Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were kept on the lighter side as this week begins my training plan for Mount Washington and Loon Mountain races. It’s been a long time since I followed an actual training plan so I’m excited to get back into it.  I’m even more excited because I finally hired a coach. Yes, that’s right a coach!  I’m going to need all the guidance so I don’t break myself going after my goals for those two races and a 50k in the fall.  More on my coach next week!


I woke up to quite a bit of snow so rather than truck it to the gym, I hit the basement.

30 minutes bike to warm up

Push up + plank reach w/ med ball

Alternating lateral lunges w/ kb row

Overhead lateral step up w/ KB

Total body roll up + jump w/ med ball

KB windmill

DB duck walks (so much harder than you think!)

DB kneel to squat

Split stance KB pass throughs




Treadmill hill climb, 4 miles

With two mountain races on my schedule, hill climbs are necessary. Since I had to get this workout done in the early morning, the treadmill won. I only have two complaints about the treadmill – I’m not outside and I sweat a ridiculously large amount on it.

1 mile w/u @ 3%, 0.5 mile @ 12%, 0.5 mile @ 7%, 0.5 mile @ 15%, 0.5 mile @ 7%, 0.5 mile @ 12%, 0.5 mile c/d @ 1%

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi Yoga


15 minutes Elliptical

20 minutes Stepmill

strength training:

DB bench press

DB pull over

Banded pull ups

Scapula retraction

Eccentric pull ups

Mountain Legs Circuit

Med ball slams

Last week's workouts |


5 mile run, 8:48 avg pace, 297 ft elev gain

Spring is not here yet!  Kyle, Charles and I enjoyed a frosty face run with a temperature of 0 degrees and real feel of -7.  The first 1/2 mile was a tad cold but overall it wasn’t so bad. I think my body has just gone numb.

Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi Yoga

Last week's workouts |


Rest day!


7 mile run, 9:00 avg pace, 493 ft elev gain

The sun was shining and the temps were perfect for a late winter run.  The purpose of this run was to seek out the hills around town.  Clearly, I found them.


45 minute run, 8:56 avg pace, 276 ft elev gain

Despite the time change, I actually slept in today. But because I slept in, I had a short window to run before Ron had to be somewhere.  I’m kind of glad I got out when I did because the snow started coming down fast about an hour later.  And then it turned to rain.  Yuck.

Last week's workouts  |

FYI – I started my run with a regular pony and ended up with a side pony. I think I need to tighten my ponytail. 🙂

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How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Spring is not here yet either. Far from it, although I will embrace the longer daylight. All the best with your new coach and your training. I’m excited for you!

  2. I sweat ridiculously on the treadmill, too, but mine is right under a heat vent (which is closed, but still emits heat). And, it’s inside LOL. Spring has not arrived in Iowa, either, but it’s feeling a little less like winter…..

    1. My treadmill at home is in our basement which isn’t really heated and I still am drenched. It’s not pretty when I’m running at the gym. There’s sweat flying everywhere.

  3. I saw your post about that freezing morning run when I was heading out around 9am and dreading the cold! You totally made me feel like a wimp and it helped me get out the door 🙂 LOL! It was still freezing so I have no clue how the three of you did that before the sun came up. Beast!!!!
    Looking forward to watching you train (with a coach – yay!) for those two awesome races. Maybe I can put the Loon one on my calendar….hmmmm
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Florida Triathlon Training CampMy Profile

    1. In all honesty, I would have waited until the sun came up if it wasn’t for meeting Kyle and Charles. It was cold but it really didn’t feel that bad. I’ve been colder before! And YES to Loon!!!! This year the ladies start first so we can tear up the course before the men.

  4. Finally this week looks a bit warmer! I love that you got a coach- super exciting! The mountain races scare me… looking forward to following your journey.

  5. How exciting that you have a coach and start training this week! I look forward to following your training!
    This week finally looks warmer! Maybe spring is finally here?

    1. I knew that if I wanted to improve my time at Washington and Loon races in addition to completing my first 50k this year, I needed some guidance so I don’t break myself. Plus, my coach is actually the race director for Loon so that helps. 🙂

  6. Awesome that you have a coach! I hope you enjoy working with her/him!

    What in the world is that machine in one of your pictures!??! Looks intimidating.

    That side ponytail looks cute! I do think tightening your ponytail will prevent it from moving sideways.

    1. Lol…that’s what I use to do pull ups but there are all kinds of different functions. It’s not intimidating…it’s fun! 🙂 And I think my side pony is because my hair elastic is past its prime. I hate how quickly that happens.

  7. great week! but OMG your frosty faces!!

    I think having a coach is such a great idea. the thing is, even if you know “everything” about running, it’s much easier to be disciplined by someone else coming up with the plan and making sure you carry it out. At least that’s my experience. Really excited to see how training comes along for you!

    Last week was a bit of activity, a bit of rest. I feel like I kind of could have done more but at the same time it was my anniversary last week and sometimes you just need rest.

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