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It’s another edition of Just Run, where each month a group of my running blogger friends gather with their tips, tricks and thoughts on all things running.

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This month we are chatting about running mojo.

The weather is cold. It’s dark all the time. You are in the off season. There’s a million and one things to get done for the holidays. This time of year, running mojo can run low. Actually, it can happen any time of year but this time of year is when things tend to dip more.

You’ve lost your running mojo.

Believe me. I’ve been there.

Most days, I’m ready to run no matter what season.  I know something is up when I don’t have that urge to run. Most likely I need some time off to do other things.

Never fear.  Your running mojo is not lost for ever.

Here’s how to find your running mojo once again.

Read up on running magazines

When the latest Women’s Running, Runner’s World, and Trail Runner magazine arrive in my mailbox, I read it cover to cover and always feel amped up about running afterwards. It’s like a mini kick in the pants to step it up!

Run with friends

Knowing that there are others waiting for you will motivate you to roll out of bed no matter what the weather is. During the winter, I totally rely on running buddies for motivation, especially for long runs. Misery LOVES company. When single digit temperatures (not counting the windchill) and a double digit run are staring at you, having company makes a HUGE difference in getting it done.

Watch running movies

Over the weekend, I watched the Ironman World Championships on TV. Even though I knew the outcome since it happened last month, the stories behind the athletes are so inspiring.  I have absolutely zero interest in doing a Tri but watching those athletes made me want to train hard for a big goal.

Other favorite films include anything from Billy Yang, The Spirit of the Marathon, and McFarland USA.  Search YouTube for running films and you’ll find an endless supply of motivation.  I have a weakness for Ultra Running films.  Lol!

Check out social media

Scrolling through my favorite runners on Instagram always gives me a jolt of motivation to get out there and run.

Try something new

Rather than making the main focus running, try something new to compliment it. Maybe try bootcamp, Spinning, Orangetheory (although that’s not an option for me since they don’t want me to EVER try it – hahaha!), or give Crossfit a try.  Or focus on trying to get your first pull up (something I’m always trying to achieve!)

Give cross training a try to refresh your love of running.


Use Small Goals to Get to Big Goals

January and February are the important building blocks of training if you want to race well in March and April. Find a tune up 5k or 5 miler race to gauge how your progressing towards your big goal.

Find a race to train for

Having a race on the calendar may be the motivation you need to get off the couch. Pick a new to you race, a new distance or maybe focus on something like running a faster 5k.

Remember that running is not something you HAVE to do

When I start saying that I HAVE to run, then it becomes a chore. Running shouldn’t be like that. I’m lucky that I can run. Remember why you run and why you love it so much.

Accept it and move on

Bad runs and lack of mojo happen to every runner. Rather than stewing about it and nit picking every single thing, accept it and move on. Anyways, a good week of running always follows a bad week. Right? At least that’s the story runners tell themselves.

Want to see what my blogger friends have to say about running mojo? Check it out below and be sure to click on the image or their name to get the details.



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What do you do when you lose your running mojo?

25 comments on “How to Find Your Running Mojo {Just Run}

  1. I’ve had issues with staying motivated in the winter, especially when Im not training for anything. I think its a good time to back off and do other things. Usually I end up missing running pretty quickly and want to get back to it!

  2. Ah yes, the lost mojo! We have all definitely been there and I agree with trying something new and listening to that voice saying “you need time off!” Eventually, it returns. And what do you mean you have “no interest” in doing a triathlon? I’m sure you have just a tiny little bit somewhere…and watching the Kona IM is so, so motivating!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Wanna Get Away?My Profile

    1. Hahaha! There’s a little interest but it’s buried deep inside and will never see the light of day. I’ll stick to saying “I’m not worthy!” to triathletes! 😉

  3. All great tips! I have been having difficulty finding my running mojo. I have a hip injury that just won’t quit. I had to laugh at the social media tip. So many people complain about the negativity of social media, but almost all of my Twitter followers are runners. They are such a positive, encouraging bunch. No political fights there! 🙂
    Laurie recently posted..Hope is Not a Resting PlaceMy Profile

    1. Social media does get a bad rap but it does have a certain motivation factor. Especially when you see that others hit a slump or feel similar to you.

  4. I like to step back when I’m losing my mojo. Last summer was the worst. It was so hot and running was just hard. But with a race to train for, I pushed through it and came out of it unscathed. I also embraced those run walk intervals, which helped make things a tad easier for me.

    And yes, looking through my IG helped a ton! So did reading old blog posts.

    1. What’s worse for motivation – summer running in heat and humidity or winter running in the cold? They both aren’t easy that’s for sure.

  5. I think we all lose our mojo at one time or another. For me, it usually just means that I need a break. I try to go check out a new class or find a new friend to run with

  6. Great tips. Sometimes when I’m just not feeling it I allow myself to just run (appropriate, right?). No watch, no plan, just head out the door and run. If it feels good, I’ll keep going. If not, I’ll turn around and save it for another day. Fortunately, it usually feels good.

  7. Great tips! For me, losing mojo means I just need a break or lower, easy mileage for a while. That usually brings back the desire train hard again. I definitely need down periods throughout the year!

    1. I don’t know how some people go from training plan to training plan year round. I like downtime to run whatever I want. Plans are great but being plan free should be a part of every runners life too.

    1. Why force it when you know you’ll be deep in a training plan come January? Plus, the strength training will pay off in running. It’s a win for everyone!

  8. Never thought of watching movies involving running to motivate myself but it totally worked. Don’t know how to thank you. Running is back on.

  9. This time of year is tough, it’s like the Alaskan tundra in Iowa….cold and windy (with or without snow). That’s why I always try to do the RW Running Streak. Normally, I loathe daily running…but from Thanksgiving – New Years Day, I suck it up and do it. Most days, it’s only one mile, so the time commitment is minimal. Often times, that one mile become 3 or more, though. And, come NYD, I celebrate and relish the fact that the solstice is behind me and the days are already getting longer 😉

    1. That’s a great idea! I’m not an everyday runner but I think even committing to at least walking one mile every day from Thanksgiving to NYD would be great. And I’m with you. Once we are through December, I find great joy in the daylight hours growing…even if it’s only a minute!

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