball slams

Mobility + Core

30 minutes Elliptical Intervals: 10 min w/u, 2 min on/1 min off


38 min run, 10:09 avg pace, 735 ft elev gain

Kyle and I met up for some early morning hill repeats up our favorite beast.  Last time we did this workout about a month ago, we did 5 repeats (in addition to warm up and cool down) in the allotted time.  Today we got in 6.  Training is working because I felt stronger and even snagged a hill PR on Strava.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

last week's workouts | happyfitmama.comFriday

Rest day!


52 minute run, 8:50 avg pace, 427 ft elev gain

Kyle and I had planned on running the trails early in the morning before our kids full day of all things baseball (Opening Day ceremony, practice and a scrimmage).  That changed when we both woke up to the sound of pouring rain.  We decided to hit the roads in search of the hilliest route to keep it simple.

Of course, as soon as I got home, Ron told me Opening Day was cancelled.  And then an email came through an hour later than practice was cancelled.  And then 30 minutes later, the scrimmage was cancelled because the fields were too wet.

Whomp, whomp, whomp.

Ironically, the sun came out in the afternoon and the temps got into the mid 70s.  It was gorgeous!

Oh well. We had a great plan and then it fell apart. Never fails!


33 min run, 9:02 avg pace, 262 ft elev gain

Easy Max miles for Sunday morning.  It was a glorious 60 degrees – perfect for my first shorts and tank run of the season. It’s crazy that it snowed on Tuesday and it was a balmy 34 degrees on my run Thursday.  Spring in New England at it’s best!

last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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19 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I just LOVE running with my dogs!!!! They are the best running partners ever! I am currently training my younger dog and he is all over the place too. I keep telling myself that stella too was once all over the place and she finally figured out. We have been running and racing together now for going on 6 years and I can’t imagine not having her by my side,

    1. I love it! I have to remind myself that Cooper (our dog before Max) was a big puller and all over the place when he was 2 years old too. It’ll come!

  2. Seriously jealous of your warmer weather! We got 8 inches of snow today. TODAY! I’m glad it wasn’t race day…

    Max is just the best. Glad he’s learning how to run with you.

  3. You inspired me to consider doing hill repeats for my #nevermissaMonday run tomorrow 😉 I have a 13.1 on Saturday, so I plan to take this week easy, but some hill work tomorrow shouldn’t be too taxing. Glad it’s working out to run with Max! Thanks for linking with us 😉

    1. Max still needs lots of work, like running in a straight line. He will still dart in front of me when and I’ll have to put on the breaks and hope (fingers crossed) that I don’t face plant.

  4. Our weather is all over the place too, although it’s been mostly cold/windy and now super snowy. I’d love 60 degrees about now. How fun to have Max as your run buddy! Ozzy is too little to run more than a mile but we do a mile together every day. He LOVES it!

  5. We got more snow on Sunday. I knew about it but was in denial. 🙁

    My week of running was not that great but we did have a great STEAM night on Wednesday and I ran a 5k on Saturday. I guess overall it went well too.

  6. good week for you! but what a bummer that everything got cancelled on Saturday!!! and isn’t it just the way that the sun then comes out after everyone’s plans are pretty much wrecked? ha!

    I hardly worked out last week 🙁 but I’m getting over my funk and hopefully on the right track for the new week.

  7. Max is becoming such an awesome running buddy! Ollie still isn’t allowed off-leash on trails… he just gets a little too excited. That’s awesome how strong you are feeling on the hills!

    1. Max LOVES to run and when I say run I mean RUN. That’s probably the biggest reason why I’m hesitant to let him off leash. He is so fast that I could see him heading for the hills with no regard to me calling him. Hopefully, he’ll get better as we work on it. The dog trainer than we’ve been working with says to wait at least 6 months before letting a rescue off leash. Good advice!

  8. We have had the same crazy weather in MI. It was cold and snowy all weekend and it’s supposed to be near 70 later this week.

  9. I was channeling you on my hill repeats this week- nice work!!

    I don’t really want the responsibility of a dog but do wish I had one so I felt safe attempting the trails solo more often.

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