Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

I wouldn’t be a runner if I didn’t bring up the weather from last week’s workouts.  While New Hampshire didn’t have it as cold as the Midwest, it was c.o.l.d. And now this week will feel like March.

The roller coaster continues.


5 mile run, 8:52 avg pace

An easy peasy run to kick off the week.  Bonus that it was in the sunshine!


30 minute run, 3.3 miles, 9:00 avg pace

20 min elliptical

Mountain legs workout + pull ups:

barbell squat (20 reps)

side lunge touch w/ balance (10/side)

barbell squat (15)

reverse lunge to SL stand (10/side)

barbell squat (12)

walking lunge w/ med ball Russian twist (10/side)

barbell squat (10)

speed skaters (10/side)

barbell squat (8)

bench split squat (10/side)

Last week's workouts |


rest day

I did do some mobility work and stretching because my butt was SORE from Tuesday’s workout.


5.5 mile treadmill run/hike, 1.5 miles easy, 1 min up/1 min down x 10, 10 min hill ladder, easy miles

Last week's workotus |

I dusted off my treadmill and hit the basement running.  With a temp of -6 and a real feel of -16 I said NO THANK YOU to running outside.  The first 5 minutes felt like 5 miles but once I got into my 90s R&B on Pandora, it was all good.  There’s just something about Tupac, Keith Sweat, L.L. Cool J and Blackstreet that brings back my high school and college years.  Awww, memories.

strength training:

bench press

cable crossover

bench SL squat up and over

SL KB deadlift

TRX split squats

TRX inverted row

TRX fall out w/ tricep ext

SL side step ups

eccentric pull ups

banded pull ups

med ball slams


5 mile run

Re-united and it feels so good!  It’s been about 2 weeks since Kyle and I ran together.  I missed her!  It was nice to catch up but even better because we got to run in daylight hours.  Woohoo!

Last week's workouts |


Rest day

I woke up Saturday morning to another day of frigid temps.  I had zero interest in running.  I thought maybe I’d head out later in the day once it warmed up a bit but the interest was still  not there.  I didn’t feel the need to force it so another rest day it was.


Snowboard day! With the kids in ski club and Ron chaperoning, I had an hour to board by myself.  Why is it that every time I get on a lift with strangers they are either Vaping or have boogers hanging out of their nose that I can’t stop staring at while they are chatting away with me.  I have mirrored goggles on so you’d think they’d see it flapping in and out.  I wish I would have had a tissue to pass over. So gross!

Last week's workouts  |

How was your week in workouts?

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20 comments on “Last Week’s Workouts

  1. Ewww, why would people be vaping and skiing? I hope you deeply inhaled the fresh air once you were off the lift. Last week, I saw a family and that dad smelled so heavily of smoke that I felt like I needed an inhaler after the visit!

    Glad it’s warming up for you. We’re returning to normal February weather. Which is fine!

    1. I grew up skiing but switched to snowboarding in my early 20s, so about 20 years? My snowboard is older than dirt because I don’t want to buy another. Lol! I keep saying that I’m going to get back on skis but the same thing, I don’t want to buy more equipment. But if I can find a really good deal…maybe?

  2. I was out trail running this weekend and there was a couple walking the trail VAPING! I smelled it before I saw them and I thought, wow, the trail sure smells like cotton candy today!

    1. I’m always confused when I see people walking on the trails (or anywhere really) enjoying a cigarette or Vaping. Physical activity and smoking just don’t seem to go together. Maybe they think the two negate each other? Lol!

  3. YES on 90s R&B. Was just saying to a friend that No Diggity was such a fun song. To your list I’d ad, Mariah/ODB Fantasy Remix, Ghetto Superstar and Back That Ass Up, which probably wasn’t the 90s.
    Eww re: boogies on the lift

  4. Ewww, vaping and skiing is so gross! When we went skiing down in Oregon a few times, we often would end up sharing a lift with people who smelled like weed. There were signs all over saying not to smoke it on the lifts or slopes, but I’m fairly certain that didn’t stop people.
    Your mountain legs workout sounds challenging but fun!

  5. OMG about the people on the chairlift!! I could write an entire blog post (or several) about the conversations I have or things I have overheard. Luckily I haven’t been on board with a ton of papers – maybe two in the entire winter – but some crazy and gross things go down on those lift rides!!! Glad you were able to get some alone snow time!!! And hope you can enjoy the “whiplash” temps outside this week.
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – How to Tidy Up Your Entire LifeMy Profile

    1. I swear some people think the lift is like a therapist’s couch. Or they are oblivious that there’s a complete stranger sitting with them that really doesn’t want to hear their deep, dark secrets.

  6. I can understand the boogers on a cold day I guess, but vaping?! Uff… I think skiing or snowboarding is a high enough in itself, and a healthy one, too 😉 I don’t blame you one bit for hitting the treadmill during the crazy cold days. Listening to fun music is one part I really enjoy about the ‘mill, as I usually don’t run with music outside!

    1. Skiing and snowboarding don’t necessarily mean the person doing it is healthy…I would love to say it is, but you see a lot of unhealthy habits on the slopes. Lol!

  7. My best runner gal pal, Barb, and I had not run together since New Years Day (I think?), and we were able to meet up on Saturday in the awesome 42F weather. it felt so good to be outside, that we ran a fast (for us) pace while chatting non-stop (because we had not seen each other for so long). And now, we’re back to the single-digit feels like temps LOL Roller coaster ride, indeed!

  8. Vaping and skiing…wow. Well, when I ran the Berlin Marathon, I was so surprised to see a ton of runners lighting up cigarettes at the finish! So foreign to me…

    1. Vaping, smoking…so much for getting some fresh air. And it always boggles my mind about runners who smoke. I read an article about ultra running in China and there was a pic of a guy at an aid station smoking and getting in nutrition. So weird!

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