I Think I’m An Addict

Hey friends!

Happy Friday! All I can say is what.a.week. I’m tired and so ready to sleep in at least one or both days this weekend. And by sleeping in I mean maybe 6 a.m. If I’m lucky. By the way, why do people feel the need to say “You look tired”? It’s not a compliment and basically you’re saying I look like crap. Thanks for sharing. My day just got a million times better.

Yesterday I was scrolling through Facebook and found some fun running related links. Since it’s Fun Friday, I thought I’d share and because I don’t think my brain can process anything deeper than this right now.

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m an addict.

Runners AnonymousWhile I can say YES to most of the questions, medals do nothing for me. I’m not in it for the bling at all.

25 Things Non-Runners Don’t Get About Runners – I think I’m guilty of doing all 25 things as a runner but definitely NOT #20. That’s just plain crazy! And #10 is one of my worst running habits since becoming a blogger.

The 40 Best Worst Runner Costumes – It is the weekend before Halloween so I’m sure there are going to be a ton of new photos to add to this list. If you are running in costume this weekend and looking for ideas, I suggest #14 although you won’t be breaking any speed records with it. Seriously, where do people come up with some of these ideas?

BREAKING NEWS –Β Shake weights are not more effective than dumbbells. Did anyone ever believe that they were?

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got to go fuel my running addiction. πŸ™‚

Are you a running addict?

Have you ever run in costume before?

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37 comments on “I Think I’m An Addict

  1. Your whole first paragraph sums up my week….and one of the reasons I love your blog!
    I’m sorry, but the Duke of Hazard and Forrest Gump costumes actually got a laugh out of me!
    Maureen recently posted..Finally FridayMy Profile

  2. LOL this article was funny. I have NEVER run in costume before. Seems like it would be a bit irritating. I would not consider myself a running addict but I think I have created a few with the monthly challenges I put out there. LOL! Folks now running in 34 degree weather at 5:30 am in the morning! I can relate to the 25 Things article. I know I just did #10 and am a victim of #18. My feet and legs look JUST LIKE THAT! Anywho – you just might be a running addict. πŸ™‚ Cheers.
    Diatta recently posted..Workout Wednesdays Link UpMy Profile

  3. Lol!!! Yes! I hate when people tell me I look tired. I wish they would just say what they’re really trying to say, “Wow you look like crap!” Um and my hubby totally bought a shake weight at one point! Hilarious!! Based on this criteria I am such an addict…then again I think I already knew that!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..FItness Friday….Kettlebell FunMy Profile

  4. I’m laughing about the shake weights–too funny! And yes, I fully own my addiction. Quite honestly, I think I AM too addicted to running. I’ll own it, but I won’t remedy it!

    Oh my gosh–number 20! No, no, no!

    Have a great weekend.
    misszippy1 recently posted..Friday fiveMy Profile

  5. According to the list I’m not a running addict since I don’t really race. And, I guess at this point in my life I’m not a true running addict. A work-out addict maybe!!!
    Kim recently posted..Proud MamaMy Profile

  6. I.love.this. YES I’m a total addict and I do #3 way too much. I’m currently at a destination race and I did my last race two weeks ago! This is perfect timing. Can’t wait to check out the costumes:-)
    Allie recently posted..Airline HellMy Profile

  7. lol, I love when people say I look tired…..said NO one ever! It’s just mean. Obviously I know when I look tired and I am already self-conscious about it! haha. I used to be a running addict but not so much anymore. I still love running though but haven’t run any races in a while. I bet I’d start getting more addicted once I start participating in races again which is the plan post-baby!!
    Melanie @ Nutritious Eats recently posted..Stress Eating and the The Power of Sugar CravingsMy Profile

  8. Haha! Funny image for sure! Although I can completely relate to being a run addict, I have to say I am not there right now in my life… kind of the opposite, I have not been enjoying running. I have been doing a lot of slow trail running and I feel very happy. I’m not sure if it’s some of my health issues, but going fast doesn’t feel good like it used to. Oh geeze! I sound old.. “back in the old days, when I used move” gah! anyway I am having fun going slow. LOL!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Being Resilient…We slip up and then we stand upMy Profile

  9. Ha! Great choice of articles for sure! I love how intricate some of the costumes got – crazy! I will drive (and sometimes fly) as far as it takes for those free bagels and tshirt! Yes, I am an addict and I will be running as the Flash in March – watch out!!
    Emily recently posted..Marathon Monday: On the Road AgainMy Profile

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