Last Week’s Workouts

last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts had highs and lows.

I felt good during the actual workouts. That was the high.  The low point was that I was battling a cold/sinus congestion all week.  I felt ok for exercise (and actually felt better during it) so I didn’t feel the need to take extra rest days.  On Thursday, I had a mega sinus headache that had me going to bed super early.  I woke up fine on Friday but by mid day, I just wanted to close my eyes and rest my head against something to take the pressure away.  I finally caved and left work early to head home. I slept for two hours which did the trick.  Blech.  Sinus headaches are the worst!

I’m feeling much better after a weekend of extra sleep.  Here’s hoping this week is much better!


40 minutes bike

Strength training

Lat pull down

Bench press

DB pull over

DB SL deadlift w/ press

Split squats

Plate squat press

Band pull ups

Eccentric pull ups

Med ball slams

last week's workouts |


45 min run, 9:00/mile

I didn’t plan to run with Max this day but when he started barking at me while I was getting ready, I knew I had to or the whole house would wake up.

Of course, during the run he pooped and I realized I had left the poop bag at home.  So I quickly ran back home with him, dropped him off, and went back to the scene of the poop to pick it up.  I couldn’t leave it in someone’s yard!  I’d be livid if someone did that to me.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi


Rest day

I had to be to work way earlier than usual so I opted for a rest day rather than hitting the gym at an even more insane hour of the morning.


60 min run, 1012 ft elev gain, 13:17/mile

Kyle, Woof (I love her nickname!) and I hit up Mount A for some trail time.  It was a beautiful but super windy spring day.  I was shocked how dry the trails were.  I thought for sure we’d be running through “I lost my shoe” mud.  However, there was way more ice than expected.  We spent quite a bit of time picking routes off the trail to avoid the ice and then sliding down on our butts, which was actually really, really fun.  Lol!

Yoga for Runners

last week's workouts |


30 minutes elliptical w/ 1 min up/1 min recovery intervals

Strength training:

Mountain Legs + Upper Body DB Pyramid

Med ball slams

Band pull ups


6.2 mile run, 8:20 avg/pace, 337 elev gain

This run was all about attack the hills and recovering on the flats/downhills.  I picked a moderately hilly route but wished it had more rollers.  It was a fun run despite sinus congestion and running past at least 6 people out for their morning smoke and dog walk.  It’s so gross to run through a cloud of smoke!

last week's workouts |


41 minute run, 9:06 avg/pace, 238 elev gain

Max had an endless supply of energy Sunday morning so I took him along with me on my run.  The Red’s Race 5 miler was going on so I thought we’d find on spot on the course to spectate and cheer for friends.  Seeing everyone kind of made me wish I was racing but with my sinus congestion, running fast sounded horrible. In all our running around, Max hit a PDR of 3.5 miles before dropping him off back at home so I could finish my run. He did so good!

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. It sounds like you really ran well in spite of your sinus issues! When I’m all congested like that, I do rely on Sudafed to open me up. It also gives me a boost of energy. What can I say?

    I hope you feel better this week!

  2. So sorry that you didn’t feel well for part of the week. You’re so right about those sinus headaches – they can be brutal, especially now with allergy season in high gear!

  3. I had the same sinus/cold thing going on and I almost didn’t race on Sunday. It was horrible but, luckily, came and went pretty quickly for me. SO glad you didn’t have tons of mud and sliding on ice on your butt sounds pretty fun 🙂 And way to go MAX! He will be running long with you in no time!!
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  4. That hilly mountain mid week run sounds like more play than work- especially with friends! Glad you’re feeling better. It’s amazing what a little extra sleep can do.

  5. Sinus headaches are the worst, but it sounds like that didn’t hold you back this week! It’s so fun that you are starting to run Max more! I get so used to carry dog poop bags that I find them in my running shorts/tight pockets all of the time.

    1. I hope so! I haven’t tried to run with him on the trails yet. The roads are our first step since the trails are a little bit more treacherous.

  6. What a great week of workouts especially considering you were not at your best health-wise! All I need is a small sniffle and I’m off running for a week! LOL.

    1. When I don’t feel like running, I know that I’m really sick and need to lay low. Thankfully, the sinus headaches came later in the day long after I had finished my run/workout.

  7. Ugh. Sinus pressure is the worst. Kudos to you for pushing through and getting your workouts in despite not feeling 100%. I remember running the Columbus Marathon and at mile 9 somebody was smoking a cigarette. It was so gross to have to smell that during the run! Yuck. People are clueless.

  8. great week despite sinus issues! what do you mean by “rollers” with the hills? I agree about the grossness of going through a cloud of smoke… UGH I hate that! (people supporting at races do this too and I really don’t get it – we’re running here!!

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