Keeping it Klean with Klean Athlete

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to supplements. I believe most people can get all the   nutrients they need and then some, from whole food. However, the ones who put their bodies through intense workouts day after day, they need a little extra help. Now that I am increasing my mileage and putting in harder miles, I feel like I’m in the later group. I’ve always taken a multivitamin but have begun using protein powders in the morning or after a long run as a way to get more protein to repair my muscles.

I was recently sent a couple of products to test out from Klean Athlete. They are a fairly new company that is just getting started in sports nutritional supplements.

Klean Athlete Promo - The companies founders, who are athletes themselves, based their products on the fundamentals of sports.

“Before you can get faster, you first need to be healthy.”

The entire line of Klean Athlete’s products are NSF Certified for Sport® and certified to be clean of banned substances. Every product that carries that certification has to go through stringent laboratory testing to confirm content, purity and compliance. In addition, all of their products are free of yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sugar, or starch. No artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring. One of the main reasons why I don’t take many supplements is because I’m not sure what’s actually in the product. It seems like the majority are just full of added fillers. If I’m trying to eat clean, shouldn’t my supplements be clean?

The Klean Multivitamin is a fruit and vegetable blend that is the base for all training in getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals an athlete’s body needs. I’ve been taking two multi’s a day with my breakfast. With some multi’s, I get a nauseous feeling after taking. Even with food. Not so with Klean Athlete. They go down easy with no ill side effects.

Klean Athlete Multivitamin - happyfitmama.comI have also been using the Klean Isolate daily. It’s pure whey protein isolate, free of artificial flavoring or sweetener. You get 20 grams of protein in one serving. I’ve enjoyed it in green smoothies, pancakes and oatmeal after a tough workout or long run. I was even nice enough to share it with Ron. He loves to mix it with a little Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa Mix and Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk as a recovery shake.  We both like that there is no flavor so you can adjust it to your liking. I’ve had a few protein powders that were way too sweet or overpowering in flavor.

Klean Athlete Smoothies, Pancakes, Oatmeal - happyfitmama.comAfter using both the multivitamin and Isolate for over two weeks, I can honestly say that I will be buying more of each. In fact, we just ran out of the Isolate. Obviously, we really liked it!

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  1. It does sound like a good product. My DR asked me this week if I took a multi-vitamin. I don’t for the same reasons you didn’t like some of the ones you have tried in the past. Maybe I will have to check into these! Thanks for sharing!
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  2. Since Klean Athlete has just been released in Canada and I’m trying to get my hands on some, I’m excited to give it a try! Important to know that orders for Klean Athlete Canada have to go through because they can’t process the orders on the .com site yet!

  3. How does the isolate compare with Hammer Whey (which also has an unflavored)? (have you tried Hammer?)

    They look very similar nutritionally and Hammer is cheaper. (and they’re pretty expensive) I haven’t loved the taste of some of the Hammer flavored wheys but I think they’ve made improvements since I tried them last, and I probably got too used to the more oversweetened whey proteins on the market which are concentrate not isolate. I’m thinking of going back to isolate since I’m concerned I may have a casein sensitivity.

    Look forward to your reply, thanks!

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