Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts |

Last week’s workouts were a roller coaster.

Not because of the actual workouts but because of the weather.  We went from snow, sub zero wind chills to rain and 50 degrees, back to normal winter temps in the 20s.  All the snow we got last weekend?  Completely gone with only sheer ice left.

What gives, Mother Nature?


After staying up way past my bedtime Sunday night to watch the Patriots game, I opted for a home workout rather than the gym.  It gave me an extra 30 minutes of sleep which is better than nothing.

Last week's workouts |


3 mile Snowshoe run/walk, 15:25 avg/pace

It was so cold Tuesday morning that I couldn’t fathom going out for a run early in the a.m. And then my kids had a two hour delay because of sub-zero wind chills.  After appointments and some other commitments, I was finally able to get out for a run.  I went back and forth between a road run and a snowshoe run on the trails.

I chose the trail because the trees would block the wind and I had not been out for a snowshoe run yet this winter.

Snowshoe running always seems like a good idea until you start to do it.  Then it’s like, “What was I thinking?!?!”

Snowshoe running on a groomed trail is great.  Snowshoe running making your own trail on snow that has cross country ski tracks and a crust from freezing rain, is just brutal.  I ran some. I walked some.  It wasn’t pretty but I got some miles done. Besides the woods were so pretty in a blanket of snow and the sun shining down.

Snowshoe running – I love you when I’m done! 🙂

Last week's workouts |


Back to the gym! With my Achilles feeling better, I’m slowly upping my Stepmill game in anticipation of all the mountain races I hope to do this spring/summer. After the summer, I laid off hills and I can tell.  Hills that I felt strong on are now causing me to suck wind.  Time to get back on it!

20 minutes Arc Trainer

10 minutes Stepmill w/ 1 min hard/1 min recovery

strength training:

bench press

half kneeling anti-rotation cable chop

cable squat row

SL bench squat

lunge matrix

KB overhead march

SL KB dead lift

banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

TRX pike planks

Last week's workouts |


5 mile run, 9:37 avg/pace

Wednesday night I checked my weather app for Thursday’s morning run.  It said rain and 43 degrees.  Keep in mind two days ago, it was in the single digits with sub-zero wind chills.  I set out shorts because…43 degrees in January is H-O-T!

I woke up to the sound of rain pinging off the windows.  I checked my app again and saw 36 degrees. Not the day for shorts.  Womp, womp, womp.

I knew it was going to be a super sloppy run because of the snow melt, rain and probably icy. I slipped on my water resistant Saucony Peregrine trail shoes for a little traction and maybe a little dryness. It helped a bit but Jen and I spent most of the run skating and taking baby steps out of fear of black ice.  Not necessarily the best day for a run but we got out there and it felt good.

Last week's workouts }

Later on in the day I had PT.  Matt had me do some plyometric work on the Plyo Sled Rebounder.  It was the first time I’ve ever used one and now I must have one for home.  It was so fun and a great way to get some plyo work in without as much impact.


20 minutes Elliptical

12 minutes Stepmill alternating 1 min side steps

strength training:

cable crossover

banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

ball slams

I then did a modified version of a mountain legs ladder that one of the RD’s from Loon Mountain Race shared.  My legs and glutes were toast even though I do most of these exercises weekly.  And the DOMS was for real.  I haven’t been that sore in quite some time.  You’ll be seeing this workout A LOT!

barbell squat (20 reps)

side lunge touch w/ balance (10/side)

barbell squat (15)

reverse lunge to SL stand (10/side)

barbell squat (12)

walking lunge w/ med ball Russian twist (10/side)

barbell squat (10)

speed skaters (10/side)

barbell squat (8)

bench split squat (10/side


8 mile run, 8:57 avg/pace, 379 ft elev gain

Unless I’m meeting someone, my weekend runs are becoming later and later.  It’s funny that there was a time when I would get up before dawn even on the weekends for a run.  Now, I’m loving the laziness of sleeping till I wake up, eating breakfast and relaxing with the fam before heading out.  If I don’t have to run during the coldest, darkest part of the day, I’m not going to.

Last week's workouts |

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my driving and texting rant.  With running later in the day, there’s more traffic.  That also means I can see every single person who is not paying attention to the road.  In a span of 1 hour, I saw 15 people looking at their phone rather than the road and more importantly ME on the side of the road.  I even had one woman look right at me and then proceed to look down at her phone even before she passed me.  Wtf people?!?!?  All it takes is a millisecond for something to happen.  It’s not worth the risk!


Snowboard day!

It was the perfect day for skiing and riding temperature wise, but by mid day the snow had been skied off and there was a lot of ice.  If one thing I’ve learned since living in the Northeast is that there always ice.  Always. I took a nasty fall when my board slipped out from underneath me while cutting into mountain.  My knees look like I had a run in with Tonya Harding.  C’mon Mother Nature – bring us the snow!

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Nice week of workouts! Wouldn’t it be nice if the snow could just stick around and we could enjoy it (aka not freezing)? I should have gotten out there on my skis today but I was so wiped from my race yesterday that I needed to recover. It’s going to warm up tomorrow for the snow we’re getting. I hope to get out there for a run!

    Heheh Tonya Harding…

  2. All of my workouts were inside (except for some heavy duty shoveling). Amazingly, they all went well…and I’m totally NOT an indoor gal (especially for running). And, it looks like I’ll be indoors all this next week as well. I have never snow-shoed, but cannot imagine how hard it would be to run in them!

  3. OMG to the fall! That is awful and I hope it’s not affecting your running 🙂 I couldn’t agree more about the distracted drivers. I see it ALL the time and it’s pretty scary. I don’t know why but it’s shocking to me. I seriously cannot believe the amount of people who look at their phones or text while driving. It’s amazing there are not more accidents!!
    Here’s hoping the weather gets better, although this week I think it’s supposed to be FREEZING!!! oh New England. I love you.
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – I Can’t Feel My LegsMy Profile

  4. I agree with you about the weather! It was kind of hard to get a grip on it since it was freezing one day, torrential raining the next day, icy one day, etc. It was really a roller coaster!

    You had a great week of workouts despite the crazy weather!

  5. I hope you’re okay after that fall! 40 degree runs in the middle of winter are the worst because of all the melt… it’s slushy that day and then just ice the next day. Great week of workouts! Your mountain legs strength workout sounds hard but fun!

  6. Great job on getting your workouts done and actually getting outside for some of them! Based on the blogs I’m reading this morning, the whole country is dealing with this crazy cold weather. Well, except me. It’s going to be 80 degrees here today.

    I saw your rant and I agree. It’s scary out there. And it’s not always texting, though that’s probably the worst. I saw a woman waiting to make a right turn (which was where I was, running toward her). She was just looking left, at the oncoming traffic. She didn’t even peek to the right to check if there might be a pedestrian (or runner!). I waited, of course. The look on her face as she actually made the turn and saw me (giving my best “boy are you an idiot” face) was priceless!
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  7. I have been all about sleeping in on the weekends too! Especially in the winter…it’s just so hard to get out there in the dark and cold if I don’t have to. But typically friends want to go early, so this weekend I sucked it up and set my alarm. 🙂

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