High Five Friday

High 5 Friday February 26 2016 happyfitmama.com

Happy High Five Friday!

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5 From Instagram

  1. A pretty picture from a horrible run last week.
  2. This winter has been a roller coaster of weather. I don’t know what to wear for running anymore. 56 degrees and shorts? Crazy!
  3. I can’t get enough of my Kuhl Flight Jacket. It was the perfect layer for a balmy day on the slopes.
  4. Sunshine and miles. A beautiful start to the day.
  5. Parent gone wild! My family had a few days of riding and skiing at Sunday River earlier in the week. While the kids were in ski lessons, Ron and I had some hours to ride freely. It was so fun!

5 Things

  1. How I Finally Stopped Saying Sorry – I have a terrible habit of saying ‘Sorry’ way too much. I loved the reminder from Syd on how strong words are.
  2. Good Morning Mantras – I love this simple way to set the tone for each week. “Keep things simple, peaceful and in perspective.”
  3. Kids Practice Reading to Shy Shelter Dogs – This is a genius idea! If you’ve ever been to an animal shelter, you know that it is a stressful place for animals. It’s loud and there’s people constantly coming and going. I love that it’s a great way for kids to practice their reading and to help out the animals. And maybe it’s a way to get some of the animals adopted.
  4. A Letter of Confidence to My Body – I wrote a similar letter to my body a few of years back. It was therapeutic to leave behind the bad thoughts of what’s “wrong” with my body and concentrate on what it can and does do every single day.
  5. Tim Johnson’s Historic Fat Bike Winter Ascent – Mount Washington is no joke on a summer day. Why not be the first person to ride up the auto road on a fat bike in winter? And btw – I put my name into the lottery for the Mount Washington Road Race. Why not? It’s only ONE hill. Fingers crossed I get in!
  6. Bonus link: Is It Really About Mind Over (Injured) Matter – I really wish I wasn’t a part of this article but I was more than happy to help Amanda out. The mind really does need rehab just like the injured body part!

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11 comments on “High Five Friday

  1. Big high-five to the KUHL Flight Jacket, spring-like weather, parent alone time on the mountain and Fat bikes! I love that you put your name into the lottery for that insane “one hip” race. OMG!!! Good luck…I guess!? LOL

  2. I love that morning mantras one. I know that it would be such a good practice to incorporate into my life.
    I’m really bad about saying sorry all the time too.
    Have s great weekend and thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. It’s like playing roulette every time I open the weather channel app – will it land in the 20s? 50s? My running days keep falling on the cold days!

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