Last Week’s Workouts

Last week's workouts  |

Last week’s workouts weren’t terribly exciting nor were they dull.  I guess I’ve got the mid January blah’s with the holiday’s over and nothing exciting happening any time soon. I wanted routine and I got it.


30 minutes Arc Trainer hill focus

strength training:

bench press

split squat

reverse lunge cable row

side bench step ups w/ press

banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

med ball plank rolls

spider (wo)man push up



5 mile run, 8:59 avg pace

Super chill run enjoying the sunshine even though it was damn cold.

Last week's workouts |


20 minutes elliptical w/ 10 min w/u, 1 min hard, 1 min easy x 5

10 minutes stepmill speed push

strength training:

cable flys

cable bicep curls

barbell hip thrusters

reverse lunge with db curl/press

march with overhead db hold

banded pull ups

eccentric pull ups

SL bench squats

renegade kb rows

trx pike planks

Last week's workouts |


morning flow yoga @ bending bodhi

3 mile run, 9:10 avg/pace

Thank goodness for sunshine because single digits with real feel of -6 is not my favorite thing ever.  But with sunshine, at least you can feel a little bit of warmth radiating on your face. I didn’t plan to run today but somehow I ended up outside.  I guess I couldn’t resist freezing my arse again.


4.5 mile run, 8:58 avg/pace

This run was harder than it should have been.  Kyle and I were both chugging along with lungs that didn’t want to work and legs that felt like lead. Not every run can be sunshine and puppies. But we still had fun catching up!

Last week's workouts |


7.12 mile run, 8:41 avg/pace

I had zero motivation Saturday morning for a run.  My eyes were super itchy Friday afternoon and all through the night.  I wasn’t sure if it was an allergic reaction or something else.  Thankfully, it didn’t seem like conjunctivitious since they weren’t read or goopey.  As soon as I stepped outside, my eyes felt fine and I settled into my run easily.  As I was heading towards home, I noticed three of my friends running about 1/2 mile ahead of me.  I picked up the pace in hopes of catching them.  Of course, I got stopped at a light so I had to run even faster to reach them.  Even though I was yelling, “Nice ass!” to them multiple times, they didn’t hear me.  So I had to run even faster.  Finally, I got up to them and enjoyed a brief mile with them before separating.  At least it gave me a little tempo workout in the mix.  Lol!


3 mile snowshoe walk

Our mega snow storm turned out to be a big dud.  We have ground cover but it was the 2 feet that was predicted.  And it was mixed with sleet.  I thought sleet only happens with the temp is close to freezing?  It never got above 15 degrees all day.  Weird.

Last week's workouts |

We were hoping to drive north to ski/snowboard but the roads were quite treacherous with the mix.  I’m glad we didn’t because Gunstock had a wind hold for most of the day anyway.  I would have been irate to get there and be stuck on two lifts all day.

Since I ran three days in a row, I decided to stick to a walk instead of a snowshoe run.  Besides, I agreed with my physical therapist to keep my running on the easier side of perceived exertion for the next few weeks while I’m getting treatment for my Achilles.  I’ve only had a few treatments and it’s amazing how much the thickness has decreased.  Good progress that I don’t want to wreck with higher intensity runs. And if you’ve ever run in snowshoes, especially in fresh powder making your own trail, you know it’s not easy at all.

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Sorry you didn’t get to go snow skiing/boarding. The shoeing sounds fun though and it’s something I’ve never tried. Speaking from experience, an Achilles issue is such a difficult thing to overcome. I’m curious, what type of treatment are they doing on it? Thanks for linking!

    1. My PT is doing Ultrasound, Graston and massage. I went in for treatment very early so that has helped a lot. Even after a few treatments, there’s a huge difference in the thickness.

  2. I’ve never tried snowshoeing–we just don’t get enough snow here to justify it! I pull out my trusty XC skis instead. The bitter cold can just go away. Nice work this week!

    1. Over the past few years, we have been severely lacking in snow so my snowshoes have been gathering dust. It’s quite sad. I XC when I was younger and want to get back into it but it’s the same thing with lack of snow. Boo!

    1. The goggles are a must when it’s blowing snow! I wear them running when it’s snowing too. Except if it’s dark out. Then it’s hard to see. Lol!

  3. Great week of workouts! Happy to hear that your achilles is feeling better with treatment. I’ve never tried snow shoeing before but I bet it’s an awesome cross training workout!!

    I can totally relate to the “January blahs”. There’s so much hype and excitement about the holidays and the New Year and then when it’s all over, you’re just left with an undecorated house and lots of cold weather, lol

    1. Snowshoeing is a great workout even with walking. You really feel it in the hips from having a wider stance. Now running in snowshoes – that’s a whole new level of workout. Even a casual run feels like an all out 5k. Lol!

  4. I kind of like our pretty snow. The sub-z temps that followed it though are not fun. That’s very weird to have sleet if it’s that cold. I guess the upper atmosphere was warmer. Go figure. I can just see onlookers now, watching you shout “nice ass” : P

    1. I’m so glad we have pretty snow now. Looking a brown frozen grass isn’t too pretty. I guess it was a good thing that I’m not a very strong yeller otherwise my ‘nice ass’ comments would have been taken the wrong way by onlookers. Lol!

    1. Those days are a one run to the lodge for hot cocoa and snacks x 100 kind of days. The wind is the worst. I’m afraid of heights so being on a chairlift that’s swinging side to side is not my cup of tea. I’ll gladly skip a ski day for that!

  5. Glad to hear that your Achilles is doing well! It’s always a boost when you can actually see improvement and know that what you’re doing is working.

    That’s some cold weather you run in. Your breath in that one shot makes me shiver! I’m in the market for some new cold running gear – all of my stuff is really old (like 10 years. I should probably get new stuff. lol). What are some of your favorites?

    1. It’s really not that cold if you have the right gear. The hardest part is getting out the door because that’s when you’re the coldest. You are in luck! I plan on sharing my cold weather running favs tomorrow. I’ll give you a spoiler though – Saucony and Athleta tights are some of my favs. Darntough wool socks are the best. I also have an amazing vest from Columbia that isn’t too puffy for running yet packs in the heat without making me too sweaty.

  6. We are supposed to be getting sleet/freezing rain overnight….hello? It’s like 10F with psycho wind (????). Like you said, not sure how that’s gonna happen when it’s drastically below freezing LOL

    1. Ugh! Just give us snow! We are in the deep freeze right now with real feel of -20. Oh and guess what’s happening tomorrow? Rain and 40s. WTF?!?!!

  7. LOL on “nice ass” as wait up.
    Hope your achilles is on the mend, mine seems to be slowly getting there, although running a Half did it no favors
    Love your hat in top photo and yay on no feet on the ground in the Tuesday one – isn’t it amazing the difference sun can make

    1. Fingers crossed it continues to get better. And my hat from the first photo is actually a headband from Skida. They have super cute headbands and hats that keep the ears and noggin toasty.

      1. Thanks! Ice and stretching have been my friend
        I realized that when you subsequently posted winter essentials – or maybe I read them out of order. Either way, love it.

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