Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts didn’t involve a heat wave but I brought the heat with upping the intensity of my workouts.  With my Achilles feeling SO much better, I’m gradually increasing the intensity to prepare for spring, summer and fall races.  Last week opened up the lottery for the Mount Washington Road Race. I put my name in but if I don’t get picked, I’ve got lots of other options for some crazy, mountain fun.


When I go to the gym, I’m not there to socialize.  I only have a short amount of time so I’m all business – earbuds in and moving quickly from one exercise to the next. I rarely talk to anyone even though most of the early morning crowd are regulars like me. I met a fellow early bird on Sunday at my running club’s membership expo. She told me that I look “so different with make-up on”.  Is that a compliment or should I be offended?  Lol!

32 minutes stepmill ladder workout

DB bench press

DB pull over

Eccentric pull ups

Banded pull ups

Med ball slams

SL deadlift with DB press

mountain legs:

barbell squat (20 reps)

side lunge touch w/ balance (10/side)

barbell squat (15)

reverse lunge to SL stand (10/side)

barbell squat (12)

walking lunge w/ med ball Russian twist (10/side)

barbell squat (10)

speed skaters (10/side)

barbell squat (8)

bench split squat (10/side)

Last week's workouts |


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

60 minute run, 7 miles, 8:41 avg pace

After running 1 minute pick ups last week, I wanted to test the waters a little more by increasing the time to 2 minutes.  Why does 2 minutes seem so short on paper but when you are actually running it’s SO LONG?  And then the 3 minute recovery is gone in a flash?  That’s just not right. I squeezed in this workout in the afternoon before the snow started to fly.  Thankfully, this brown, frozen dirt is now covered in snow.  It’s still winter so let’s keep the snow a little longer please.

Last week's workouts }


I woke up to freezing rain on top of the 6 inches of snow we received over night.  Rather than mess with possibly treacherous roads, I opted for a basement workout.

15 minutes recumbent bike

dynamic warm up/mobility

40 sec work, 20 sec rest x 4 of the following:

alternating single arm KB swing with lateral lunge

KB swing to curtsy lunge

push up to bear crawl row


glute bridge DB pull over

DB weighted single leg jackknife


Morning Flow Yoga @ Bending Bodhi

50 minute run, 5.44 miles, 9:11 avg pace

The snow/freezing rain from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, along with melting during the day resulted in some slick conditions for Thursday’s run. The roads were fine but the sidewalks were treacherous.  I’m amazed that Kyle, Charles or I didn’t fall during the run.  Ironically, I did wipe out while walking home from dropping my kids off at school.  I’m glad I could provide some entertainment for the drop off line.

Last week's workouts |


30 minute run, 3.4 miles, 9:01 avg pace

Strength training:

Cable flys

Pulley skiers

Eccentric pull ups

Banded pull ups

Bench step ups w/ KB press

SL KB deadlift

Renegade KB rows

Overhead DB march w/ high knees

Med ball slams

I had a short window of time after the gym to squeeze in a 30 minute run.  I made the most of it by tackling a series of 4 hilly streets that run parallel to each other.  It’s amazing how much easier the hills feel compared to two weeks ago.  Noticed I said easier, not easy.  They’ll never be easy.  Lol!


Rest day!

Welcome the newest member of our family, Max!  He’s a two year old yellow lab that we got from a rescue in Texas.  He’s the biggest love bug!  I think I’ll have an excellent running buddy on the roads and trails but first we need to work on his leash skills.  He is SO strong and full of energy.  The boy needs to run! 🙂

Last week's workouts |


8 mile run, 8:51 avg pace

Kyle and I didn’t intend for this to be a faster pace run but we got on the subject of politics again.  That always makes our legs speed up!  Lol! There were a few treacherous icy spots that slowed us down.  I’m so over ice.  It was a gorgeous sunny morning with good conversation and happy miles – Sunday Funday indeed.

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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24 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. I went to CrossFit after work one day and everyone was like, “you look so beautiful”. Geez, what do I look like when I’m not in work mode? LOL

    Max is beautiful! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with him on the run.

    1. I find it really funny that I feel my most beautiful post sweaty workout with flushed cheeks and no make up. But do I ever get a “beautiful” comment then? Nope! 😁

  2. What an awesome week of workouts for you – I’m tried just reading about everything that you did!

    Also, welcome Max! Love the name and I’m always so excited when a rescue gets adopted – it warms my heart!

  3. Congrats on getting Max! He looks like a sweet heart! You should do canicross with him because I am sure he will be able to pull like no other!

    I usually wear my hair in a pony tail and in a hat and my running peeps don’t recognize me with my hair down and not in a hat LOL!

  4. Welcome Max! He will be such a great running buddy! Ollie had the worst leash skills when we adopted him also but they improve and then become such sweet buddies on a run. Except on days like today when he almost catches small animals mid-run!

    Fingers crossed for you for the Mt. Washington lottery!

  5. Thinking up a response to that makeup comment on the spot would be hard! Exactly what you thought – am I offended or no?! haha. I’m sure you look nice either way! I do think it’s funny to run into the usual workout crew in a “normal” setting though. It’s like, “wow, that’s what you REALLY look like?”. I prefer running attire to normal clothes anyways 😉 Stay safe on the ice!

    1. I agree that it is odd to see running friends not sweaty. It’s like – oh, that’s what your hair looks like when it’s not in a ponytail and sweaty! Lol!

  6. Love hearing how you’re readjusting for winter! Also – are those gap body leggings in the nighttime picture? I think I have the same ones and they are my absolute FAVORITES

  7. Your Wednesday basement workout sounds fun! And, I’m all business at the gym if I go to the Y or something like that. CrossFit, though, is a little more social/group class oriented so we can’t really ignore each other. lol I enjoy that camaraderie, though. 🙂

    I love that you rescued a lab. I know I commented on your Insta picture that our yellow lab was named Max. He seriously was the best dog. <3

  8. Nice post on the workout series. I wonder how do you manage to do so many variations in a single day! And running in snow is incredible.
    How is Max doing ? He looks super cute.

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