Last Week’s Workouts

last week's workouts |

I don’t know about you, but I was so happy to be back into the routine of things for last week’s workouts.

I love the holidays but I’m so over it.

My kids do best with routine and structure and as much as I like to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of gal, I do too.

Cheers to the routine!


First time back in the gym after 2 weeks off!  I was expecting it to be busier than usual, thinking maybe people would be getting a jump start on their New Year’s goals.  Not so much…it was probably one of the quietest mornings I’ve ever seen.  Hmmmm.

30 minutes Arc Trainer Interval

Strength Training:

DB bench press

DB pullover

Reverse lunge with SA DB shoulder press

Reverse grip barbell row

Barbell hip thruster

SL KB deadlift

Banded pull ups

Eccentric pull ups

TRX mountain climbers/pike plank


4.71 miles, 8:51 avg/pace

New year, new miles.  I always like to start the year off with a run.  It just feels right.  Especially when it feels more like spring rather than January 1st.  It has snowed overnight but by the time we woke up the temps were in the mid 40s and rising.  The snow didn’t last (boo!) but I must admit that the warmer temps did feel good.

last week's workouts |


Ok, so I REALLY thought today would be the morning that the gym would be slammed.  It was January 2nd after all.  Guess what?  Even MORE quiet than Monday.  What?!?!  SO bizarre.  Maybe everyone will be there on Monday morning for a full week rather than starting in the middle?  Come on in everyone!

30 minutes Elliptical

Strength training:

Decline push ups

Split squats

Plate squat with shoulder press

Cable row with reverse lunge

Anti-rotational cable pull

Banded pull ups

Eccentric pull ups

Bench step ups

Barbell deadlift

Medball sit up/toss

Medball Russian twist


5.27 mile run, 8:46 avg/pace

Kyle and I were hoping for a two hour school delay so we could run just a little bit later than usual. Of course, the call for the delay came when we were almost done.  Oh well.  The snow was pretty, the conversation was good and the run got done.

last week's workouts |


Guess what?  Today was FINALLY a busier day at the gym.  Not crazy busy but some new faces outside of the usual crowd.

30 minutes Bike

Strength Training:

Lat pull down

Banded pull ups

Cable chest flys

Cable pushdowns

Barbell squats w/ bench touch

Barbell hip thrusters

Bench steps ups w/ balance hold

Lateral lunge w/ DB reach and press

Plank/side plank


5.18 mile run, 8:50 avg/pace

The roads were slick in spots after rain overnight so I spent a lot of time doing the shuffle run off and on. This winter has been so crazy so far.  November felt like January, January feels like March so far.  I’d like to have some snow that will stick around longer than a few hours.  It’s kind of hard to do all the fun winter things like snowshoeing, sledding and skiing/snowboarding in frozen dirt. C’mon Mother Nature!

last week's workouts  |


Snowboarding day!

It was the first day of ski club so we spent the whole day up at the mountain.  With temps in the low/mid 30s, occasional snow squalls and sunshine, it was a gorgeous day to be on the mountain.  I love that my kids are little rippers who love it just as much as Ron and I. Now if we just had less ice and more snow…

Last week's workouts |

How was your week in workouts?

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  1. Snow? What’s that? We did have that big storm in November but nothing since. I’m sure not complaining–the mild winter we’re having is a-ok by me!

    Crazy how the gym wasn’t crowded. When I used to go to the gym, I dreaded January! I don’t see a big change at CrossFit, which I am happy about.

    1. I have a feeling things will pick up sometime but I’m ok with it. I’ve worked out for so many years that I can always find alternative exercises if something is being used.

    1. I usually do my snow runs in my Saucony Peregrines but any trail shoe with a luggier sole will do. If you don’t want to invest in another pair of shoes, you can drill screws in the bottom of an old pair of a regular pair of sneakers for added traction. I’ve never done it but I have friends who swear by it. Super easy to do too!

