I’m Back!

Happy, happy, happy Friday everyone! Has this been the longest week ever or what? With both kids being sick for most of it, frigid cold temperatures and just feeling blah, this made for one crabby week for me. I’m glad it’s o.v.e.r! And to anyone this past week that I snapped at or gave the stink eye, my sincere apologies. Have you ever had just one of those weeks?

My spirits did life considerably yesterday. It was the end to my two week running hiatus. My knee has been feeling great. I get little twinges every now and then doing random things like walking or stretching a certain way. Nothing big. Just a little reminder that lasts only a second.

With that in mind, I decided to try for an easy pace run on the treadmill. I wanted to be conservative to test the waters. I started off, feeling nothing. About five minutes later, I felt a slight twinge and then it was gone for the remainder of the run. Weird. This “pain” (I don’t even consider it pain) is different than the patellorfemoral syndrome pain I experienced during the summer. It’s making me wonder if I have arthritis? That diagnosis was mentioned when I saw a sports med doctor. Whatever it is, it didn’t bother me for the 3.5 miles I ran and the 1/2 mile that I walked afterwards. Needless to say, I’m pretty amped and ready to run again.

Post Run Bliss - happyfitmama.comPlease excuse the playroom mess…anyone know how to organize toddler toys? I’m drowning in clutter these days! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I’m feeling pretty good about things. Running felt easy and light. I wanted to go faster but I kept everything in check. There is plenty of time to get my mileage and speed back up. Ironically, I got a call from the library telling me this book was ready for me:

Big Book of Marathon & Half Marathon Training - happyfitmama.comI dived into last night. I’m a big believer in signs…I take that as a very, very BIG sign. It’s time to do this marathon thing!

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  1. Sorry about the rough week- sounds very similar to ours… took me several days to fully recover from the stomach bug, and then L got sick.
    That’s fantastic news about your knee! And I really like the RW book… very thorough, with some good training plans at the back. Hooray for marathon training! ๐Ÿ™‚
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  2. I think we’re twins because I’ve been feeling the same way. This week would NOT end and I’ve been a grumpy grump. I’m so happy that you are back running and that there hasn’t been much pain. I hope that the kids are feeling better too. Happy weekend friend!

  3. You can totally do a marathon! I used that book to train for a marathon this fall–it’s great, has a ton of tips. I especially liked the chapters on nutrition, both daily nutrition and the crazy world of marathon nutrition. Also, the chapter on common injuries has served me well and eased my brain a bit when I had some IT band trouble (and sent me to a chiropractor who cured me). Anyhow–good luck! You can do it!
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  4. Glad your knee is starting to feel better!

    Since I started running again, I get migrating twinges around knees, shins and calves. Part of it is the ‘newness’ of having to start the buildup process all over again (out for 4 months) but also still a little stressful maybe on the newly healed area. DEFINITELY been doing all kinds of eccentric exercises for my quads, hammies and hips and I really think its been making a difference over the past few weeks. I don’t have pain when I run, but I do get those twinges later in the day when I run or the following day. Then they go away.
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    1. My organization skills consist of throwing everything into rubbermaid containers!

      I’d love to do a race with you someday. Although I think I’d be eating your dust the whole time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Congratulations on being back! I have also started reading that book and it is very helpful though I am a new runner as of June so it has opened my eyes to a lot of information. Happy reading!
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