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Instagram Tips and Tricks to get the best run pic _

Welcome back to another edition of Just Run where some of my running bloggy friends and I share running tidbits each month.

Last month we covered Tips for the New Runner. If you didn’t read it, check it out!

This month, it’s all about Instagram.

I can honestly say, I’ve done it for the Insta.

I’ve even taken you behind the scenes of my Instagram feed.  Because we all know there’s always a story behind the picture.

Instagram is by far by favorite form of social media.  Pictures are really worth a thousand words. Especially running pics. Or running selfies. Or runfies.

Since I love a good runfie, I often get asked how I get my pictures.

Do I have someone take the pictures? Do I think about where I’m going to take the BEST picture while I’m running?  Do I run and then stop at my house to pick up my phone?

Over the years I’ve learned lots of Instagram tips and tricks for taking running pics. Here’s just a few.

Location: Find the right place to prop your phone up

Rocks, benches, trees, snowbanks, shoes, gloves…use whatever you can get.  I usually take my pics from the ground up to get the best angle but sometimes I luck out and find something that is waist high or higher that can hold my phone without fear of it falling and cracking.

Instagram tips and tricks |

For this pic I propped my phone up against sticks and my handheld mace.

Mode: Self Timer App or Video Mode

Once you have your phone set up, it’s time to run back and forth in front of your phone and look like you’ve lost something. Sometimes a leg is cut off or I’m headless but I kind of like those photos too.  Something different and interesting, right?

You can use the front side of the phone if you’d like to see if you are lined up just right. I prefer to use the back side rather than the front side camera.  I think the photo quality is better.

Variety: Mix it up with different angles, the direction you run, post run bliss jump shot, a stretching pic or contemplating how awesome of a runner you are. Fixing a ponytail can always make you look like a badass.

If you are ever in doubt, a sunrise or sunset will always be a winner.

Instagram tips and tricks|

Edit: Once I have the pictures, then it’s time to edit. I’ve been using Snapseed for years and it’s still my favorite editing app. It’s perfect for lightening a picture that’s been taken in low light or for adding some dramatic flair to the sky.

I know a lot of bloggers who have a theme set up for the Instagram feed like every third pic is a quote of just words. I can’t do that. I’m not that organized!  And I prefer to post whatever, whenever I want.

For more tips, tricks and outtake funnies, check out what my running blogger friends have to share.


Instagram Tips and Tricks |


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What have you done for the Insta before?

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  1. I get the worst running pics . . . they are always blurry, low quality weird body position, or only like 10% of me in the pic. I need to try the video way 😉

  2. Snapseed is my absolute favorite app and I totally need to use it more! Thank you for these tips, I was wondering how blogger got their phones to prop up the right way! I don’t think I’ve ever been outside for a run during sunrise and sunset, that clearly needs to change!

  3. I love that you propped your phone on your mace – LOL! Whatever it takes, right? And I also use Snapseed and love it and I had no clue how people put up just words or memes until you just explained it to me. #youraisemeup
    Love this link up!
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