  2. The entire last 12 months have been weird, weather-wise. Our winter last year didn’t have much snow (until February), but the winter-like temps lasted until mid -April. Spring lasted about two weeks. Summer ended promptly by early September, with some winter-like stuff for most of October. Then, we had (maybe) two actual weeks of autumn-like weather in November. Hardly any snow in December. Now, it’s been kind of like March here, too. What the WHAT!

    1. Us too! Although summer was lovely and lasted until late September which is a good thing. Who knows what the rest of the winter will bring. Although our extended forecast is showing some single digit lows and highs in the teens. Maybe winter is coming?

  3. Happy New Year! Awesome job on your workouts this week.

    I like skiing even though I haven’t done it in years. I never tried snowboarding but imagine it’s actually a great cross training workout!

    1. I grew up skiing but switched to snowboarding in my early 20s. I may try to ski again this year. Hopefully it’s like riding a bike and I remember how to do it! Lol! With it being our first time out on the mountain for the year, I definitely have some sore spots that haven’t been worked like that in a bit.

  4. We had snow in November and a dusting December 30, but yeah this winter has been weird.
    My gym was slammed Weds, not bad Friday and a different branch was near empty today. I actually expected it to be awful due to the other two close by ones being closed on Sunday but I could have picked from ten treadmills.

  5. I was so happy to see the pics of you all at the mountain on FB! YAY!!!! It was a fantastic weekend at Okemo and snowed most of the day Sunday. I mean, what could be better? And our gym is the same. Not that crowded and I hope it stays that way!! And I hear you about getting back into a routine but this year, for whatever reason, I was bummed to get back into it. I seriously cannot wait for the weekend…sigh
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Hello 2019!My Profile

    1. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still counting down the days till the weekend. Hahaha! We were talking about Okemo over the weekend. Trying to decide if we should go there for a few days during February vacation or Sunday River. I’ve never been to Okemo!

      1. OMG please come to Okemo so we can all meet up!!! It would be so fun! The best “family” part of the mountain is Jackson Gore and you can buy tickets, ski, have dinner/drinks and (most importantly) get waffles from the base there. Message me if you end up going because we will definitely be there!
        Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Hello 2019!My Profile

  6. I’m a bit jealous of your snow! It’s oddly mild here also and supposedly will stay that way for a bit due to El Nino. Looks like a fun weekend snowboarding! My gym is typically more crowded than not most days and so there hasn’t been a noticeable change yet.

    1. Don’t be too jealous – we have lots of bare ground too. Thankfully, North of us there’s more snow so we can ski/board. But I want snow in my backyard to snowshoe.

    1. That’s one thing I don’t like about winter running – when you can run fine in some spots but then you hit ice. I should do the screw shoe thing this year because I hate wearing Yak Trax type things.

  7. happy new year!! you had a great first week! even with snow haha! We don’t get much of it here and everyone freaks out when we do get it so … I’d rather not have it!

    I didn’t actually really work out between NYE with my year end race and Friday. My excuse is that we were away so lots of steps done being a tourist and then we had a long drive home, then I had to work again and then I finally had a training to go to. I made up for it with a workout saturday and two on Sunday. I’m so ready to be in my routine again!

    1. Happy New Year to you too! We lived in Virginia for a bit and the whole state shut down in there was an inch of snow. Understandable because it was such an oddity and there wasn’t the equipment to handle it. But in New Hampshire, we are soooo used to it! LoL!

  8. I went to the gym a couple of times last week, including NYD and it’s a tad busier but nothing crazy. I think this week maybe they’ll be there. Knock wood our December and January so far have been SO mild. Such a blessing for Tokyo Marathon training.

  9. This is not the first post I’ve read that mentioned quiet gyms. I wonder if more people are choosing to do stuff at home/online? Maybe everyone received a Peloton for Christmas — they sure did advertise a lot! I’m jealous of your snow skiing. We hope to go for Spring Break but it’s been two years and I’m pretty rusty. Thanks for linking!

    1. As of yesterday (Monday), the gym had picked up some. Maybe because the new year started on a Tuesday, everyone waited till a Monday. Who knows! It was our first time on the slopes over the weekend. The first few runs are always sketchy like, “Do I remember how to do this?” But it really is like riding a bike. It just happens!

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