How to Find the Right Running Buddy for You

Tired of running solo Follow these tips to find the right running buddy for you.

Almost three years ago, I put out a plea for a running buddy.

At that time, I had been running most of my runs solo but was feeling like I needed some company to push my pace a bit but for also safety reasons on my zero dark thirty runs.

As luck would have it, since then I have been blessed with multiple running buddies. We’ve laughed, sweated and had a great time getting to know each other. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone while out on a run. I not only found new running buddies, I found genuine friends.

I was running the best of both worlds – a mix of solo and partner runs each week was just what I needed

But then one friend moved away. And another one got pregnant. And then I got injured and couldn’t run for months. And then another one moved away.


I lost all of my reliable running friends!

So I’m making the plea again. I’m back on the market.

I am currently looking for a new running buddy.

Wanted Running Buddy -

Other qualifications must be that I don’t have to drive more than 10 minutes to meet up during the week. Longer distances are ok for weekend runs. Ideally, the qualified candidate will be within a short running distance from my house (makes meeting up even easier if I don’t have to get in the car beforehand).

Finding the right running buddy is tough. Based on what I wrote above it’s like applying for a new job or going on a blind date. Two very scary things!

There is a way to find a running buddy that is just right for you. For me, there are three main factors I look at to see if the relationship will work: pace, time and consistency.

Know your pace. You don’t want to partner with someone who’ll slow you down or make every workout seem like a speed workout. And don’t try to fake your pace either. The truth will come out sooner or later. Especially if you get injured because of it.

Know when you can run. If you put out what time works best for you, you’re more likely to find a match. Don’t say that you may be able to run in the mornings when you have never run before 5 p.m. in your life. Now is not the time to test the early morning running waters. Do that BEFORE you make a date!

Know you will stick with it.ย I’m committed to running. I’m going to do it no matter what. I don’t want someone who will be inconsistent. I’m not saying we have to meet every single week (although that would be ideal). I just want someone who is reliable and is just as committed to running as I am. It’s not cool to leave me hanging when we’ve got a run date planned.

Where should you look for a running buddy?

Group runs put on by your local running store or running groups are a fantastic place to start. In fact, that’s where I’ve found the majority of my running buddies. There’s always someone (for the most part) there who will be a good pace for you. Most stores and groups also have social media sites where you can post about looking for a buddy.

If you are training for a certain race or distance, it’s a great way to find like minded runners. I signed up for my first marathon because my running buddy at the time was training for it. If I was going to be running more miles with her, why not? I also found a buddy who was training for Boston at the same time as me. Our paces and schedules matched so we did the majority of our long runs together which worked out perfectly during the winter from hell!

So the search is on! Hopefully I’ll have runner’s luck again in finding the right running buddy for me.

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Do you run solo, partner or a pack?





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  1. Love your ‘Knights of the (running) round table’ medallion photo…very creative!
    But, help me out here, why do the top runners have ‘Dirty muddy legs’ while while sporting very colorful ‘CLEAN’ sneakers! How is this possible? LOL !
    Love your reference to the movie. I used it once…
    ‘<3 OD30' .
    Miss her…
    I'll give you 1-2-3 & 5 …4 is highly unlikely on less someone landed on Mars kind of event. Give me all the Jibber Jabber before & after otherwise you'll be plugged in. I have a dual earphone connector and an eclectic music taste….

  2. OMG can we insert “triathlon” into this one? I swear I’m working on a post about pleading for someone to do my swim, bike and run workouts with me! I have a few running friends I can count on for weekend runs but almost no one to train triathlon with and it’s just sad!!
    And, you know I would move so we could run together ๐Ÿ™‚
    Allie recently posted..The Reality of Exercising on Vacation with KidsMy Profile

  3. I keep thinking even though Im a walker for the most part that here in austin it is the SMALL LOCAL RUNNING STORES where my answer lies.
    They have such tight knit groups of runners.
    And they do it all in my ‘hood!!!

  4. Thank you for linking up!
    It can be so hard to find a running buddy–it really is like dating! You are going to be spending a lot of time with that person (potentially), so you want to make sure that they have a complementary running and support style to you. Otherwise, you will both be miserable!

  5. I used to have the best running buddy. Even if bough we only ran together on the weekend we were a perfect match. We ran several marathon and other races side by side. Then she not only had a baby, she move so that she’s now about an hour away. So I make due with my husband, which is great, but not the same. I thought I had a neighbor who was going to work out but she’s inconsistent. I think I will borrow your ad. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Debbie recently posted..New Stretches to Increase Functional Flexibility: Hamstrings and GlutesMy Profile

  6. I’ve always been a solo runner because it is so hard to find someone who meets the criteria. I’ve tried running later in the day to have a buddy but it throws off my entire routine to not have those morning miles. You just can’t force it!

  7. I go through the same ups and downs with running partners… I found great ones, and then either they or I move on! I’m sure you’ll connect with someone again soon. I have one that I can check in with at any point for long or short runs, and a group that does long runs every Saturday. That’s working well for now but I’d love someone else running the same marathon as me!

  8. I do a bit of all. I used to be totally solo (over 10 years ago), then I joined a local running club that is still going strong, and I can’t imagine training without them. Sure, I like my solo runs, but I also like meeting up with them 3 times a week and at other times I’ll hook up with one or two of the members for a run. Running buddies are the best! They’re family for sure!

  9. Great tips! It is so important to find the right running buddy. I’m more of solo runner, but I definitely see how buddies are important to many people.

  10. I hope you find a new friend or two! I have recently joined our local Moms Run This Town and it’s been a great resource for finding running partners. It is hard to find one who works with your pace, but for casual runs, most people are willing to go slower. And then, I do need those solo runs so I can just zone out to music and listen to a podcast. It’s nice to have choices!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted..What’s up this weekMy Profile

  11. Finding the right running buddy IS hard but SO worth it when you do!!! I love running solo but I really do enjoy some company on my extra long runs!

  12. I trained for my first marathon basically solo but second time around I have joined a marathon clinic and running group! I still do 1-2 runs per week solo but it is really nice to have the mix, especially for hill repeats and speed workouts.

  13. Starting early from downtown Nxxxx on Saturday. 10ish hilly and slow. Message me if you want to join in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thanks for this post! I’m finally becoming somewhat interested in finding a running buddy, but there are a lot of interferences. Small town with not-a-lot of interest in running (except for a few tight-knit groups). And I’m about as fast as a turtle; I really don’t want to drag anyone down. As I get faster and more confident, I think I’ll have more confidence to find a running buddy. Can’t wait!

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