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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mira.

I’m no stranger to fitness trackers. I’ve tried a couple and wore a Fitbit Charge quite regularly for months. Even though I was running high (for me) miles in marathon training and active throughout the day at work, I still liked to see how many steps I got in a day. Then one day, I didn’t wear the tracker. And that was followed by another day. And then another. I didn’t miss not seeing the numbers at all.

But then I hurt my foot back in April. My activity level dropped significantly with no running and minimal walking. Once I was out of the boot and able to withstand being on my foot for longer periods, I felt like I needed something to give me a little reminder to get off my butt and be more active during the day.

Just about that time, I was asked to review the new Mira Fitness Tracker and Bracelet.

I know what you are thinking – Another fitness wearable?!?!

I thought the same thing. But Mira is different than any other wearable I’ve seen on the market.

Mira is a device specifically targeted to women. It was created with an active woman in mind and not specifically a hard-core performance athlete. Mira tracks only what’s important: steps, calories, distance and elevation. Although I’d like to think of myself as a performance athlete and someone who likes all the numbers, Mira stood out to me for one reason.

It doesn’t look like a bulky, ugly watch.

Mira Fitness Tracker

I’ll gladly wear my Garmin or Timex One GPS+ watch while I’m running. But outside of that, there’s no way I could wear it for everyday use. They are both huge!

The other fitness trackers that I’ve worn, they just looked like a cheap piece of rubber. When wearing “real” clothes, i.e. non running/yoga/gym clothes, it stood out like a sore thumb.

With Mira, it blends in like another piece of wrist candy.

Designed to sit on the bracelet, the Mira tracker looks more like jewelry than technology. For the gym or other more casual looks, the tracker easily detaches from the bracelet and clip to any piece of clothing or pocket. Mira resists sweat, rain and getting splashed. Just don’t go swimming with it.

Ball push up |

Mira goes beyond tracking to learn from your data. It’s the only tracker that gets to know you — like what time of day you have the most energy or how much time you have to be active each day — then offers healthy tips and recommendations personalized to you. The app for Mira offers personalized motivation and journal to track all your activity.

What I don’t like? It kind of bummed me out when I realized that the device does not vibrate when I hit the 10,000 steps mark. That’s one feature I’ve liked on the other devices.

Other than that, I love it all!

Mira retails for $169.99 and comes in brushed gold or midnight purple bracelet. It comes in petite, small or medium. I have the small and it fits perfectly.

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  1. You know I don’t do fitness trackers but I have to admit, I was intrigued when I read Carla’s review on this one. I love the look and I love that it’s kind of stripped down to the basics.
    Love that picture of you with the one arm med ball push-up! Fierce mama!
    Allie recently posted..Running Q&A with the Boys!My Profile

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  3. Thanks ! I am fond of wearable gadgets. This gadget is really looking good and has great use. Keep sharing such interesting information with us.

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