Holiday Fitness Gift List – Stocking Stuffers!

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I’m not done with the gift lists just yet!

Last week I listed all of my favorite clothing gear. This week I’m all about the fun extras. The things that you don’t really need but they’re just too cute to pass up. Or they give you a little extra incentive to get out and sweat it out. All of that AND they make excellent stocking stuffers!

Fitness Gift List Stocking Stuffers -

  1. Personalized Cow Bell – Because, really, is there ever enough cowbell? More cowbell please!
  2. Breathe Bracelets – I think every human needs a reminder to do this more often. Me included. What better reminder than to look down at your wrist. Ah yes! Breathe! I love everything from this Etsy shop. One single bracelet or more – It would be really cute stacked with other designs.
  3. Koss Fit Series – Specifically designed for a woman with the help from the amazing Dara Torres, these headphones stay in place, are sweat resistant and don’t hurt my ears. Plus, the sound is fantastic. I really love the FitClips. Those babies aren’t going anywhere! You can find a pair ON SALE for $19.99 from Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy or Sears right now.
  4. All in Wonder – All your torture recovery/injury prevention devices packed away in one convenient roll. If you are not foam rolling yet, get on this now! I keep mine in the living room so it’s always staring at me, begging to be used.
  5. Phone RUN cover – If you need a reminder to run, this is your cover. If you like to tell the world you always have running on your mind, this is your cover. If you just like things that have the word run on it, this is your cover.
  6. SPIBelt – Not your grannie’s fanny pack! I don’t leave my house for a run without my SPIBelt now. It holds my phone, GU, keys, lip balm, money, whatever and DOES NOT BOUNCE. Buy this for the runner on your list and they’ll love you forever.
  7. Mile 22 Race Bib Bag – Not necessarily a stocking stuffer but would be a great gift for the competitive athlete in your life. What do you do with all your old race bibs? Don’t toss them out! Reuse and repurpose.
  8. Running books – Check out my five favorites for ideas.
  9. Yummy Yogi Cookie Cutters – Chocolate chip cookies taste better when shaped in down dog. #truth

What do you want in your stocking?

Do you have a favorite piece of gear that you’d recommend to anyone?

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  1. Apparently it’s way too early – I read Alice in Wonderland for the All in Wonder. More coffee please! I love that tote with the bibs. I am getting my running buddy a beanie that has lights on the front – I wouldn’t mind one in my stocking I must admit. I think anything safety related is good like blinking lights or a headlamp even.

  2. I always love your gift suggestions! I’ve never seen the yoga cookie cutters- I love them! But, my growing December tummy might not. Thanks for always sharing your finds!

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